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USA & Cuba openings: the logs for the 16th and 17th of September

September 21, 2013 By: admin Category: BC-stations, DX-listening

North America

560 17.9. 0200- USA: WGAN Portland ME. TIK
560 17.9. 0355- USA: WQAM Miami FL. “CBS Sports Radio”, the 5th station in this QRG during September. TIK
580 17.9. 0200- CAN: CFRA Ottawa ON. TIK
610 16.9. 0300- USA: WIOD Miami FL. Last weak medicore signal but replied to my reception report. Now two nights in a row with outstanding signal for hours. Improved antenna? TIK
680 17.9. 0200- USA: WRKO Boston MA. TIK
710 16.9. 0157- CAN: CKVO Clarenville NL. Ann. “Here on 7-10 VOCM” and played Rihanna while 590 played country. A half an hour later //VOCM. TIK
730 17.9. 0200- CAN: CKAC Montréal QC. “Radio Circulation”. TIK
790 17.9. 0328- USA: WAXY South Miami FL. “104.3 and AM 7-90”. 940 WINZ tentative. TIK
830 16.9. 0429- USA: WCRN Worcester MA. TIK
850 16.9. 0300- USA: WFTL West Palm Beach FL. With WEEI. Later probably KOA too. TIK
1260 17.9. 0358- USA: WMKI Boston MA. Radio Disney. TIK
1290 16.9. 0328- USA: WKBK Keene NH. “AM 12-90 WKBK” nice suprise in a busy QRG. On 1300 0433z ad to “Central Florida”. TIK
1310 16.9. 0233- USA: KNOX Grand Forks ND. “Newsradio 13-10 KNOX AM, Grand Forks”. Later UNID “Newstalk” ja CIWW. TIK
1310 17.9. 0300- USA: WLOB Portland ME. TIK
1400 17.9. 0203- CAN: CJWI Montreal QC. TIK
1450 16.9. 0300- USA: WPGG Atlantic City NJ. Now legal ID (WPGG) with the normal “WPG 14-50”. TIK

Central America

560 17.9. 0331- CUB: CM.. R Rebelde, Moa. First time here. Rebelde also 620 etc. TIK Editoi
570 16.9. 0300- CUB: CMDC R Reloj, Santa Clara. With USA. TIK
630 16.9. 0401- CUB: R Progreso, Pinar del Río. Also 640. TIK
730 16.9. 0302- CUB: R Progreso, La Fe, IJ. Here more rare, also next night. TIK
820 16.9. 0300- CUB: CM.. R Reloj, Contramaestre. TIK
840 16.9. 0401- CUB: CMHW Doblevé, Santa Clara. TIK
1140 16.9. 0357- CUB: CMIP R Surco, Ciego de Avila. Ja CBI. TIK
1230 16.9. 0400- CUB: CM.. R Progreso. Earlier USA station. TIK

South America

690 16.9. 0428- CLM: HJCZ W Radio, Bogotá. Ann. “… Doble U Radio, Doble U Radio”, which was confirmed by JMS and PW. XEWW??!!. HK (tack igen Henrik) then told that ex-Radio Recuerdos is now W Radio. TIK
760 17.9. 0229- CLM: HJAJ RCN Barranquilla. TIK
830 16.9. 0430- VEN: YVLT R Sensación, Caracas. New “VEN” for me. TIK
1100 16.9. 0400- CLM: HJAT Caracol Colombia, Barranquilla. Also Emisora Atlantico 1070 was loud. TIK
1350 16.9. 0330- CLM: HJOC RCN, Santa Marta. Giving call sign HJOC, strange. TIK


September 16, 2013 By: admin Category: BC-stations, Contesting, QSL

Condx on the 15th of September were not very good despite of promising indexes. So nothing new found (so far). During the weekend I emailed a bunch of reception reports and even got some answers.

567. CBN St. John’s NL 640 kHz

CBN is one of the most common Canadians here (with VOCM, 930 CJYQ/CFBC and 1400 CBG). I haven’t sent any report to them before this, so I was happy to get a quick replay from Denise Wilson, Managing Director.

568. WIOD Miami FL 610 kHz

WIOD is one of few new NA stations of the season logged so far. Grace Blazer, Program Director replied to me quite quickly. She is also working for 940 WINZ, which should be possible to hear as well.


569. YVKH Radio Recuerdos, Caracas 1300 kHz

It has been a challenge to find working email addresses to Latin American stations. I have now heard 26 Venezuelan MW-stations but only got 4 QSLs – almost half of them I have never reached – emails have been bouncing. But YVKH Radio Recuerdos, Caracas replied in 2 days. I believe that this station has been more common in the past, I heard it for the first time on 2.9.2013. V/s was Juan Carlos Bello, Gerente de Mercadeo. Juan Carlos wrote eg.: Es un placer saber que, en lugares tan lejanos a Venezuela, escuchan nuestras transmisiones y esperamos que pueda seguir escuchándola. Un gran saludo desde Venezuela y esperaos que siga encontrando nuevas estaciones que sumar a su contgeo.

The 10th of September, another good night

September 13, 2013 By: admin Category: BC-stations, DX-listening

Last two weeks there has been a good or at least fair propagation almost every night. Unfortunately it has been almost every night to Venezuela and Colombia with few decent nights to Ecuador, Cuba and Puerto Rico. So far USA prop has provided mostly old familiar stations from the East Coast but I have now logged 3 new US stations for this season: 610 WIOD Miami FL, 1130 KTCN Minneapolis MN and 1540 WDCD Albany NY. In the 10th of September 1200 KFNW West Fargo ND was a real suprise with very good signal – same time propagation to East Coast was minimal.

The 11th and 12th nights should be quite ok too. My recordings for these nights are still at the listening station.

North America

1200 10.9. 0259- USA: KFNW West Fargo ND. Shocking big signal: “Faith 1200 KFNW AM West-Fargo, Fargo Moorhead”. TIK
1260 10.9. 0259- USA: WSUA Miami FL. English ID in the messy QRG: “WSUA HD …”. TIK

Central America

840 10.9. 0300- CUB: CMKC R Revolución, Palma Soriano. TIK
900 10.9. 0400- CUB: CMKP R Progreso, San Germán. Beating Mara Ritmo. TIK
930 10.9. 0328- CUB: CM.. R Reloj. For the first time here. “R R”. Same night Canadian noticed at 2155z. Reloj also eg. 950 and 960 kHz. TIK
1000 10.9. 0100- CUB: CMNM R Granma, Media Luna GR. TIK
1020 10.9. 0028- CUB: CMAP R Guamá, Bahía Honda PR. Probably already heard at 2300z. Later Reloj too. TIK Editoi
1260 10.9. 0258- PTR: WISO Ponce PR. WAPA-ids. TIK
1350 10.9. 0100- CUB: CMFL R Ciudad del Mar, Aguada de Pasajeros. Yidenys Roca González replied to my winter report. TIK

South America

600 10.9. 0356- CLM: HJHJ R Libertad, Barranquilla. TIK
680 10.9. 0331- VEN: YVQR R Continente, Cumana. “Transmite Radio Continente”. Earlier WAPA dominating, now Continente alone. Split [680.021]. Also hrd 9.9. 0400z. TIK
700 10.9. 0355- VEN: YVMH R Popular, Maracaibo. [700.007]. TIK
1010 10.9. 0128- CLM: HJJR Caracol, Neiva. Infernal splatters from 1008. TIK
1070 10.9. 0202- CLM: HJAH Emisora Atlantico, Barranquilla. “Emisora Atlantico”-jingle. Heard long with a good signal [1070.001]. TIK
1140 10.9. 0302- CLM: HJE67 Caracol Radio, Villavicencio. First time in Finland? TIK
1320 10.9. 0232- VEN: YVWP R Apolo, Turmero. TIK
1380 10.9. 0256- VEN: YVNG Ondas del Mar, Puerto Cabello. TIK
1470 10.9. 0331- B: ZYJ676 R Rondonia, Cacoal (RO). TIK

Other days:

650 8.9. 0302- CLM: HJKH RCN Antenna 2, SF de Bogota. Also 9.9.
700 9.9. 0330- EQA: HCRS2 R Sucre, Guayaquil.
940 8.9. 0331- CLM: HJTL RCN, Cucuta.
1100 9.9. 0400- CLM: HJCN R BBN, Bogotá. TIK
1350 9.9. 0255- CUB: CMLM R Libertad, Puerto Padre.

New QSLs this week and more log of the week

September 08, 2013 By: admin Category: BC-stations, DX-listening, Utility radio

Since the last QSL-post few new ones have arrived.

563. Ceský rozhlas 2 954 kHz
This was reported as I found out that I don’t have CRo home service QSL. Nice QSL card was in the mail in one month. I think that Ceský rozhlas doesn’t have any local programmes on MW. With QSLs from Radio Dechovka and Country Radio currently no more stations to QSL from Czech.

564. TWR Parakou 1566 kHz
This one was the first QSL from Benin. Email confirmation from TWR.

565. WBCQ Monticello ME 9330 kHz
These guys don’t QSL via email. So I sent them SAE and IRC. QSL-card arrived via mail in one month. This station is audible probably every night.

566. CFRY Portage la Prairie MB 920 kHz
Heard during the great condx of January. Program director Ryan Simpson replied in 2 days. MJ heard this last night in Vaasa!

SDJ Stockholm Radio, Stavsnäs 1674 kHz
This utility station replied quickly even on Saturday. They also sent later a traditional QSL card via mail.

Propagation has been very good after the 2nd of September (which was the peak of condx I suppose). Some highlights found from the files:

North America

1140 7.9. 0200- USA: WQBA Miami FL.
1540 5.9. 0158- USA: KXEL Waterloo IA. Also ZNS and CHIN here.
1540 7.9. 0200- USA: WDCD Albany NY. “15-40 AM WDCD”. Reactivated. Other identified NAs: 1520 WWKB, 1510 WUFC, 1500 WFED, 1410 WPOP, 1360 WDRC, 1310 CIWW, 1190 WLIB, 1130 WBBR, 1050 WEPN, 1030 WBZ, 1010 WINS, 880 WCBS. 1310 WLOB, 1370 WDEA and 1390 WEGP were broadcasting WEEI Red Sox Radio Network. Of course also usual suspects from Eastern Canada were heard.

Central America

640 2.9. 0300- GDL: Guadeloupe 1ère, Point-à-Pitre. Also next night.
740 2.9. 0331- PTR: WIAC 740 La Original, San Juan PR. Also more common 580 WKAQ and 680 WAPA.

South America

590 2.9. 0300- CLM: HJCR W Radio, Medellín. Quite rare CLM. “Doble U Radio”.
610 2.9. 0230- CLM: HJKL La Carinosa, Bogotá.
700 2.9. 0300- EQA: HCRS2 R Sucre, Guayaquil. [699.993].
710 2.9. 0332- CLM: HJNX R Red, Medellin. Big split about [709.905], music px and ID: “Radio Red de RCN …”. Tnx to HK for solving this. I was hoping for more rare catch!
740 3.9. 0300- B: ZYH446 R Sociedade da Bahia, Salvador, BA. Suprsise during these condx (and antenna) [740.007].
770 2.9. 0131- VEN: YVKK R Nacional de Venezuela, Valencia. [770.004] With RCN.
920 6.9. 0202- PRG: ZP1 R Nacional del Paraguay, Asunción. New country for me! Audible quite long with talk programme.
1040 2.9. 0301- CLM: HJCJ/HJUB Colmundo R, Bogotá/Pasto. “Radio Colombia”.
1110 3.9. 0028- VEN: YVQT R Carupano, Carupano. New one for me, no reports on OLL during the last years. Used to be common.
1200 6.9. 2300- B: ZYH585 R Clube Fortaleza CE. [1200.010] Early, later WXKS and CFGO.
1390 3.9. 0229- VEN: YVZA R Fé y Alegría, Caracas. [1389.996] Half hour earlier another station on [1389.998]. Common stations at this night: 730 Melodia, 770 RCN, 930 Bogotá, 940 Maxima, 1070 Santa Fe, 1190 Cordillera, 1340 Amor Estereo.


The 2nd of September, the amazing night to Central and South America

September 05, 2013 By: admin Category: Uncategorized

Mon/Tue night had an amazing opening to west. At first I found some new catches from Columbia and Venezuela but later found out from the files that I also got a super opening to Ecuador and some parts of Caribbean Islands. Finally I had very good IDs from 560 kHz Voice of Guyana, which I have now heard 3 or 4 times. I assume that they have improved their transmitter or antenna. Another new countries were Antigua&Barbuda and Haiti. I am still listening to these files of the night so new stations will be logged. A brief sneak to 3rd of September files show that next night propagation was also very good, but now it seems that the 2nd of September opening was in Top3 in 2013.

I have bolded the most interesting stations.

Central America

800 2.9. 0228- BON: PJB TWR Bonaire. “Esta es Radio Transmundial”. TIK
840 2.9. -0236 HTI: 4VEH La voix évangélique d’Haïti, Cape Haitien. Station sign-of with the national anthem. TIK
1160 2.9. 0229- ATG: Caribbean R Lighthouse, St. John’s. In Online Log no loggings from South Finland. Used to be common station on 1165 kHz. [1159.994]. TIK
1300 2.9. 0300- SXM: PJD-2 The Voice of St.Maarten, Philipsburg. TIK
1480 2.9. 0328- PTR: WMDD Fajardo PR. Used to be one of the most common PTR stations, now quite rare. Thanks for Henrik/HK for solving this slogan: “Esto es: SUBIENDO A LAS ALTURAS por el 14.80”. Call letters WMDD are not used and the station calls itself as “El 14-80” like their website (not “La 14-80”). TIK
1540 2.9. 0200- BAH: ZNS1 R Bahamas, Nassau. I have now heard them three times in 2 weeks. TIK

South America

560 2.9. 0304- GUY: Voice of Guyana, Georgetown. I have heard same male announcer with night music three times but now finally got a very fine station announcement with AM and FM frequencies and the slogan: “VOG – The Caribbean Sound”. TIK
820 2.9. 0301- CLM: HJED Caracol, Cali. TIK
870 2.9. 0304- EQA: HCNY2 R Cristal, Guayaquil. [869.988] Probably rare Ecuador on 850 too. TIK
890 2.9. 0203- CLM: HJPM R Galeón, Santa Marta. This is now a part of CARACOL. TIK
920 2.9. 0302- EQA: HCAB1 R Democrácia, Quito. Thanks for approving this to HK, MTM and PW. TIK
930 2.9. 0100- CLM: HJCS La Voz de Bogotá, Bogotá. Now quite frequently heard. TIK
940 2.9. 0259- CLM: HJGB R Calima, Cali. Tnx PW for approving. ID: “Radio Calima 9-40” [940.012]. 30 seconds later on 940.000 “Maxima 9-40”. TIK
1000 2.9. 0100- CLM: HJAQ RCN, Cartagena. //980. 1320 also “RCN Radio” IDs later. TIK
1020 2.9. 0255- CLM: HJFQ RCN, Pereira. Very busy frequency, software shows 7 carriers. TIK
1030 2.9. 0302- CLM: HJER RCN Antena 2, Cali. This is a rare SA QRG. RCN was close to nominal frequency, below it was another SA. On 1060 was three different SAs on different splits. TIK
1140 2.9. 0201- CLM: HJCL R Panamericana, Girardot. [1139.994] With unidentified SA. TIK
1170 2.9. 0300- CLM: HJNW Caracol, Cartagena. “Caracol Radio”. TIK
1190 2.9. 0128- EQA: HCDE2 UCSG Radio, Guayaquil. Very strong, later Cordillera dominates. TIK
1200 2.9. 0201- CLM: HJNF R Red, Cali. Ex-Super. Also RCN-slogans. Usual suspects heard: 900 Mara Ritmo (super loud), 1070 Santa Fe, 1190 Cordillera, 1230 Calidad, 1370 Mundial, 1400 Mariana, 1520 Libertad. TIK
1300 2.9. 0330- VEN: YVKH R Recuerdos, Caracas. TIK
1360 2.9. 0201- CLM: HJTU R Oxigeno, Cartagena. [1359.951]. TIK
1400 2.9. 0302- CLM: HJLL RCN Antena 2, Santa Bárbara. With Emissora Mariana. TIK
1470 2.9. 0159- CLM: HJNT R Huellas, Cali. [1470.071]. TIK
1470 2.9. 0331- VEN: YVJW Union Radio Cultural, Valencia. [1470.036]. TIK



September 05, 2013 By: admin Category: DX-listening

My Dxing QTH might be one of the most western in Finland among the active BC/DX-listeners. It certainly helps with the propagation to west. I am also south enough – less problems with auroral activity which sometimes kills radio propagation in the Northern part of Finland. Negative thing is that Asia is quite difficult from Pori.