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QSL: All 2013

May 21, 2013 By: admin Category: BC-stations, DX-listening, QSL

I have had time to add every QSL I’ve got to my blog – have received too many 🙂 67 QSLs in 142 days. So here is a basic list what I’ve got in 2013:

LKB / LLE Bergen Kringkaster 1314
Country Radio 1062
NRK Finnmark 153

Free Radio 80s 1017
BBC R Nottingham 1584

RNE1 Extremadura 648
RNE5 Comunitat Valenciana 558

IRIB R Tabriz, Āzarbāijān-e Sharqi 1026
IRIB R Semnan, Semnan 1008
R Ashna, Kabul 1296
VoRussia, Orzu 927
IRIB R Mahabad, Mahabad 882
IRIB R Khorāsān-e Razavi, Mashhad 684

RA Brandon 5995

WARV Warvick RI 1590
CJCB Sydney NS 1270
CJRS Montreal QC 1650
WWVA Wheeling WV 1170
CHIN Toronto ON 1540
CJBK London ON 1290
WTIC Hartford CT 1080
WHIO Dayton OH 1290
CKAC Montréal QC 730
WBBR New York NY 1130
CKOC Hamilton ON 1150
CFMJ Richmond Hill ON 640
CKDO Oshawa ON 1580
WTAQ Green Bay WI 1360
WBT Charlotte NC 1110
CFRB Toronto ON 1010
WZAN Portland ME 970
WJNO West Palm Beach FL 1290
WGVU Kentwood MI 1480
CKSL London ON 1410
CFCO Chatham ON 630
WEAV Plattsburgh NY 960
WLOB Portland ME 1310
WOAI San Antonio TX 1200
WHBY Kimberly WI 1150
CHRB High River AB 1140
WMVP Chicago IL 1000
KKXA Snohomish WA 1520
KRKO Everett WA 1380
CFTR Toronto ON 680
KFNW West Fargo ND 1200
CJME Regina SK 980
CKMX Calgary AB 1060
CJYE Oakville ON 1250
WLQV Detroit MI 1500
WQAM Miami FL 560
CINA Missisauga ON 1650
WAKR Akron OH 1590
WGN Chicago IL 720
WSAU Wausau WI 560
CKSW Swift Current SK 570
WXEX Exeter NH 1540
WAMG Dedham MA 890
WFNN Erie PA 1330
CKLW Windsor ON 800
WRED Westbrook ME 1440

HOQ62 Ritmo Stereo, Chitré 890
R Rebelde 710
R Rebelde, VictorĂ­a de las Tunas 770
WAPA San Juan 680
XEQ BĂ©same AM 940, Ciudad de MĂ©xico DF 940

YVMN R Coro, Coro 780
R Bendita Trinidad, El Alto 1540
R Bendita Trinidad, Tarija 1480


The best Bolivia night so far!

May 16, 2013 By: admin Category: DX-listening

The night, and especially the sunrise on the 9th of May 2013 was amazing. It turned to be the best Bolivia opening ever, for me at least. I heard Bolivians on several frequencies. There is still more to come as some stations are unidentified but with some hope to get solved later.

1300 kHz
This station (1300.002) sent some kind of monologue by very young girl or boy. Also Andis music. The most likely Radio Sol from Bolivia.
1400 kHz
Unindentified station sending football (1399.852). Almost 100% CP3 Radio Nacional from La Paz.
1440 kHz
CP107 Radio YaguarĂ­, Vallegrande, Depto. Santa Cruz identified very nicely. Same lady gave ID also next night. This frequency opened around 0130z when Saudi Arabian signal faded out.
1480 kHz
Radio Bendita Trinidad, Tarija sending same programme than 1540 kHz. Tarija tx started the 26th of April 2013. There is also transmitters listed to Cochabamba and Santa Cruz, but it is unclear if these are on. Cochabamba fits to propagation very well. 1480 was heard also next night while 1540 was very weak.
1520 kHz
Sending religious programme (1520.055). Split confirms almost 100% that it is Radio La Luz del Tiempo El Alto, La Paz, but no ID heard.
1540 kHz
Radio Bendita Trinidad, El Alto (1539.990). This one I have tried to hear before this spring. Now I heard it with S9+15dB, which is louder than anyone in Scandinavia has heard this before according to Henrik Klementz 🙂 This religious station has here on 1540 kHz problems with their transmitter. You hear some hum in the signal and especially strong “foghorn effect” from time to time. I believe that their tx’s power supply has problems. You can listen to RBT recorded by me here: RBT replied very quickly (thanks for info by HK) with long email giving me my first confirmed Bolivian.
1550 kHz
CP115 Radio Caranavi (1550.004) seemed to be the most common Bolivian MW-station heard in Finland 1990s, early 2000s. Now it is not so common at all. This super night it had a super signal.
1580 kHz
Radio El Fuego del EspĂ­ritu Santo, El Alto (1580.455). I think it IDed “el la Radio Espiritu Santo”. Split confirms this almost 100%.

All these stations were heard at 0130 UTC on the 9th of May. More to come …