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December QSLs

December 27, 2014 By: admin Category: QSL

Steady flow of QSLs have arrived after I started to send AIH40-reception reports out. Asia-side has been bad but few nice AK/USA/CAN-verifications have arrived. Currently answer-% of NA stations is about 35 %. It is less than expected.

734. WIBA Madison WI 1310 em 4d v/s Kurt Peterson, Director of Sales
735. CJCL Toronto ON 590 em, mp3 3d v/s Rick Dal Falla, Director, Engineering Toronto Radio
736. KCKK Littleton CO 1510 em 0d v/s Janice A Hunt
737. KBGG Des Moines IA 1700 em 0d v/s Robert Rees, AM Drive Host
738. KCAM Glennallen AK 790 em 0d v/s Michelle Eastty, Program Director
739. WSB Atlanta GA 750 em 0d v/s Charles Youngs, Manager of Operations
740. KKAA Aberdeen SD 1560 em 3d v/s Jennifer Burkhiser, Director of Compliance & Public Affairs
741. KREL Colorado Springs CO 1580 em 2d v/s Roger Cridlebaugh
742. WSCR Chicago IL 670 em 7d v/s Ashley Fields, Director of Marketing and Integrated Marketing/Events
743. KSAL Salina KS 630 em 0d v/s Todd M. Pittenger, News Director
744. KMA Shenandoah IA 960 em 0d v/s Mark Eno, General Manager
745. KICY Nome AK 850 em 0d v/s J. Dennis Weidler, KL1OE, General Manager
746. KSKO McGrath AK 870 em 0d v/s Mike Lane
747. KNX Los Angeles CA 1070 em 4d v/s Howard, Marketing&Promotions
748. KZPA Ft. Yukon AK 900 em 0d v/s Vicky Thomas, Office Manager
749. PJZ86 Radio Curom, Willemstad 860 em 0d v/s David Clementina (tnx JOB!) — NEW COUNTRY, CURACAO!
750. HRVC La Voz Evangélica, Choluteca 1140 em 3d v/s Hno. Venancio Mejía, Gerente f/up — possible FFF
751. HRVC La Voz Evangélica, Tegucigalpa 1390 em 3d v/s Hno. Venancio Mejía, Gerente f/up
752. YVNM Caribeña Mil AM, Morón 1000 em 2d v/s Yaneirys Gonzalez (tnx JEÖ!)
753. HJZO Señal Radio Colombia, Barranquilla 680 em 0d v/s JOSÉ CARLOS MEJÍA ASSERIAS, Coordinador de Proyectos Especiales
754. HJTY La Voz del Carare, Vélez 1410 via Facebook
755. Free Asia via HLKX FEBC, Seoul 1188 em 1d v/s Byungsuk Choi, Web Editor Supervisor


New QSLs

December 06, 2014 By: admin Category: BC-stations, DX-listening, QSL

I am quite busy with AIH40-files but some reception reports have been sent out already. Here are my new QSLs since the last update:

– BBC Radio Cumbria 96.50
719. HJD90 Señal Radio Colombia, Uribía 610
720. WFAU Gardiner ME 1280
721. WDRC Hartford CT 1360 f/up
722. CHHA Toronto ON 1610 f/up
723. KNOM Nome AK 780
724. WNAX Yankton SD 570
725. KSCJ Sioux City IA 1360
726. KRNT Des Moines IA 1350
727. WZTI Greenfield WI 1290
728. KAGV Big Lake AK 1110
729. WGRB Chicago IL 1390
730. WLW Cincinnati OH 700
731. CKNB Campbellton NB 950
732. CFZM Toronto ON 740 f/up
733. WWTC Minneapolis MN 1280

NA stations 720, 721, 722 and 732 were heard in Pori, the others during the AIH40. (Of course CKNB is very common in Pori too but they replied to AIH40-report!)