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New QSLs this week and more log of the week

September 08, 2013 By: admin Category: BC-stations, DX-listening, Utility radio

Since the last QSL-post few new ones have arrived.

563. Ceský rozhlas 2 954 kHz
This was reported as I found out that I don’t have CRo home service QSL. Nice QSL card was in the mail in one month. I think that Ceský rozhlas doesn’t have any local programmes on MW. With QSLs from Radio Dechovka and Country Radio currently no more stations to QSL from Czech.

564. TWR Parakou 1566 kHz
This one was the first QSL from Benin. Email confirmation from TWR.

565. WBCQ Monticello ME 9330 kHz
These guys don’t QSL via email. So I sent them SAE and IRC. QSL-card arrived via mail in one month. This station is audible probably every night.

566. CFRY Portage la Prairie MB 920 kHz
Heard during the great condx of January. Program director Ryan Simpson replied in 2 days. MJ heard this last night in Vaasa!

SDJ Stockholm Radio, Stavsnäs 1674 kHz
This utility station replied quickly even on Saturday. They also sent later a traditional QSL card via mail.

Propagation has been very good after the 2nd of September (which was the peak of condx I suppose). Some highlights found from the files:

North America

1140 7.9. 0200- USA: WQBA Miami FL.
1540 5.9. 0158- USA: KXEL Waterloo IA. Also ZNS and CHIN here.
1540 7.9. 0200- USA: WDCD Albany NY. “15-40 AM WDCD”. Reactivated. Other identified NAs: 1520 WWKB, 1510 WUFC, 1500 WFED, 1410 WPOP, 1360 WDRC, 1310 CIWW, 1190 WLIB, 1130 WBBR, 1050 WEPN, 1030 WBZ, 1010 WINS, 880 WCBS. 1310 WLOB, 1370 WDEA and 1390 WEGP were broadcasting WEEI Red Sox Radio Network. Of course also usual suspects from Eastern Canada were heard.

Central America

640 2.9. 0300- GDL: Guadeloupe 1ère, Point-à-Pitre. Also next night.
740 2.9. 0331- PTR: WIAC 740 La Original, San Juan PR. Also more common 580 WKAQ and 680 WAPA.

South America

590 2.9. 0300- CLM: HJCR W Radio, Medellín. Quite rare CLM. “Doble U Radio”.
610 2.9. 0230- CLM: HJKL La Carinosa, Bogotá.
700 2.9. 0300- EQA: HCRS2 R Sucre, Guayaquil. [699.993].
710 2.9. 0332- CLM: HJNX R Red, Medellin. Big split about [709.905], music px and ID: “Radio Red de RCN …”. Tnx to HK for solving this. I was hoping for more rare catch!
740 3.9. 0300- B: ZYH446 R Sociedade da Bahia, Salvador, BA. Suprsise during these condx (and antenna) [740.007].
770 2.9. 0131- VEN: YVKK R Nacional de Venezuela, Valencia. [770.004] With RCN.
920 6.9. 0202- PRG: ZP1 R Nacional del Paraguay, Asunción. New country for me! Audible quite long with talk programme.
1040 2.9. 0301- CLM: HJCJ/HJUB Colmundo R, Bogotá/Pasto. “Radio Colombia”.
1110 3.9. 0028- VEN: YVQT R Carupano, Carupano. New one for me, no reports on OLL during the last years. Used to be common.
1200 6.9. 2300- B: ZYH585 R Clube Fortaleza CE. [1200.010] Early, later WXKS and CFGO.
1390 3.9. 0229- VEN: YVZA R Fé y Alegría, Caracas. [1389.996] Half hour earlier another station on [1389.998]. Common stations at this night: 730 Melodia, 770 RCN, 930 Bogotá, 940 Maxima, 1070 Santa Fe, 1190 Cordillera, 1340 Amor Estereo.