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QSL: BBC Radio Cumbria 756 kHz

December 18, 2012 By: admin Category: BC-stations, QSL

QSL-wise it has been quite slow. From the last batch of reports sent only one QSL received. Fortunately we had very good North America propagation one week ago during the weekend and I have now maybe 20-25 reports to send. Last weekend on Saturday I added some wire to my main antenna, 285 meters to 295 degrees, and now it is 525 meters long. Now problem is that I can’t listen to MW when Preiviiki 963kHz is sending at all – with shorter wire I was able to do it with 30dB attenuator on. Last weekend propagation was not so good but some CA/SA and Canadians were audible – probably good enough to one or two reports.

So my only QSL recently has been BBC Radio Cumbria. The report was sent for 756 kHz but I have heard 837 kHz also. Assistant editor Graham Moss replied in one day with an email.