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September 28, 2011 By: admin Category: Contesting, RTTY

For the first time I was operating “assisted” in a major contest. One of the first serious CQWW RTTY contests too … I think I once worked this one from OH1ZAA’s station (some 20 years ago).

CQ Worldwide DX Contest, RTTY

Call: OH1F
Operator(s): OH1NOA
Station: OH1AF

Class: SOAB(A) HP
Operating Time (hrs): 36

Band QSOs Pts State/Prov DX Zones
80: 112 226 1 40 9
40: 220 500 17 63 21
20: 420 996 35 69 30
15: 502 1323 40 74 28
10: 221 588 31 67 26
Total: 1475 3633 124 313 114 Total Score = 2,001,783

Club: Contest Club Finland


FT1000D + WinTest + MMTTY + Microham Keyer II + Alpha 91b + antennae

The best condx for 10 years! The highlight was to work KH6MB during the daytime
on Saturday at 10 meters and then at 22z on 15. Propagation was not as good at
Sunday although it was still ok. It was also challenging to work European
multipliers on high bands.

As I was SO1R this was just relaxed “just for fun” operation. Chasing DX spots
and chatting on WWYC IRC. I had some techincal issues like BSoD of my mini
laptop 4 times during the contest. Also WT had its own tricks and someway I
feel that I am not totally understanding all the features of MMTTY yet (= I
should have more qsos).

CU all in SAC SSB contest 8-9 October, 2011 from OH1F M/M.

73 Timo OH1NOA, OJ0M


September 28, 2011 By: admin Category: Contesting

10 meters and slightly 20 meters were dissapointments but I think we did ok. I was mainly operating 40 meters. We will return for SSB part in multi-multi with 3 guest ops: OH1RX, OH6XX and OG9X.

Scandinavian Activity Contest, CW

Call: OH1F
Operator(s): OH1NOA, OH1TM, OH1HS, OH1LWZ, OH1RX, OH5DX
Station: OH1AF

Class: M/M HP
Operating Time (hrs): 24

Band QSOs Mults
80: 454 41
40: 863 59
20: 961 67
15: 683 66
10: 161 41
Total: 3122 274 Total Score = 1,967,046

Club: Contest Club Finland


Our first SAC CW multi-multi since 1995! As usual, lots of problems to solve
before kick-off time, but managed to get 4 stations on the air at the start.
When OH5DX arrived 45 minutes after the start, he had to climb to tower to
release 10m antenna. With our antenna set up we have to make compromises in
multi-multi, eg. we didn’t beam to USA on 20m until late Saturday evening. Lost
obviously lots of qsos and maybe some mults there.

Night was quite quiet propagationwise, thanks for aurora. 15 meters was anyway
in good shape, USA came in till 23z and we have a good JA opening on Sunday.

Plenty of rare, unheard OHs on the air! CU on SSB leg.

73, Timo OH1NOA