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Spring / Early Summer QSLs

June 19, 2014 By: admin Category: BC-stations, DX-listening, QSL

I finished my MW season about six weeks ago. I’ve been a bit lazy to send reception reports, but some interesting QSLs have arrived. FM season has also started but it has been very disappointing so far.

642. Radio Pakistan, Peshawar 1260 kHz

This one arrived by mail. I heard this new MW tx from Pakistan last October, so it took over 5 months to arrive.

643. WMMB Melbourne FL 1240 kHz

I still have some US stations to send reception reports. The Regional Program Manager of WMMB, Ken Holiday, replied quickly. WMMB was heard in the 4th of February, same time with WDMC Melbourne FL on 920.

644. CMHW Doblevé, Santa Clara 840 kHz

CMHW was quite regular station on 840 kHz with another Cuban, Radio Revolución. 840 kHz is interesting station as any South American station is rare. From Central America I heard also R Nacional de Panama and 4VEH La voix évangélique d’Haïti last season. Doblevé replied via Facebook but it took 2,5 months.

645. HJAZ Frecuencia Bolivariana, Monteria 1160 kHz

Frecuencia Bolivariana is very rare station but it was heard by several Finnish DXers in the 21st of January. This is the station run by Universidad Pontificia Bolivaria. HJAZ replied quickly via Facebook.

646. HJZT Radio Auténtica, Manizales 1570 kHz

I heard Radio Auténtica same time than Frecuencia Bolivariana. This one is not as rare as Auténtica, but not an easy catch either. They replied in 10 days via email.

647. CP115 Radio Caranavi 1550 kHz

QSL from Bolivia is always the worth of big HURRAY! Caranavi was my 4th QSL from Bolivia. Out of blue they replied in 3 months to my follow-up email. I don’t think that anyone heard Caranavi in Finland during this season.

648. HJDU Emisora Cultural Universidad de Antioquia, Medellin 1410 kHz

Emisora Cultural is quite easy to hear on 1410 kHz. It doesn’t ID very often but it is easy to recognize as they broadcast a lot of jazz and classic music. Secretaria Ana Cristina Guisao David replied via mail in 10 days.

649. HCGC5 RCG Radio, Gualaceo 1410 kHz

This was the mystery to me before I got a clip from Gert, GNH who heard this with much better signal in Sweden. After few attemps RCG Radio replied to me via Facebook. First one in Finland perhaps?