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Log 3.9.-17.10.2014

October 17, 2014 By: admin Category: BC-stations, DX-listening

This season has started very poorly. After the beginning, September was very lousy and October has not provived much more either. Personally I had some antenna problems in the late Sep/early Oct but I probably did not miss much. So these are my selected loggings since the last “log blog”. I will go to DX-pedition to Aihkiniemi, Lapland with PW starting at the 15th of November – hopefully condx are better that time.

British Isles

603 16.10. 0458- G: Smooth Kent, Littlebourne. Local ad to Sandwich, Kentiin. TIK
729 16.10. 0500- G: BBC Essex, Manningtree. Also //765. TIK
738 16.10. 0500- G: BBC Hereford & Worcester, Worcester. TIK
756 16.10. 0500- G: Radio Hafren, Newtown. TIK
792 16.10. 0457- G: Smooth Radio, Kempston. This should be //828 but was not in sync when 828 sent a local ad to Dunstable. Otherwise same ads than 828 but not in sync! TIK
828 16.10. 0457- G: Smooth Herts, Beds and Bucks, Lewsey Farm (Luton). Lumpini Thai Restaurant Dunstable told that all you can eat buffet is 14,95 pounds. TIK
936 16.10. 0457- G: Smooth Wiltshire, Naish Hill. Petshed had some cat and dog food offers, it is located next to Butterfly World and Garden Centre next to M4. TIK
945 5.9. 0257- G: Smooth Radio Sussex, Bexhill. Local ads (eg. South Coast Windows). TIK
972 16.10. 0459- G: Sunrise Radio 2, Glade Lane (London). “This is Sunrise Radio”. TIK
990 16.10. 0500- G: BBC Radio Devon, Exeter. TIK
1035 16.10. 0459- G: West Sound AM, Symington (Ayr). Sync with NorthSound. At :59 West Sound was stronger, then NorthSound 2. They have different news? TIK
1116 16.10. 0459- G: BBC Radio Guernsey, Rohais. TIK


917 12.9. 2230- NIG: Tentative: Radio Gotel, Yola. Many hours, also other nights. Here talks in English with a good signal, later African mx [917.001]. TIK


585 13.9. 1740- IND: AIR Nagpur. TIK
648 13.9. 1740- IND: AIR Indore.
648 13.9. 1730- IRN: IRIB Radio Khorasan-e-Jonubi, Birjand. //828, 1548 “So ast dis-dese, inja Birjand-ast, shabakeye islamye sedoye Khorasan-e-Jonubi”. TIK
774 12.9. 1730- IND: AIR Shimla. EE nx //666. Also 801 AIR Jabalpur, 810 AIR Rajkot ja 918 AIR Suratgarh. TIK
810 12.9. 1659- IND: AIR Rajkot. “…akashvani Rajkot…”. TIK
819 12.9. 1700- IND: AIR Delhi. Amazing signal. 666 different px. Local ID at 1700. TIK
828 12.9. 1730- IRN: IRIB Radio Khorasan-e-Jonubi, Tabas. //1548 new IRIB to me. TIK
846 28.9. 1730- IRN: IRIB Radio Tabriz, Mianeh. TIK
891 25.9. 1700- THA: Radio Thailand, Saraburi. “Thiini Satthanii Witthay Krachaisiang Hang Prathet Thai”. TIK
900 14.9. 0130- IRN: IRIB Radio Iran, Tehran. Strong with echo, several txs? TIK
918 13.9. 1740- IND: AIR Suratgarh. “Akashvani Suratgarh”. TIK
999 23.9. 1730- IRN: IRIB Radio Kordestan, Baneh. New IRIB for me. Kurdish ID ending “…Kordestan (Kurdistan)”. TIK
1170 16.9. 1630- IRN: IRIB Radio Iran, Semnan. 1st time I heard this one. Radio Iran -ID. TIK
1548 12.9. 1730- IRN: IRIB Radio Khorasan-e-Jonubi, Ferdows. “… inja Birjand-ast .. Khorasan-e-Jonubi” [.995]. TIK

North America

540 18.9. 0400- CAN: CBGA-1 Grande Anse NB. TIK
570 10.9. 0059- CAN: CFCB Corner Brook NL. “Local news, now”. TIK
660 16.9. 0400- USA: WFAN New York NY. TIK
680 22.9. 0400- CAN: CJOB Winnipeg MB. TIK
680 17.9. 0359- USA: WRKO Boston MA. TIK
730 16.9. 0405- CAN: CKAC Montreal QC. Radio Circulation. TIK
820 18.9. 0300- CAN: CHAM Hamilton ON. New Canadian to me. TIK
830 17.9. 0330- USA: WCRN Worcester MA. TIK
860 18.9. 0359- CAN: CJBC Toronto ON. TIK
880 10.9. 0328- USA: WCBS New York NY. TIK
970 15.9. 0300- USA: WZAN Portland ME. TIK
1010 16.9. 0405- USA: WINS New York NY. Also 1030 WBZ, 1050 WEPN, 1060 WQOM, 1080 WTIC, 1130 WBBR, 1190 WLIB, 1200 WXKS, 1360 WDRC, 1370 WDEA, 1390 WEGP, 1510 WUFC (played Billy Joel!), 1520 WWKB, 1540 WDCD, 1560 WQEW & 1600 WUNR. TIK
1030 14.9. 0131- USA: WBZ Boston MA. TIK
1060 9.9. 0300- USA: WQOM Natick MA. EWTN. This has been one of the most common US this season. Stronger than before. TIK
1100 15.9. 0230- USA: WTAM Cleveland OH. TIK
1200 15.9. 0228- CAN: CFGO Ottawa ON. Westwood One. TIK
1260 16.9. 0358- USA: WMKI Boston MA. Radio Disney as a dominant. Local ID at :58. TIK
1270 17.9. 0359- USA: WTSN Dover NH. The first new NA for this season: “WTSN AM 12-70 Dover, Portsmouth, Rochester and… wtsnam1270 dot com”. TIK
1280 17.9. 0301- USA: WFAU Gardiner ME. After WTSN the second new one and NA #222 of Perseus era. “Memories station, 12-80 WFAU ..”. NOS. TIK
1310 15.9. 0231- CAN: CIWW Ottawa ON. TIK
1310 17.9. 0403- USA: WCCW Traverse City MI. 3rd new one this morning. CBS Sports Radio & “The Score”. TIK
1310 17.9. 0405- USA: WLOB Portland ME. TIK
1320 18.9. 0100- CAN: CJMR Oakville ON. “The Voice of the City”. TIK
1320 17.9. 0401- USA: WLQY Hollywood FL. “This is WLQY, Hollywood, Miami”. TIK
1330 16.9. 0358- USA: WRCA Watertown MA. TIK
1360 18.9. 0159- USA: WDRC Hartford CT. TIK
1370 9.9. 0300- USA: WDEA Ellsworth ME. TIK
1450 14.9. 0131- USA: WPGG Atlantic City NJ. TIK
1470 16.9. 0400- USA: WLAM Lewiston ME. TIK
1490 17.9. 0400- USA: WBAE Portland ME. “The Bay”. With another US. TIK
1510 20.9. 0305- USA: KCKK Littleton CO. “You are listening to KCKK AM Littleton Coloradio …”. TIK
1510 18.9. 0400- USA: WLAC Nashville TN. “WLAC, Nashville, Fox News”. TIK
1510 9.9. 0300- USA: WUFC Boston MA. New eg. TheBlaze Radio Network -ids. Format is now Libertarian Talk Radio. TIK
1520 15.9. 0258- USA: WWKB Buffalo NY. Not just Sports anymore. TIK
1540 15.9. 0100- CAN: CHIN Toronto ON. TIK
1540 17.10. 0400- USA: KXEL Waterloo IA. TIK
1540 14.9. 0059- USA: WDCD Albany NY. TIK
1560 14.9. 0335- USA: WQEW New York NY. “Radio Disney”. Shutting down soon. TIK
1580 18.9. 0300- CAN: CKDO Oshawa ON. TIK

Central America

600 5.9. 0337- CUB: CMKV Radio Rebelde, Urbano Noris. Same morning than received QSL from Rebelde.
600 4.9. 0303- PTR: WAEL Mayagüez PR. //WKAQ 580. TIK
630 5.9. 0358- PTR: WUNO San Juan PR. NotiUno. TIK
660 4.9. 0259- DOM: HIAM Radio Visión Cristiana, Santiago. [.000]. One of the best ones this season. TIK
760 8.9. 0057- PTR: WORA NotiUno, Mayaguez. NotiUno //580. New one. TIK Editoi
840 11.9. 0333- PNR: HOL80 Radio Nacional de Panama. “Nacional FM”. TIK
960 22.9. 0403- PTR: WDNO 960AM, Quebradillas PR. I think I heard this at least twice last season but now with nice call sign IDs.
970 18.9. 0427- VIR: WSTX St. Croix VI. TIK
1050 8.9. 0359- CUB: CMLL Radio Victoria, Las Tunas, LT. Alone. I heard this now for the 2nd time. Big call sign IDs. TIK
1060 13.10. 0400- DOM: HIAJ Radio Amanecer, San Pedro de Macorís. TIK
1120 7.9. 0000- PTR: WMSW Radio Once, Hatillo. [.996]. TIK
1140 18.9. 0402- CUB: CMIP Radio Surco, Ciego de Avila CA. TIK
1140 5.9. 0300- CUB: Radio Cadena Agramonte, Camaguey. Not listed at WRTH. Tnx to Henrik for opening my ears: “Desde la cuna del Mayor transmite Radio Cadena Agramonte, Camaguey, Cuba”. TIK
1140 12.10. 2300- PTR: WQII Once Q, San Juan. TIK
1160 17.9. 0429- ATG: Caribbean Radio Lighthouse, St. John’s. Like last season, good signal in the early September. TIK
1170 8.9. 0400- CUB: CMKS Radio Trinchera Antiimperialista, Maisí (GU). Rare here. TIK
1350 17.9. 0300- CUB: CMLL Radio Victoria, Las Tunas, LT. “Esta es CMLL, Radio Victoria, emisora provincial de Las Tunas, 1050 y 1090 kHz amplitud modulada” Via Libertad? TIK
1350 5.9. 0200- CUB: CMLM Radio Libertad, Puerto Padre. “Radio Libertad 1350 khz en amplitud modulada, 93.3 de la FM”. Also 18.9. TIK
1350 7.9. 0104- PTR: WEGA Faro de Santidad, Vega Baja PR. TIK
1390 9.9. 0100- PTR: WISA Isabela PR. TIK
1540 17.9. 0357- BAH: ZNS1 Radio Bahamas, Nassau. TIK

South America

560 13.10. 0101- GUY: Voice of Guyana, Georgetown. TIK
580 16.10. 0201- B: ZYI776 Rádio Boas Novas, Recife, PE. 590 ARG, 610:lla tent. Itatiaia. TIK
590 4.9. 0329- VEN: YVKL Radio Continente, Caracas. New VEN for me and not logged in Finland since 2007. [.988]. TIK
600 13.10. 0302- CLM: HJHJ Radio Libertad, Barranquilla. TIK
610 12.9. 0200- B: ZYL268 Radio Itatiaia, Belo Horizonte, MG. [.996]. TIK
610 13.10. 0101- CLM: HJD90 Señal Radio Colombia, Riohacha. Didn’t hear 570 this time. QTH from Wikipedia, which says that license is to Uribia. TIK
610 13.10. 0031- CLM: HJKL La Cariñosa, Bogotá. TIK
640 14.9. 0230- VEN: YVQO Unión R, Puerto La Cruz. TIK
650 3.9. -0259 UNID: UNID. Finishes talk with “..gracias, Hasta Mañana!”, then interesting music and signing off. [.996]. The best possible ears checked this (JPR, PÄ, HK – tnx!) but no luck. Some Finns said that possibly CLM. R Dif. Integración from Bolivia is signing off at 0300. Audiofile here.
660 13.10. 0430- CLM: HJJM Radio Auténtica, Cali. TIK
680 5.9. 0328- VEN: YVQR Radio Continente, Cumana. [.021]. TIK
700 7.9. 0359- + PRU: +OBZ4H Red Radio Integridad, San Miguel. Interesting split [.998], station with psalm and then “Esta es … …idad”. Thanks to Henrik, HK I understood the rest too (“Esta es Red Radio Integridad”). Heard also 8. and 12.9. Probably first in Finland.
710 24.9. 0427- VEN: YVKY Radio Capital, Caracas. New VEN for me with a good signal. TIK
730 8.9. 0402- PRU: OAX4G RPP Noticias, San Isidro, Lima. TIK
740 22.9. 0408- VEN: YVNC CNB 740 Unión Radio, Maracaibo. “Unión Radio”. TIK
750 8.9. 0402- CLM: HJDK Caracol Colombia, Medellin. Rare Caracol, new for me. TIK
770 11.9. 0259- VEN: YVKK Radio Nacional de Venezuela, Valencia. TIK
790 12.9. 0400- ARG: LR6 Radio Mitre, Buenos Aires BA. “Mitre deportivo”. [.998]. TIK
820 6.9. 0400- CLM: HJED Caracol, Cali. Also UNID on 820.179, Reloj? TIK
870 13.10. 0301- EQA: HCNY2 Radio Cristal, Guayaquil. TIK
890 11.9. 0403- CLM: HJCE Radio Continental, Bogotá. Now [.047]. Earlier America. TIK
890 6.9. 0300- VEN: YVLW Radio América, Valencia. [.002]. TIK
920 8.9. 0259- EQA: HCAB1 Radio Democrácia, Quito. TIK
960 16.9. 0403- ARG: LRA6 Radio Nacional, Mendoza. “La radio pública” and then clear “Radio Nacional de Argentina”-ID. Also heard 17. and 20.9. TIK
960 6.9. 0328- CLM: HJHN Caracol Radio, Magangué. TIK
1010 12.9. 0058- CLM: HJCC Acuario Estéreo, Santa Fé de Bogotá. TIK
1020 13.10. 0201- VEN: YVTW Radio Alegría, Chivacoa. TIK
1030 8.9. 0400- EQA: HCRF2 Radio Ecuantena, Guayaquil. Played “Jesus Me Levantó” by Cristiana Mel and then ID. Audible about 5 minutes. TIK
1040 11.9. 0400- CLM: HJCJ/HJUB Colmundo Radio, Bogotá/Pasto. TIK
1080 8.9. 0359- EQA: HCKD2 Sistema 2, Guayaquil. Strongest here this morning. Echo-ID: “Sistema 2, Sistema 2, mil ochenta”. TIK
1120 5.9. 0303- B: ZYH598 Radio Tupinambá, Sobral CE. Thanks JEÖ for help. Clear and strong but difficult to understand its ID. TIK
1130 5.9. 0300- B: ZYI531 Super Marajoara AM 1130, Belém PA. Not heard since LEM106 in Finland but now very strong signal around the Scandinavia. Also loud next morning. TIK
1160 4.9. 0258- CLM: HJOC Fuego A.M, Bogotá. TIK
1190 11.9. 0403- ARG: LR9 Radio América, Buenos Aires. TIK
1200 5.9. 0304- B: ZYH585 Rádio Ceará Clube, Fortaleza CE. [.003]. Also next night. TIK
1200 13.10. 0302- VEN: YVOZ Radio Tiempo, Caracas. TIK
1220 11.9. 0401- B: ZYJ458 Rádio Globo, Rio de Janeiro, RJ. TIK
1270 11.9. 0401- ARG: LS11 Radio Provincia, Buenos Aires. Also 12.9. TIK
1290 6.9. 0259- B: ZYH888 Rádio Timbira do Maranhão, São Luís MA. TIK
1300 20.9. 0428- VEN: YVKH Deportiva 1300 AM Center, Caracas. “Deportiva 1300 AM Center”. [.999] Also 26.9. TIK
1310 3.9. 0300- B: ZYJ684 Radio Globo Rondônia, Pôrto Velho. This is the most common BRA with Caiari 1430. TIK
1310 4.9. 0329- CLM: HJDG Caracol Radio, Montería. TIK
1310 13.10. 0228- VEN: YVSM/YVSL Radio Nacional de Venezuela, Barcelona/Guri. [.002]. TIK
1340 26.9. 0403- VEN: YVNE Radio Uno, Caracas. TIK
1350 3.9. 0329- EQA: HCVP2 Teleradio 13-50 AM Digital, Guayaquil. TIK
1370 4.9. 0328- CLM: HJBO Emisora Minuto de Dios, Barranquilla. TIK
1390 6.9. 0300- B: ZYI535 Educadora AM, Bragança PA. Nice signal [.996]. TIK
1400 5.10. 0429- EQA: HCFL2 Radio Zeta Uno, Guayaquil. TIK
1450 6.9. -0303 B: ZYI561 Radio Paraense AM, Castanhal PA. [.004] Bras without IDs: 1440 (Educadora?) and 1460 (Ressureicão?). TIK
1520 5.9. 0300- B: UNID. Same UNID than 25.4. with “Rádio de seu coracao”-jingle. TIK
1550 6.9. 0259- B: ZYI700 Rádio Jardim da Borborema, Areia PB. Rough audio. [.994]. TIK
1580 26.9. 0400- CLM: HJQT Verdad Radio, Bogotá. TIK


570 13.10. 0257- XOE: CPR COSL Promoter. Oil rig somewhere at North Sea. TIK

Some QSLs

September 15, 2014 By: admin Category: BC-stations, DX-listening, QSL

Condx have been pretty poor or average at the best. Some QSLs have arrived anyhow:

711. Radio BeO 88.80 MHz
Swiss private stations confirmed nicely, also this one. V/s Patric Perret.

-. VRT Studio Brussel 100.60 MHz
20th of July had nice opening to Belgium. I got some QSLs from national stations. This was confirmed by Christophe Lambrecht.

712. Die Antenne 101.40 MHz
German-speaking Italian station. V/s Adrian Wenger.

-. VRT MNM 89.00 MHz
VRT Customer Service confirmed.

-. VRT Radio 1 91.70 MHz
Also confirmed by Customer Service or Klantendienst in Dutch. V/s Elise Vandevenne sent me some stickers via mail too!

713. France Bleu Pays de Savoie 95.20 MHz
One month after my email I got reply from Francis Cattel, Responsable Technique.

714. WRCA Watertown MA 1330 MHz
Quite common US station but they have not replied before. Now I got a good v/s-info from Patrik, PW. Stu Fink, General Manager replied quickly.

715. CMKV R Rebelde, Urbano Noris 600 kHz
Few new Rebelde frequencies to confirm. Reply took 3 weeks. V/s Yirian García de la Torre.

716. Radio Rebelde 1620 kHz
Also this one was confirmed by v/s Yirian García de la Torre.

717. Cesky Impuls 981 kHz
I heard them same day than they started. Pavel Janda of Impuls FM replied quickly via email.

718. 4VEH La voix évangélique d’Haïti, Cape Haitien 840 kHz
I noticed that 4VEH is now active on Facebook writing in English and they are erecting new AM towers. I sent a mail via Facebook and received a confirmation for my 2013 report from Rev. Storly Michel. New country confirmation!


MW season kicks on and some QSLs

September 02, 2014 By: admin Category: BC-stations, DX-listening, QSL

MW season started! I started mediumwave monitoring with my remote station one week ago. Unfortunately there was a magnetic storm last week, so propagation has not been very good (before I started, others had heard some USA). Despite of poor signals some interesting stations has been heard here in Pori. I expect some good openings later this week.

Central America

640 1.9. 0300- GDL: Guadeloupe 1ère, Point-à-Pitre. TIK
830 26.8. 0259- DOM: Radio HIJB, Santo Domingo. Also heard 1.9.14. Something done in the tx side? Listen MP3.
1160 27.8. 0300- ATG: Caribbean Radio Lighthouse, St. John’s. Last heard almost exactly one year ago. TIK


560 30.8. 0229- GUY: Voice of Guyana, Georgetown. “VOG”-ID and familiar DJ. Not very strong but heard still one hour later. TIK
570 26.8. 0300- CLM: HJND Señal Radio Colombia, Bogotá. Nice music and nice signal. TIK
710 2.9. 0328- ARG: LRL202 Radio Diez, Buenos Aires. What a suprise with my CA/NA antenna. Announced studio number 45352114. Almost 100% 590 has Radio Continental same time. Upper side of the band no ARG heard! Listen MP3. TIK
790 30.8. 0330- VEN: YVXM Radio Minuto, Barquisimeto. TIK
820 1.9. 0330- PRU: Tentative: OAX4O Radio Libertad, Lima. Religious programme without ID but mostly likely this one. Information from HK: heard in Sweden and UK. Religious programme starts at 0300z. Tack Henrik. Same time Christian pop on 780 – split is same as Radio Victoria, Lima. TIK
890 31.8. 0206- CLM: Radio Galeón de Caracol, Santa Marta. “Caracol Radio”. TIK
910 1.9. 0301- VEN: YVRQ RQ 910, Caracas. My first identified CA/SA from this FQ! Ring bell with time announcement is good indication of this station [.991]. TIK
940 1.9. 0300- CLM: HJTL RCN, Cucuta. TIK
960 1.9. 0328- PRU: OAX4D Radio Panamericana, Lima. Same split than on winter [.938] but now much weaker signal. TIK
1100 1.9. 0300- CLM: HJCN Radio BBN, Bogotá. TIK
1130 27.8. 0301- VEN: Radio Ideal, Maiquetia. TIK
1140 26.8. 0232- CLM: HJCL R Panamericana, Girardot. TIK
1140 30.8. 0230- PRU: OCU2D Chami R, Otuzco. Lots of QSB but heard long time. TIK
1300 31.8. 0130- UNID: UNID. La Voz de la Liberación -px with good signal. Split [.982] fits to Radio Reloj but format not. Anyhow it is most likely Radio Reloj. Heard also 2.9. TIK
1310 1.9. 0300- CLM: HJAK La Voz de la Patria, Barranquilla. Split [.678]. Good big ID. TIK
1320 26.8. 0230- VEN: YVWP R Apolo, Turmero. [.004] Other splits here too: (.945, .979 ja .998). TIK
1350 27.8. 0302- ARG: LS6 Radio Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires BA. 1190 ja 1270 also tentative ARG. TIK
1350 1.9. 0300- CLM: HJOA Radio Uno, Santa Marta. TIK
1380 31.8. 0158- VEN: YVNG Ondas del Mar, Puerto Cabello. TIK
1470 27.8. 0300- PRU: OAU4B Radio Capital, Lima. TIK


- RTBF La Première 91.50 MHz
Email v/s Michèle VANLAER, Service Médiation.

- RAI Isoradio 103.20 MHz
Email in 7 days, v/s Ricezione RAI Isoradio.

708. Africa No. 1 92.30 MHz
African music station from Paris. V/s Dominique Guihot.

709. Radio Italia Solo Musica Italiana 98.40 MHz
Email after 2 weeks. V/s Redazione.

- Bayern 1 Franken 91.40 MHz
Old skool QSL via snail mail although report sent via email.

710. HCFL2 Radio Zeta-1, Guayaquil 1400 kHz
I got verification from Carlos Balla Quapi via Facebook. My 4th MW-QSL from Ecuador.


FM season 2014 almost done

August 23, 2014 By: admin Category: BC-stations, DX-listening, FMDX, QSL

FM ES season 2014 is almost over, but still yesterday I heard few Balkan stations. Unfortunately all identified stations were sending just music and I IDed them with RDS only. Almost all 2014 FM reception reports are also on the way and I already started follow ups for 2013 FM reports!

Several QSLs have arrived since last post but there has been days when 15 emails have produced 1 or 2 or nothing back. I have now 48 FM QSLs received this year but I have sent some 150 reception reports. Anyhow it seems to be easier to get a QSL on FM than on MW.

699. Radio ERA 87.90 MHz

Ukraine and Russia were not heard much in my QTH this season as my antenna is more or less fixed to south, southwest. To get QSLs from these countries seem to need that you fool around, which I have not tried this year. Radio ERA anyway replied quickly via email in Ukrainian. V/s was Anna Matviyishyna, Head of Public Relations.

700. Radio Canal 3 92.80 MHz

The 4th Swiss station which QSLed! QSL-% has been good as only RSI Rete Uno and Radio BeO have not replied. Salina Zigerli of Radio Canal 3 replied me in a week. This may be FFF as I have not found it from statistics. My 700th station to SDXL Rank!

701. Radio Studio Delta 92.80 MHz

This station I heard one month later. According to my memory, I have also heard this station in 1985 or so. Alberto Emiliani replied quickly.

702. Radio Kerry 97.60 MHz

Irish station. Trevor Galvin, Engineering & IT Manager, replied in 12 days.

703. Radio Globale 102.20 MHz

This was the first time when Radio Globale was heard in Finland with this name. This Pavia station is ex RMC – Radio Monte Carlo, Radio Pavia, Lifegate. Quick email-response.

704. Kurzemes Radio 102.20 MHz

Summer tropo (4th August) gave some nice new stations for me. This is also my first QSL from Latvia on FM, and as such country #27. They replied via Facebook.

705. MDR Jump 105.60 MHz

Meteor scatter QSL! My first one since 1983 when I heard and got QSL from BBC! MDR JUMP hotline replied via emai.

- Manx Radio 97.20 MHz

I have QSL from 1368 kHz, heard already in the 1980s, so not new station for SDXL Rank. Ed Rixon, Broadcast Engineer sent me very nice informative email. He is also radio amateur (GD6XHG).

706. Radio Studio 24 90.80 MHz

This is also very old Italian station and as such, I suppose that I heard it in the mid-80s for the first time. Now they replied in one day via email.

707. Radio Impuls 89.00 MHz

Czech and Slovak stations have been a bit nitty QSLers this season. At least Impuls replied. V/s Pavel Janda, mediální konzultant.


And even more FM QSLs …

August 14, 2014 By: admin Category: BC-stations, DX-listening, QSL

Old wisdom: “if you send reception reports, you will get QSLs”. Dublin Q102 sent me a nice T-shirt. Dublin’s 98 FM sent me a big package: pen, clips, sticker, drink bottle, mouse mat, keyring, earplug phones and shower gap! Thanks.

690. GRRIF 101.20 MHz

This is Swiss local station. They replied via Facebook.

691. RMF – Radio Missione Francescana 91.45 MHz

Enrico Bonisolo, RMF Broadcast Engineer sent me an email, even though he is on vacation.

692. Radio Fiore 92.85 MHz

Email in 4 days.

693. Radio Pilatus 95.60 MHz

My third Swiss FM QSL. Roman Unternährer, Leiter Moderation / Journalist BR emailed first, then their CTO.

694. Antenne Bayern 103.30 MHz

Stefanie Schlammerl, Hörerservice emailed.

695. Radio Margherita 91.80 MHz

Enrico Mosca wrote me in English.

696. Radio Melodiya 89.00 MHz

This is my first QSL from Ukraine on FM. Two emails, the first one from Tatiana Voloshin, Director.

697. Polskie Radio 1, Krosno/Szczawnica 88.00 MHz

Replied suprisingly quickly via email as they didn’t react to my two emails in 2013. This is my first Polish station on FM. I heard few more this season, but this was the first report I sent.

698. Sundsvalls Musikradio 89.70 MHz

Suprise tropo catch. No response to email but they confirmed quickly via Facebook.

antenne bayern

More FM QSLs

August 10, 2014 By: admin Category: BC-stations, DX-listening, QSL

679. KFM Radio, Kildare 97.30 MHz

Clem Ryan, C.E.O./Executive Director wrote: Yes, I can confirm you were listening to Kfm’s Lunchtime programme, presented that day by Mathieu Norry (standing in for regular presenter John Dunne). Quality of your reception was quiet good. Hello to all in Finland: the home of great distance runners!! Let us know if you pick us up again!

680. Radio Fantastica (Piemonte) 89.10 MHz

V/s Simona Giorgi, Ufficio Editiorale told that I had heard them con una eccellente qualità audio.

681. WLR FM 95.10 MHz

Wayne Brown replied.

682. Radio Babboleo 89.00 MHz

This Italian local station replied via email.

683. LM FM 95.50 MHz

Another nice Irish catch. Engineer Eddie Caffrey worked for Radio Rainbow (pirate) between 1985-1988.

684. Radio LatteMiele Lombardia 96.00 MHz

I heard this one with their regional ads. They replied via email quickly.

685. iRadio 106.20 MHz

Irish chain. V/s Leigh Doyle, CEO/Programme Director.

686. RTL 102.5 (Italia) 102.50 MHz

V/s Valentina Iannicelli, Segreteria Direzione News. This RTL is from Italy.

687. Radio Basilica di Verolanuova 91.20 MHz

Nice small Italian local station. V/s Tiziano Cervati.

688. Dublin’s Q102 102.20 MHz

Dave Harrington Afternoon Presenter replied and promised to send me a T-shirt to commemorate my catch!

689. Radio Birikina 91.70 MHz

Also nice local Italian station. Confirmation arrived via email.

I still have some 50 FM reception reports to send. After that I will switch my remote to MW, perhaps in a two weeks.


And more FM QSLs …

August 06, 2014 By: admin Category: BC-stations, DX-listening, QSL

Nice 14 QSLs in 2 days!

667. OBX4J Radio Latina, Lima 990 kHz

Rare catch which suprisingly replied via Facebook.

668. Radio Freiburg 90.20 MHz

Oliver Kempa, Stv. Redaktionsleiter replied and later he interviewed me by phone! My first Swiss QSL on FM.

669. Newstalk 107.00 MHz

The 3rd of July was the super day to Ireland. Plenty of Irish stations from Cork and Dublin were heard. Newstalk was the first to QSL. And new FM-country too! V/s v/s Gerard Whelan / CEO.

670. Radio Veronica One 93.60 MHz

Nice email from this Italian station.

-. RTÉ Radio 1 88.40 MHz

National chain was strong and also QSLed quickly.

-. RTÉ 2 FM 90.60 MHz

-. BBC Radio Solent 96.10 MHz

Previously QSLed on MW and now on FM too.

671. Raidió na Life 106.40 MHz

Station broadcasting in Irish. Muiris Ó Fiannachta, Station Manager replied quickly.

672. Red FM, Cork 105.70 MHz

“Cork’s new RedFM 104-106″ and v/s Keith “KC” Cunningham, Programme Director.

673. KCLR 96 FM 96.60 MHz

This was heard on few frequencies. Brian Guilfoyle, Commercial Manager replied.

674. Dublin’s 98 FM 98.10 MHz

Another Dublin catch. V/s Michael Brett, Station Manager/Programme Director.

675. Capital FM North West & North Wales 103.30 MHz

Few stations from Wales were also heard in the 3rd of July. I was lucky get catch Capital FM with local ads to Wales. From this area, Ben Sheppard, Drive Presenter, replied to me.

676. Cork’s 96 FM 96.40 MHz

John Cahill, Head of Engineering 96FM and C103 CORK replied with the long email. John is an old DXer and pirate enthusiast and also written a book called “Two Walls and a Roof”. You can read more from John’s webpage:

677. C103 103.30 MHz

John Cahill verified also this one.

678. WHJJ Providence RI 920 kHz

Short email. I have heard previously WRNI 1290 from this same town.

raidio na life

The first FM QSLs have arrived

August 05, 2014 By: admin Category: Uncategorized

Finally I have done with the reception reports for last season’s MW stations. Unfortunately those South Americans (and some US stations) have been very lazy to answer to me. But now I started with FM reports and I’ve got few nice replays.

659. RNE1 Canarias, Las Palmas 576 kHz

I heard this at my original home QTH in the Christmas Eve of 2012. Now I got v/s info from PW and José Carlos García Montesdeoca, Medios Técnicos de RNE Las Palmas replied quickly.

660. WWNN Pompano Beach FL 1470 kHz

Short email confirmed this station.

661. HCCC5 Ondas Cañaris – R. Universitaria Catolica, Azogues 1530 kHz

One of the best QSLs of the season. Dr. José Antonio Robles Ocampo, Locutor, replied in one day. 14 MW stations from Ecuador heard during the last season but only 3 QSLs got!

662. Radio Fokus 91.60 MHz

Serbian station and my first Serbian QSL on FM! Replied via email.

663. Radio Postaja Kiseljak 92.70 MHz

Nice Bosnian station replied via email quickly.

664. Radio Classique 91.00 MHz

This is a chain station from France. As far as I know they don’t have local pxs or ads. Chloé Salmona, Responsable Communication replied in 3 days.

665. Radio Omega 90.90 MHz

This was nice catch as it is only one tx local station from Montbéliard, near Swiss border. Jean-Philippe Gueutal replied and sent this link. Very handy, you don’t have to write long letters to explain how it is possible to hear the station. Of course, in this case, we are not radioamateurs (although I have call OH1NOA too).

666. France Bleu Gard Lozère 90.20 MHz

QSL was received quickly when I emailed directly to the boss: Fabienne Bureau. Never heard this France Bleu local from Nimes before.

Ondas Canarias

The latest QSLs

July 27, 2014 By: admin Category: BC-stations, DX-listening, QSL

Some new QSLs have arrived to the reception reports which I sent in June-July. These are mostly stations I heard in February. I still have not started sending out emails to FM stations of the season. There is lots of work …

650. France Bleu 107.1 864 kHz

After few attempts I got a QSL email from this Paris local. V/s was Patricia Mercier and Patrik, PW gave her contact address.

651. WQOM Natick MA 1060 kHz

The station of the cross replied via Gina Zanicky, Director of Radio Production.

652. WWFE Miami FL 670 kHz

It took few attempts to get this one, but I got verification to my report via Facebook.

653. CBGA-1 Grande Anse NB 540 kHz

My 3rd NA QSL from 540 kHz. Jimmy Berthelot, Superviseur Technique replied quickly.

654. WMKI Boston MA 1260 kHz

The most common of these NA stations I have listed in this post. Kathleen Maitino, Station Manager replied via email quickly.

655. WZON Bangor MA 620 kHz

Nice catch and nice QSL. V/s was Deke Rhinehart, Digital Media Director.

656. WEZE Boston MA 590 kHz

VOCM usually dominates here, so I was glad to received the confirmation of my reception report. V/s was Frank Kelley N1KQT, Chief Engineer – Salem Radio Boston.

657. WDER Derry NH 1320 kHz

This like all other NA stations here was heard in the 5th of February during the extremely good NE US opening. I suppose that WDER still had their daytime power on when I heard them at 2159Z. Minimalistic reply was: “You certainly did hear WDER.”

658. Radio HIJB, Santo Domingo 830 kHz

I heard HIJB 3 times during the last season, but it took few rounds of emails to get this pleasant QSL from the diretor, Luis Manuel Soto.

WEZE Boston MA 590

The highlights of Season 2013-2014

July 10, 2014 By: admin Category: DX-listening, Propagation

The MW season 2013-2014 “officially” ended last week. I collected some highlights what I heard between August 2013 and May 2014. I recorded MW band almost every night. I only lost maybe 4 or 5 nights becuase of techinical problems (unfortunately missed few good openings too!).

British Isles

Happy to get some new ones: BBC Radio Cornwall 630, BBC Radio Jersey 1026 and Flame CCR 1521 even without antenna to UK direction!


Not much from here as I mostly listen to West only. IRIB Radio Kerman, Jiroft 918 was a new one from Iran. Personally I was very exicited when I heard Radyo La Verdad, Manila 1350.

North America

Suprisingly lots of good stations heard!

540 CBGA-1 Grande Anse NB
540 WFLF Pine Hills FL
590 WEZE Boston MA
620 WZON Bangor ME
640 WNNZ Westfield MA – new one for Finland. Got also QSL.
670 WWFE Miami FL
760 WCHP Champlain NY – daytimer!
760 WVNE Leicester MA – daytimer!
790 WPRV Providence RI
920 WDMC Melbourne FL
920 WHJJ Providence RI
920 WMMN Fairmont WV – probably the second time for Finland. Got also QSL.
920 WURA Quantico VA – four nice catches on 920 from USA
930 WDLX Washington NC – heard twice
930 WPKX Rochester NH
940 WMAC Macon GA
1160 WABY Mechanicsville NY – they have now moved to 900
1240 WMMB Melbourne FL
1250 WGHB Farmville NC – //930 WDLX
1280 VSB2 BBN, Hamilton – Bermuda! Also VSB3 with BBC WS on 1160.
1300 WJDA Quincy MA
1320 WDER Derry NH
1380 WABH Bath NY
1390 WKPA Lynchburg VA – the 200th NA station with Perseus SDR

Central America

New CA station is always something which saves your day and week. Some happy feelings during the season …

830 R HIJB, Santo Domingo – heard 3 times!
840 4VEH La voix évangélique d’Haïti, Cape Haitien
840 HOL80 R Nacional de Panama – heard 2 times
860 PJZ86 R Curom, Willemstad – unfortunately no QSL yet
860 VON R, Charlestown – two days before Curom
920 HOS56 R Mía, Los Santos
970 WSTX St. Croix VI – twice
1140 HRVC La Voz Evangélica, Choluteca
1240 HIC26 R María de La Altagracia, Santo Domingo
1250 HOLY R Hogar, Penonomé
1280 CMKW R Mambí, Santiago de Cuba
1300 HRLH CCI Radio, Tegucigalpa – first time in Finland
1390 HRVC La Voz Evangélica, Tegucigalpa/Sta Rosa de Copán
1430 HIJC R Emanuel, Santiago
1470 XEAI R Fórmula, México DF

South America

This is the best direction for my antenna (VEN/CLM).

560 HCRN2 C.R.E. Satelital, Guayaquil
560 Voice of Guyana, Georgetown – the hit station of Sep/Oct, heard almost every night!
620 YV.. Radio Libertad 620, Cabimas – possibly the first time in Finland
630 YVKA R Nacional de Venezuela, Caracas
660 OCX4R R La Inolvidable, Lima – heard it twice and got QSL
700 HJCX W R, Cali
730 OAX4G RPP Noticias, San Isidro, Lima – heard twice
760 OBZ4X Radiomar Plus, Lima
780 HJZG LV del Valle, Cali
780 OAX4X Radio Victoria, Lima
850 HCVS2 R San Francisco, Guayaquil
870 HCNY2 R Cristal, Guayaquil
920 HCAB1 R Democrácia, Quito – three times but very few loggings from others!
930 OAX4E R Moderna, Lima
940 HJA76 Frecuencia U, Medellin – this night first time in Finland by several DXers
940 HJTL RCN, Cucuta
940 HCBZ1 R Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana, Quito – twice
950 HJUJ Armonías Boyacenses, Tunja
960 OAX4D Radio Panamericana, Lima
960 YV.. R Venezuela 960, Acarigua
960 YVSS Radio San Sebastián, San Cristóbal
990 OBX4J R Latina, Lima – probably the first time in Finland
1050 HJBB Caracol R, Valledupar
1080 HJAX La Voz de la Nostagia, Medellín
1130 OAX4N R Bacán, Lima – twice, got QSL
1140 HJE67 Caracol Radio, Villavicencio
1140 HJKO R Esperanza, Cartagena – twice
1140 OCU2D Chami R, Otuzco
1140 OCY4U RPP, Pilcomayo
1160 HJAZ Frecuencia Bolivariana, Montería
1250 HJOK Emisoras ABC, Barranquilla – my 100th MW CLM
1250 OAX4N R Miraflores, Lima
1270 HCUM2 R Universal, Guayaquil
1280 HJKN R Única, Bogotá
1280 HJLR Caracol R, Pasto
1280 YVOF Radio Trujillo, Trujillo
1310 OBX2D R Chota, Chota
1320 OAX41 R La Crónica, Lima
1380 HJJD NSE Radio, Medellín – several times
1390 HJZY La Primera, Bucaramanga
1390 OCU1G R Fé, Chiclayo – many times
1410 HCGC5 RCG Radio, Gualaceo – first time in Finland?
1420 YV.. R Sintonia, Caracas
1470 HCLD2 R Ecos de Naranjito, Naranjito
1480 HJOD R Rodadero, Santa Maria
1510 OCX4J R Tarma, Tarma
1530 HCCC5 Ondas Cañaris – R Universitaria Catolica, Azogues
1530 OBU4C Radio Milenia, Lima
1540 OBX4N R Corporación, Cerro de Pasco
1600 OB.. Radio Andina, Velille, Provincia de Chumbivilcas, Dept. de Cusco