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The latest QSLs – some nice ones from South America

April 11, 2014 By: admin Category: BC-stations, DX-listening, QSL

South America has produced not just good propagation but some good QSLs. I stil a bit behind with my reception reports: currently sending emails to stations which I heard on late January. Some good catches I have reported right away after hearing them.

635. WHBC Canton OH 1480 kHz

Even band condx to USA are gone for this season, still some QSLs flow in. WHBC is not a rare station but I have heard them only once, last January with “News Talk 14-80 WHBC” slogan. CE Dale Lamm confirmed in 12 days via email.

636. OCU2D Chami Radio, Otuzco 1140 kHz

Recent catch (1.4.2014). Chami Radio was well heard in Finland and Sweden in the same morning. They have confimed via Facebook to many listeners.

637. YVRZ Radio Dos Mil, Cumaná 1500 kHz

One of the most common SA stations on MW. They replied now quickly to my follow up reception report. YV QSL is always nice – they are a bit rare at least to me even I have heard plenty of them.

638. OBX2D Radio Chota, Chota 1310 kHz

Last week’s big suprise. Also that they verified my report quickly via Facebook. This might be the first time that this station was heard in Finland on MW.

639. HJIJ La Voz de La Raza, Medellin 1200 kHz

This station was heard during the strong Medellin opening on the 16th of January. Gerente Jose Omar Fuentes replied via email.

640. YVRM BBN Radio, Caracas 1260 kHz

BBN stations are easy to confirm via “BBN Español”. Caracas 1260 is a difficult catch as it is on EU QRG, but “Medellin propagation” brought also this Venezuelan station.

641. OAU7Z Radio Carráviz, Juliaca 1570 kHz

When the band is open to Peru, this station could be heard with Bethel on 1570. I already sent them report in last May. Now Ivan Tito Vizcarra replied with “mass replay” to three listeners.

Radio Chota

The log 31-3-2014 to 5-4-2014: super openings to Ecuador and Peru!

April 06, 2014 By: admin Category: BC-stations, DX-listening

All South Americans:
(notice links to audio clips)

980 3.4. 0328- CLM: HJES RCN Cali, Cali. “RCN Cali 980 AM – RCN La Radio – Nuestra Radio”. New QRG: [.000].
1130 1.4. 0257- PRU: OAX4N R Bacán, Lima. [.917] //1320.
1140 31.3. 0329- PRU: OCU2D Chami R, Otuzco. Confirmed via Facebook.
1140 31.3. 0301- PRU: OCY4U RPP, Pilcomayo. Split [.250]. Also next night.
1190 1.4. 0328- EQA: HCDE2 UCSG Radio y Televisión, Guayaquil.
1270 1.4. 0330- EQA: HCUM2 R Universal, Guayaquil. [.994].
1310 3.4. 0257- PRU: OBX2D R Chota, Chota. Loud for few minutes. Confirmed via Facebook quickly. Has been heard in the past on Shortwaves but possibly for the first time on MW.
1320 3.4. 0331- PRU: OAX41 R La Crónica, Lima. [.995]
1320 1.4. 0233- PRU: OBU4T R Bacán, Huancayo.
1340 1.4. 0300- PRU: OAQ4Q R Alegría, Lima. Radio Comas same time on 1300. Comas has been on every day.
1350 3.4. 0300- B: ZYH201 R Capital, Rio Branco AC.
1360 3.4. 0303- PRU: OAX7R R Sicuani, Sicuani. Boxing with Nueva Q [.001].
1380 3.4. 0259- PRU: OCY4U R Nuevo Tiempo, Lima. [.001] (drifting a bit).
1400 1.4. 0328- EQA: HCFL2 R Zeta Uno, Guayaquil.
1410 1.4. 0328- EQA: HCGC5 RCG Radio, Gualaceo. Thanks to Gert, GNH who heard this with much better signal in Sweden. Thanks also to HK&JPR for help although we could’t pull out the ID before Gert sent me an audio clip.
1430 3.4. 0333- B: ZYJ671 R Caiari Porto Velho RO. Now [.010].
1510 1.4. 0328- EQA: HCHD2 Instituto Oceanográfico de la Armada, Guayaquil. QRM from distorted audio of Radio Monumental.
1510 2.4. 2330- PRU: UNID. This is [.086], maybe Radio Tarma. Others: 1470 2 stations (another with distorted audio = Voz Cristiana?), 1559.995 & 1600.018 (in Sweden heard with Radio Andina IDs).
1530 1.4. 0332- EQA: HCCC5 Ondas Cañaris – R Universitaria Catolica, Azogues. Outstanding signal, EU has no chance. Between music time announcement and ID. Same time superloud andies music on 1520 (no ID) and phone in on 1490 (also Ecuador? Santa Maria?).
1540 1.4. 0228- PRU: OBX4N R Corporación, Cerro de Pasco. Splitti [.109]. Loud also on 3.4.
1550 1.4. 0300- PRU: Tentative: OBX4P R Independencia Lima, Lima. Split [.971]. Henrik confirmed my thoughts about this station. Unfortunately no ID heard.
1580 1.4. 0332- CLM: HJNA R Robledo RCN, Cartago, Valle.
1600 1.4. 0258- PRU: OBU4R R Nuevo Tiempo, Huancayo. [.970] and //1380.

The latest QSLs – mostly NA

April 03, 2014 By: admin Category: BC-stations, DX-listening, QSL

The last couple of days have been very good propagationwise to Ecuador, Peru etc. Not much QSLs coming, been lazy for sending emails and answers have been rare too. Anyhow some additions to my collection:

625. WKBK Keene NH 1290 kHz
After I got v/s information from IKA, I got a quick and nice replay from CE Ira Wilner, W1IRA. I had tried to get QSL before but it needed the right guy to actually get it.

626. WDLX Washington NC 930 kHz and 627. WGHB Farmville NC 1250 kHz
Nice catches from 15th January super condx. Jonathan Ellerbe of “Pirate Radio” confirmed my reception.

628. WEEI Boston MA 850 kHz and 629. WRKO Boston 680 kHz
Also a tip from IKA. Louis Muise, CE sent very nice confirmation via email

630. CJWI Montreal QC 1410 kHz
Regular now on 1410. Jean Ernest Pierre, CEO replied quickly to my French report.

631. WQBA Miami FL 1140 kHz
This is one of those “easier Floridans” – I have heard them 4 times this year. QSL was a bit harder but Loretta Anaya, Vice President, Sales, and Station Manager confirmed my reception.

632. WFLF Pine Hills FL 540 kHz
When heard, it was somewhat a suprise to me. Jim Poling, Program Director confirmed my f/up report in 2 days.

633. WTAM Cleveland OH 1100 kHz
I probably have tried to get QSL before. Now I didn’t get just one replay but three :) Two first ones from two news anchors then third one (on same day) from program manager. The first one came in 5 minutes from Tom Moore, I News Anchor & Reporter I Clear Channel Media + Entertainment.

634. HJA76 Frecuencia U, Medellin 940 kHz
This station was heard around the Finland in the 21st of January and several people share FFF. Confirms via Facebook.

Frecuencia U

MW-DX News: Smooth Radio

March 25, 2014 By: admin Category: BC-stations, DX-listening, News

Some interesting DX-news:

Smooth Radio
The following ex-Gold stations will now carry Smooth Radio programme:
603 kHz: Canterbury 774 kHz: Gloucester 792 kHz: Bedford 828 kHz: Bournemouth 828 kHz: Luton 936 kHz: West Wiltshire 945 kHz: Eastbourne 1152 kHz: Norwich 1152 kHz: Plymouth 1161 kHz: Swindon
1170 kHz: Ipswich 1170 kHz: Portsmouth 1242 kHz: Maidstone 1251 kHz: Bury St Edmunds 1260 kHz: Bristol 1260 kHz: Wrexham 1305 kHz: Newport 1323 kHz: Brighton
1332 kHz: Peterborough 1359 kHz: Cardiff 1359 kHz: Chelmsford 1431 kHz: Reading 1431 kHz: Southend 1485 kHz: Newbury 1521 kHz: Reigate/Crawley 1557 kHz: Northampton 1557 kHz: Southampton

These stations relay Smooth Radio London 102.2 but they have local ads. Local may mean “regional”. Also it is informed that while the AM service will carry London programming, they also have a four hour opt-out programme on AM in Wales to meet Ofcom requirements.

945 kHz: Derby 999 kHz: Nottingham 1458 kHz: Manchester and 1548 kHz: London will continue with Gold programme.

Source: etc.

The logs 23.2. – 17.3.2014

March 24, 2014 By: admin Category: BC-stations, DX-listening

Most of these log entries are from the files which were recorded with Mestor-software while I was travelling in Argentina and Uruguay. The propagation wasn’t so special during my trip. Only few totally new stations for me. HOLY Radio Hogar was nice catch on 1250.

Yesterday I visited at my remote station and found out that my longwire was broken – only a bit 100 meters was effective. Even with that stump I could here some EQA stations last weekend. Now it is fixed and in full force. Hopefully propagation will follow.

British Isles

972 12.3. 0400- G: Sunrise R, London. By this name now. NDR was QRT.

North America

1430 7.3. 0500- USA: WENE Endicott NY. TIK
1470 4.3. 0504- USA: WWNN Pompano Beach FL. “..WWNN .. and WKIS HD3 Pompano Beach, Miami, Fort Lauderdale”.

Central America

1250 7.3. 0459- PNR: HOLY R Hogar, Penonomé. Heard at least 5 minutes with deep QSB. 3 or 4 IDs.
1350 17.3. 0359- PNR: HOZ38 BBN Panamá, Panamá. “BBN Panamá”. Also 7.3.. Same time 1560 Adventista with English rel px.
1430 26.2. 0429- PTR: WNEL R Tiempo, Caguas, PR. New one for me from PTR.
1620 7.3. 0500- CUB: CMKX R Bayamo, Bayamo, GR.

South America

1320 9.3. 0502- CLM: HJTA R Maria, Medellín. //1580.
1320 6.3. 0503- PRU: OBU4T R Bacán, Huancayo. [.944].
1350 6.3. 0501- EQA: HCVP2 Teleradio AM 13-50, Guayaquil.
1360 14.3. 0432- PRU: OCU4I R NuevaQ FM, Lima.
1380 6.3. 0457- CLM: HJJD NSE Radio, Medellín.
1380 23.2. 0530- PRU: OCY4U R Nuevo Tiempo, Lima. Also strong 1570 Bethel & 1500 Santa Rosa voimalla.
1390 5.3. 0500- B: ZYI535 R Educadora AM, Bragança PA. “Educadora FM”.
1400 23.2. 0532- PRU: OBX4W Callao Súper Radio, Lima. Announced:
1430 8.3. 0501- CLM: HJKU UniMinuto R, Bogotá. Probably Emanuel too.
1480 8.3. 0458- CLM: HJOD R Rodadero, Santa Maria. “La emisora romantica de Santa Marta”
1590 14.3. 0430- VEN: YVUD R Deporte, Caracas.

The log 5.2.-22.2.2014 – lots of goodies!

March 16, 2014 By: admin Category: BC-stations, DX-listening

Here are my loggings between the 5th and the 22nd of February. I could easily say that this is possibly the best (station qualitywise) log blog post here ever. The evening of the 5th had outstanding sunset-propagation to ME/MA-region around 2200z. Next days provided such a stations as Radio Curom and VON on 860 kHz. The 12nd in the morning there was short peak to Lima with very rare midband Peru stations etc.

British Isles

990 5.2. 2200- G: Magic AM, Crimpsall (Doncaster). TIK


1350 7.2. 2100- PHL: Radyo La Verdad, Manila. “UNTV Radyo”


540 6.2. 0259- CAN: CBGA-1 Grande Anse NB. New one.
620 6.2. 0000- USA: WZON Bangor ME. Very strong briefly. Rare in the southern Finland.
640 6.2. 0159- USA: +WNNZ Westfield MA. Clear chain-ID with the frequencies. Also HN confirmed what I heard. V/s W1CLD wrote: “I have a couple of friends who are Finnish DXers; one once edited DX Kuuntelijat magazine back in the 90′s- Mika Palo”.
670 6.2. 0128- USA: WWFE Miami FL. “La Poderosa”. TIK
680 14.2. 0500- CAN: CJOB Winnipeg MB. TIK
790 6.2. 0300- USA: WPRV Providence RI. In the jam of the frequency weak ID.
920 14.2. 0500- CAN: CFRY Portage la Prairie MB. TIK Editoi
920 5.2. 2159- USA: WHJJ Providence RI. New one. “Newsradio 9-20 WHJJ, Providence”. 920 kHz has been treasure box: 6 NA, 1 CA & 2 SA heard. TIK
930 5.2. 2159- USA: WPKX Rochester NH. Call sign was buried to QRM but clear “in Rochester, 930 AM Fox Sports Radio”, “iHeart Radio” and ad area code 603 convinced me. Heard below CFBC just in the local sunset. TIK
1020 14.2. 0259- USA: WURN Kendall FL. “This is WURN 10-20, Kendall, Florida”.
1050 14.2. 0200- CAN: CHUM Toronto ON. TSN. TIK
1060 5.2. 2159- USA: WQOM Natick MA. “The station of cross” good loud signal just before local sunset. Probably still daytime 50 kW.
1120 14.2. 0500- USA: KMOX St. Louis MO. TIK
1140 14.2. 0500- CAN: CHRB High River AB.
1140 6.2. 0300- USA: WQBA Miami FL. Also 7.2. with exactly same programme.
1160 5.2. 2200- USA: WABY Mechanicsville NY. Comes up with daytime power from the noise just after 2200Z, which was almost 15 minutes before local sunset.
1260 5.2. 2159- USA: WMKI Boston MA. King of the QRG this time. Radio Disney + local IDs. Very loud later at night.
1280 13.2. 0500- BER: VSB2 BBN, Hamilton. “BBN WYFQ FM Wadesboro”. Finally 100% iD.
1300 5.2. 2200- USA: WJDA Quincy MA. In Portugues programme English ID: “You are listening to WJDA 13-00 AM Quincy Massachusetts”. Probably daytime power also here.
1320 5.2. 2159- USA: WDER Derry NH. So loud that most likely another daytime power station.
1320 6.2. 0200- USA: WLQY Hollywood FL. TIK
1320 14.2. 0500- USA: WLQY Hollywood FL. “This is WLQY, Hollywood, Miami”. TIK
1360 7.2. 0328- USA: WKAT North Miami FL. Now for a while with good signal with ads. After them call ID.
1490 5.2. 2200- USA: WBAE Portland ME. TIK


750 13.2. 0101- CUB: CMNC R Progreso, Palmira. “RP”. TIK
820 6.2. 0359- CUB: CMCA Radio Ciudad de La Habana, Arroyo Arenas, CH. Paradise now QRT and gives room for other stations.
830 7.2. 0401- DOM: R HIJB, Santo Domingo. Now better ID than in November.
830 13.2. 0300- DOM: R HIJB, Santo Domingo. Fine IDs at this time.
840 12.2. 0503- PNR: HOL80 R Nacional de Panama. “Nacional FM” now second time here. At midnight played Panama himno.
860 8.2. 0605- CUW: PJZ86 R Curom, Willemstad. Good signal with a jingle which was hard to understand. I listened to web audio and there one similar kind of jingle was played. Then Patrik, PW got it: they say “peejii z 8-6“. Now I understood also that I heard this station (as UNID) already on the 22nd Oct. Curom was heard weakly still at 0730Z. [.997]
860 6.2. 0000- KNA: VON R, Charlestown. “V-O-N Radio“.
890 7.2. 0328- UNID. Dominican artists Leslie Grace, Grupo Wasabi and Karlos Rose played but this station is not on split like DOM in the frecuency should be! 2-3 stations here, at least Radio Galeon, perhaps PNR too.
1140 7.2. 0402- CUB: CMBF R Musical Nacional, Villa Clara.
1150 7.2. 0500- CUB: CMKX R Bayamo, Entronque Bueycito. Also 12.2. 0200Z.
1240 14.2. 0402- DOM: HIC26 R María de La Altagracia, Santo Domingo. Bells and avemaria.
1350 14.2. 0600- PNR: HOZ38 BBN Panamá, Panamá. Kera Ciudad del Marin. TIK
1470 14.2. 0558- PNR: HO.. La Primerisíma, Panamá. .001]. TIK
1560 18.2. 0532- PNR: HO… R Adventista de Panamá, Panamá.


560 12.2. 0533- EQA: HCRN2 C.R.E. Satelital, Guayaquil. TIK
590 12.2. 0602- CLM: HJCR W Radio, Medellín. TIK
600 13.2. 0601- CLM: HJHJ Radio Libertad, Barranquilla.
610 12.2. 0529- CLM: HJKL La Carinosa, Bogotá.
640 12.2. 0300- VEN: YVQO Unión R, Puerto La Cruz. TIK
660 12.2. 0530- CLM: HJJM Radio Auténtica, Cali. TIK
660 13.2. 0533- PRU: OCX4R R La Inolvidable, Lima.
680 12.2. 0602- VEN: YVQR R Continente, Cumana. TIK
700 6.2. 0659- EQA: HCRS2 R Sucre, Guayaquil. Also 12.2.
710 12.2. 0530- CLM: HJNX R Red RCN, Medellin. In Autumn this had a big split. Now near nominal (maybe .997)
730 12.2. 0600- PRU: OAX4G RPP Noticias, San Isidro, Lima.
760 12.2. 0605- PRU: OBZ4X Radiomar Plus, Lima.
770 8.2. 0532- CLM: HJJX RCN Bogotá. “Nocturna de RCN, La Radio” and Tropicola ad.
780 12.2. 0605- PRU: OAX4X Radio Victoria, Lima.
850 11.2. 0528- EQA: HCVS2 R San Francisco, Guayaquil. “San Fransisco, 8-50 AM, un radio …” [.002] Also 13.2. 0659Z.
920 19.2. 0100- PRG: ZP1 R Nacional del Paraguay, Asunción.
930 12.2. 0558- PRU: OAX4E R Moderna, Lima. No own ID but relaying Chiclayo based church “Iglesia Pentecostal La Cosecha” programme. Few minutes very loud.
950 11.2. 0500- CLM: HJFN Caracol Colombia, Pereira.
960 13.2. 0502- CLM: HJHN Caracol, Magangué. “Caracol Radio”.
960 12.2. 0558- PRU: OAX4D Radio Panamericana, Lima. “Hifi-quality”
990 12.2. 0559- PRU: +OBX4J R Latina, Lima. Below UK stn first Peru anthem then ID: “Radio Latina, Latina, 9-90, La Poderosa” (tnx JPR and PÄ).
1000 13.2. 0100- CLM: HJAQ RCN, Cartagena. “…HJAQ RCN…”.
1010 13.2. 0401- CLM: HJCC Acuario Estéreo, Santa Fé de Bogotá.
1010 14.2. 0600- CLM: HJJR Caracol, Neiva. TIK
1020 11.2. 0601- VEN: YVMX R Continente, Maracaibo. TIK
1050 13.2. 0131- CLM: HJBB Caracol R, Valledupar. TIK
1060 7.2. 0158- CLM: HJLY R Delfín, Riohacha. TIK Editoi
1070 7.2. 0528- CLM: HJCG Q’hubo Radio – R Santa Fé, SF de Bogotá. TIK
1130 12.2. 0600- VEN: YVRL R Ideal, Maiquetia. TIK
1160 11.2. 0600- CLM: HJOC Fuego A.M, Bogotá. TIK
1200 11.2. 0401- B: ZYH585 R Clube Fortaleza CE. [.005]
1200 21.2. 0403- B: ZYH585 Rádio Ceará Clube, Fortaleza CE. [.033] Also Brasil 1120, 1270, 1280, 1349.958, 1369.922, 1460, 1520 and 1540. TIK
1250 6.2. 0259- CLM: HJOK Emisoras ABC, Barranquilla. 100th heard MW CLM.
1300 21.2. 0401- B: ZYH568 R Iracema, Fortaleza CE. [.985].
1310 13.2. 0401- CLM: HJAK La Voz de la Patria, Barranquilla. [.677]. TIK
1350 6.2. 0503- EQA: HCVP2 Teleradio 13-50 AM Digital, Guayaquil. TIK
1450 7.2. 0558- CLM: HJNL La Cariñosa, Manizales. Local ID. New split: [.024]. TIK
1480 11.2. 0559- CLM: HJTZ RCN Antena 2, Bucaramanga. TIK
1520 21.2. 0359- B: ZYH611 R Sant’Ana, Tianquá, CE. Rede Aparecida -px with address to Sao Paolo (tnx JEÖ). TIK
1520 21.2. 0402- B: ZYH635 R Regional de Ipú, Ipú CE. Rough audio [.002]. TIK
1560 7.2. 0601- CLM: HJXZ Santa Maria de la Paz R, Medellín. Also 1400 Mariana and 1570 Bethel

The latest QSLs – Grenada and rare US QSLs

March 14, 2014 By: admin Category: DX-listening, QSL

I am behind with reception reports (2 months) and the listening of files (1 month) because I travelled two weeks in Argentina and Uruguay. I had my world radio with me, but unfortunately I had very little time to listen to bands. In Buenos Aires our hotel was few blocks from RNA 870 AM office and in Montevideo I spotted the office of Radio SODRE. But here are my latest QSLs:

-. WHBY Kimberly WI 1150 kHz
Steve Brown, Director of Broadcast Engineering confirmed with DOC-QSL and JPG-photo 9 months after my email to the station. Better later than never, thanks Steve! Edit: I found that Steve already sent me a short email in March, so this was an extra QSL.

616. WMMN Fairmont WV 920 kHz
This was a cool catch. As far as I know this has been heard in Finland only by HN in October 2013 (in Southern Finland). This was heard “accidently” when I was checking new Panama station logged by PK. Radio Mía identified few minutes after WMMN. I got v/s info from Hannu and then Mark Thompson, Founder/Owner VP of Operations Spectrum Radio Group LLC replied to me quickly.

617. WNNZ Westfield MA 640 kHz
Another very cool QSL. This is not even mentioned here in my blog before as I heard it on the 6th of February. This station has not been heard in Finland before afaik. Chuck Dube, CPBE, Chief Engineer of New England Public Radio, who is a radio amateur (W1CLD) like me (OH1NOA), replied quickly and later send me some material via snail mail too. Chuck even knows some Finnish DXers and has visited at YLE in Helsinki. Certainly this will be very high in my all time QSL top list!

618. Harbour Light, Carriacou 1400 kHz
Harbour Light is very common station but somehow I have not sent me a reception report before. Now I did it and Randy Cornelius replied quickly. Grenada was a new country confirmed.

619. YVNE R Uno, Caracas 1340 kHz
I have heard this YV station 3 times: twice in December and once in January. Carolina Martínez P., Directora General de Administración replied to my email. QSLs from Venezuela are difficult to get!

620. HJKM Emisora Mariana, Bogotá 1400 kHz
The most commong SA station on 1400. Helen Bautista replied in 2 days.

621. HJCS La Voz de Bogotá 930 kHz, 622. HJKN Radio Única, Bogotá 1280 kHz and 623. Radio Cordillera, Bogotá 1190 kHz
Yaned Caro, Coordinadora Administrativa, TODELAR Bogota confirmed all of these (thanks for v/s info to PEH). LV de Bogotá and Cordillera are very common stations, Única is a bit more difficult to hear and I have heard it only once.

624. HJJD NSE Radio, Medellin 1380 kHz
This was quite good catch in December but I heard it again in March. NSE headquarters in Spain confirmed my reception via Facebook.


WNNZ antennas (tnx W1CLD)

The log 3.2.-5.2.2014

February 18, 2014 By: admin Category: BC-stations, DX-listening

The first weeks of February were very interesting propagation-wise. I am still listening to the 6th Feb files, so lots of files to listen.

North America

560 4.2. 0400- USA: WQAM Miami FL. Also WIOD 610 loud.
590 5.2. 2359- USA: WEZE Boston MA. New one for me. Here below VOCM but later dominant with a programme sponsored by Amazing Grace Ministry.
650 5.2. 0702- USA: WSM Nashville TN. Trinity River Band in studio.
700 5.2. 0400- USA: WLW Cincinnati OH. “Newsradio 700 W-L-W, Cincinnati”. Later in the frequency also tentative Radio Sucre.
750 5.2. 0332- USA: WSB Atlanta GA.
790 5.2. 0200- USA: WAXY South Miami FL.
850 4.2. 0500- USA: WFTL West Palm Beach FL.
890 5.2. 0700- USA: WLS Chicago IL.
920 4.2. 0559- USA: WDMC Melbourne FL. Alone.
920 5.2. 0258- USA: WMMN Fairmont WV. FSR. I was checking a new Panana station which PK logged here. Suprisingly I heard this rare WV-stn with a weak ID “Fox Sports Radio, 920 AM WMMN Fairmont”. The local ad to Fairmont before this confirmed the identification. Replied to my reception report quickly.
940 3.2. 0500- USA: WINZ MIami FL. “The Sports Animal”.
1060 4.2. 0600- USA: WQOM Natick MA.
1240 4.2. 0600- USA: WMMB Melbourne FL. “…12-40 and 13-50 WMMV”.
1270 4.2. 0500- CAN: CJCB Sydney NS.
1290 4.2. 0500- USA: WJNO West Palm Beach FL.
1310 5.2. 0700- USA: WLOB Portland ME.
1520 3.2. 0459- USA: KOLM Rochester MN.

Central America

840 5.2. 0502- CUB: CMHW Doblevé, Santa Clara.
920 5.2. 0301- PNR: HOS56 R Mía, Los Santos. Tnx to PK for finding this. Played a song of “Mi Banda El Mexicano”. After it an ID when USA was down here.
1070 4.2. 0500- CUB: CMAM R Guamá, Guane.

South America

570 5.2. 0630- CLM: HJND Señal Radio Colombia, Bogotá.

CQ WPX RTTY Contest 2014 @OH4A

February 13, 2014 By: admin Category: Uncategorized

I work CQ WPX RTTY contest from the station of Jukka, OH6LI with a club call OH4A.


Call: OH4A
Operator(s): OH1NOA
Station: OH4A

Class: SOAB HP
Operating Time (hrs): 30
Radios: SO2R

Band QSOs
80: 275
40: 416
20: 770
15: 595
10: 196
Total: 2252 Prefixes = 788 Total Score = 5,332,396



Thanks to Jukka, OH6LI for the opportunity to operate this contest from his fine
station. The station worked very well. Propagation was below normal and bands
went up and down quite rapidly. Low bands provided very little DX.

Despite of tricky condx, this score is above the current Finnish SOAB record.

73, Timo OH1NOA


Stations heard 26.1. – 2.2.2014

February 13, 2014 By: admin Category: BC-stations, DX-listening

A bit slowish time between the 26th of Jan and the 2nd of Feb, but I haven’t logged all the stations I’ve heard before during the season.

North America

680 29.1. 0458- USA: WRKO Boston MA.
890 30.1. 0459- USA: WAMG Dedham MA. “La Mega”
920 31.1. 0400- CAN: CKNX Wingham ON.
930 29.1. 0429- CAN: CFBC St. John NB. CJYQ’s tower has been collapsed so CFBC dominates now. Below is another NA, maybe WBEN?
930 31.1. 0400- USA: WDLX Washington NC. 2nd time for “Pirate Radio”.
1160 31.1. 0400- USA: WYLL Chicago IL.
1180 31.1. 0400- USA: WHAM Rochester NY.
1450 30.1. 0700- USA: WPGG Atlantic City NJ.
1460 31.1. 0700- USA: WDDY Albany NY. New one.
1670 1.2. 0500- USA: WPLA Dry Branch GA.
1700 27.1. 0503- USA: WJCC Miami Springs FL. TIK

Central America

1060 30.1. 0400- CUB: CMDL R 26, Matanzas. This has been very common lately, when ever there is propagation to Cuba.
1320 26.1. 0301- PTR: WSKN R Isla, San Juan PR.
1390 26.1. 0301- PTR: WISA Isabela PR. TIK