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The latest QSLs

April 15, 2015 By: admin Category: DX-listening, QSL

Few new QSLs arrived. I have also now f/upped some old FM-reports from 2013 and got some replies. Next I will do same with 2014. Also Aihkiniemi unlistened files are still plenty.

794. SER Radio Segovia 1602 em 0d v/s David Matarranz Casado, Director de Marketing y Desarrollo
795. Wǔhàn Rénmín Guǎngbō Diàntái, Xīnwén Guǎngbō, Qianjiang 1242 em 0d
796. Wǔhàn Rénmín Guǎngbō Diàntái, Xīnwén Guǎngbō, Chibi 1251 em 0d
797. Wǔhàn Rénmín Guǎngbō Diàntái, Chángjiāng Jīngjì Guǎngbō Diàntái, Wǔhàn 1125 em 4d
798. DZEM Quezon City 954 via Facebook
799. Radio Taiwan International, Minhsiung 1206 QSL via snailmail
800. HJDA Radio Auténtica, Medellín 1260 em 0d v/s Jose Raul Hernandez Echavarria
-. SR1 Europawelle 88.00 2d em v/s Margit Rutz, Redaktionsassistenz f/up
-. ČRo Region-Vysočina, Jihlava/Strážník 87.90 0d em v/s Milan Kopecký, editor
801. France Bleu Alsace 101.40 0d em v/s Patrick Genthon, Grand Reporter

(Numbering is one lower than before because I removed one old dublicate from 1980s).

Radio propagation has still been lousy. Some openings to Peru but not much to talk about.



QSLs arrived – two new countries confirmed!

March 17, 2015 By: admin Category: DX-listening, QSL

Slowly but anyhow steadily QSLs arrive. I was two weeks on vacation in Puerto Rico and New York, so I haven’t sent much reports lately.

778. DZEC Radyo Agila, Quezon City 1062 via Facebook
779. DWCM Aksyon Radio, Dagupan City 1161 via Facebook
780. WSPD Toledo OH 1370 em 0d v/s Scott Sands
781. WLQR Toledo OH 1470 em 4d v/s Rick Hood, Chief Engineer, Cumulus Toledo/Monroe
782. KXTG Portland OR 750 em 3d v/s Noah Homsley
783. KDTH Dubuque IA 1370 em 0d v/s Tom Parsley, GM
784. WDND South Bend IN 1620 em 0d v/s Bob Henning, Chief Engineer
785. WXYT Detroit MI 1270 em 0d v/s James Powers
786. ZNS1 R Bahamas, Nassau 1540 em, QSL-doc 0d v/s Vivian V. Arnett NEW COUNTRY, BAHAMAS!
787. YVRH R Nacional de Venezuela, Ciudad Guayana 560 via Facebook
788. YVKA R Nacional de Venezuela, Caracas 630 via Facebook
789. Radio Nacional de Venezuela, Güigüe 650 via Facebook
790. Radio Nacional de Venezuela, Barcelona/Guri 1310 via Facebook
791. YVSV R Nacional de Venezuela, Acarigua 1370 via Facebook
792. R Nacional de Venezuela, Mérida 1560 via Facebook
793. OAX4X Radio Victoria, Lima 780 via Facebook 12months, v/s Serveleón Juan Alberto
794. Voice of Guyana, Georgetown 560 em 2d v/s Michella Abraham-Ali, Assistant Manager Radio NEW COUNTRY, GUYANA!

Voice of Guyana

Voice of Guyana

The latest QSLs

February 07, 2015 By: admin Category: DX-listening, QSL

Propagation is still lousy. Some hope during the last nights with openings to Colombia. No new ones anyway.

770. SER Radio Castilla de Burgos 1287 em 17d v/s Ángel Benito del Álamo
771. esRadio, Las Palmas 1008 em 0d v/s José Ramirez Perera, Departemento Técnico
772. CBI Sydney NS 1140 em 0d v/s Denise Wilson, Managing Director
773. WNTD Chicago IL 950 em 3d v/s Rose Schauer
774. CKHJ Fredericton NB 1260 em 0d v/s Pat Brennan, General Manager
775. KGDD Oregon City OR 1520 em 0d v/s Amador S. Bustos, President, BUSTOS MEDIA HOLDINGS
776. WSPD Toledo OH 1370 em 0d v/s Scott Sands
777. XERF Cd. Acuña 1570 via Facebook



QSL update

January 23, 2015 By: admin Category: Uncategorized

Propagation has still been lousy (except last week some NA, no new ones except CHRF 980), but few QSLs have arrived, mainly for the reports of AIH40:

756. SER Radio Rioja 1179 em 2d v/s Javier Cermeño Davalillo, Director
757. SER Radio Jaen 1026 em, audioclip 4d v/s Antonio Gómez Sabariego, Administrador
758. Antena 1 720 em 2d v/s Paula Carvalho (Portugal!)
759. KTWG Agana 801 em 0d v/s Leilani Dahilig (Guam on MW!)
760. KSUM Fairmont MN 1370 em 0d v/s Mark Persons, W0MH
761. KBUF Holcomb KS 1030 em 13d v/s James Janda, Program Director
762. WAYY Eau Claire WI 790 em 11d v/s Rick Roberts, Operations Manager
763. WCUB Two Rivers WI 980 QSL-card
764. CHOK Sarnia ON 1070 em 13d v/s Lee Michaels
765. CKPC Brantford ON 1380 em 0d v/s Mike Rose, Program Director
766. CKYL Peace River AB 610 em v/s Kent Schumaker, Operations Manager
767. KXNO Des Moines IA 1460 QSL-card
768. CHRF Montréal QC 980 em 0d v/s Yvan Ruel, Coordonnateur de projet
769. KEZW Aurora-Denver CO 1430 em 0d v/s Rick Crandall, Program Director
-. NPO Radio 2 88.00 4,5m em v/s Emma Willems


December QSLs

December 27, 2014 By: admin Category: QSL

Steady flow of QSLs have arrived after I started to send AIH40-reception reports out. Asia-side has been bad but few nice AK/USA/CAN-verifications have arrived. Currently answer-% of NA stations is about 35 %. It is less than expected.

734. WIBA Madison WI 1310 em 4d v/s Kurt Peterson, Director of Sales
735. CJCL Toronto ON 590 em, mp3 3d v/s Rick Dal Falla, Director, Engineering Toronto Radio
736. KCKK Littleton CO 1510 em 0d v/s Janice A Hunt
737. KBGG Des Moines IA 1700 em 0d v/s Robert Rees, AM Drive Host
738. KCAM Glennallen AK 790 em 0d v/s Michelle Eastty, Program Director
739. WSB Atlanta GA 750 em 0d v/s Charles Youngs, Manager of Operations
740. KKAA Aberdeen SD 1560 em 3d v/s Jennifer Burkhiser, Director of Compliance & Public Affairs
741. KREL Colorado Springs CO 1580 em 2d v/s Roger Cridlebaugh
742. WSCR Chicago IL 670 em 7d v/s Ashley Fields, Director of Marketing and Integrated Marketing/Events
743. KSAL Salina KS 630 em 0d v/s Todd M. Pittenger, News Director
744. KMA Shenandoah IA 960 em 0d v/s Mark Eno, General Manager
745. KICY Nome AK 850 em 0d v/s J. Dennis Weidler, KL1OE, General Manager
746. KSKO McGrath AK 870 em 0d v/s Mike Lane
747. KNX Los Angeles CA 1070 em 4d v/s Howard, Marketing&Promotions
748. KZPA Ft. Yukon AK 900 em 0d v/s Vicky Thomas, Office Manager
749. PJZ86 Radio Curom, Willemstad 860 em 0d v/s David Clementina (tnx JOB!) — NEW COUNTRY, CURACAO!
750. HRVC La Voz Evangélica, Choluteca 1140 em 3d v/s Hno. Venancio Mejía, Gerente f/up — possible FFF
751. HRVC La Voz Evangélica, Tegucigalpa 1390 em 3d v/s Hno. Venancio Mejía, Gerente f/up
752. YVNM Caribeña Mil AM, Morón 1000 em 2d v/s Yaneirys Gonzalez (tnx JEÖ!)
753. HJZO Señal Radio Colombia, Barranquilla 680 em 0d v/s JOSÉ CARLOS MEJÍA ASSERIAS, Coordinador de Proyectos Especiales
754. HJTY La Voz del Carare, Vélez 1410 via Facebook
755. Free Asia via HLKX FEBC, Seoul 1188 em 1d v/s Byungsuk Choi, Web Editor Supervisor


New QSLs

December 06, 2014 By: admin Category: BC-stations, DX-listening, QSL

I am quite busy with AIH40-files but some reception reports have been sent out already. Here are my new QSLs since the last update:

- BBC Radio Cumbria 96.50
719. HJD90 Señal Radio Colombia, Uribía 610
720. WFAU Gardiner ME 1280
721. WDRC Hartford CT 1360 f/up
722. CHHA Toronto ON 1610 f/up
723. KNOM Nome AK 780
724. WNAX Yankton SD 570
725. KSCJ Sioux City IA 1360
726. KRNT Des Moines IA 1350
727. WZTI Greenfield WI 1290
728. KAGV Big Lake AK 1110
729. WGRB Chicago IL 1390
730. WLW Cincinnati OH 700
731. CKNB Campbellton NB 950
732. CFZM Toronto ON 740 f/up
733. WWTC Minneapolis MN 1280

NA stations 720, 721, 722 and 732 were heard in Pori, the others during the AIH40. (Of course CKNB is very common in Pori too but they replied to AIH40-report!)

AIH40 Day 7 – 21.11.2014

November 22, 2014 By: admin Category: Uncategorized

The last full day in Aihkiniemi. Our plan is to leave around midday tomorrow after band dies to USA. Jormas JHT and JM will be AIH41 arriving later on Saturday. This morning we had quite nice opening to Great Lakes and NY area. At the moment I don’t know exactly how long the opening was but at 0600 it was peaking nicely. Eg. 790 WAYY, 910 WSUI, 930 WBEN (Buffalo NY where they had 6 ft of snow, maybe more power for this reason? WWKB was out one night earlier), 950 WNTD, 970 WDCZ (also Buffalo), 980 WCUB and 980 WITY. Later around 11 UTC usual AK stations came in and I was able to get 3 new ones: 790 KCAM, 870 KSKO and 1110 KAGV. Now our AK-id total is 20. There was also a path to Hawaiji and 940 KKNE and 1570 KUAU were identified. Asian direction we have not checked yet.

The job of the day was to remove a temporary 1000 meter, 210 degrees “Gibraltar-antenna” from the woods. It took over 2 hours but we did it! Antenna was important as we got eg. RNE Melilla! The afternoon was spent at Jounila cottage with much needed sauna and shower. During the evening we checked the files, had some beers and enjoyed about foxfires – the second time this week (and only days with clear skies).

Menu and beer of the day: chicken fillet with potatoes and cream, Mikkeller Beer Geek BreAKfast (Alaskan Edition) (to celebrate 20 AKs).



AIH40 Day 6 – 20.11.2014

November 21, 2014 By: admin Category: DX Pedition

Not much radiowise to tell. Aurora borealis was visible last night and it killed some of the propagation for sure. We went after the sunrise to Norway, Kirkenes (to buy lots of expensive beer) and we have not checked much of the files. Seems that there was some propagation to USA in the morning but mostly dominants. Better catches need more investigating. Early morning at 0300 I was recording the band with 160 degrees antenna. Unfortunately no Sudan or Ethiopia were found (so far). So another day with not much to tell. Tomorrow will be our last full day. Maybe we will take off our 210 “Gibraltar” antenna.

Menu and beer of the day: ham cassarole with green side salad, HaandBryggeriet Norse Porter


AIH40 Day 5 – 19.11.2014

November 20, 2014 By: admin Category: DX Pedition

Day 5 was listening all day. For me it mean listening to Day 4 morning 0630z file which took almost one day to go through. That morning was interesting mix of Great Lakes, Midwest and Mexico. Some goodies from Day 4: 570 WNAX, 590 KXSP, 600 WTMJ, 880 KWIP, 1060 KGFX, 1140 KSOO, 1150 KSAL, 1260 WXCE, 1400 KLIN, 1420 KTOE, 1470 KNMQ, 1550 KKOV so even 3 stations from South Dakota. From Mexico I found from these from this one file: 610 XEGS, 740 XECW, 860 XENL, 1030 XEMPM, 1050 XEG, 1260 XEAW and 1320 XECPN.

Last night band was open from Brasil to East Coast but we need to investigate the files more. In the morning Patrik went through West Coast files and found some new AK-stations: 930 KNSA, 1080 KOAN but the absolute highlight was 1500 KHKA Honolulu HI with good callsign identification! Asia didn’t sound particulary strong but we will see the files later. Patrik also snagged some new RNE5-stations.

Menu and beer of the day: pasta with minced meat, Anspach & Hobday The Porter.

Our kitchen. Yes, it is small.

Our kitchen. Yes, it is small.


AIH40 Day 4 – 18.11.2014

November 19, 2014 By: admin Category: DX Pedition

Not much to tell about this day: we mostly checked older files and kept computers running. Possibly propagation is getting better but this day was overall bad – but there might lurk suprises: in the morning at 0630 UTC MW opened to USA and Mexico. Files needs to be checked but there were 3 South Dakota stations 570 WNAX, 1060 KGFX and 1140 KSOO during this opening. Another goodies are 590 KXSP Omaha NE, 600 WTMJ Milwaukee WI and 880 KWIP Dallas OR. The better Mexicans were 610 XEGS, 740 XECW, 860 XENL, 1030 XEMPM. We have not checked Asian files but that direction sounded not so good today. From Iberia got mostly stations from Galicia. There was also Brasil opening in the early night.

We spent the most of light time outside checking the antennas. 13 antenna network in the twilight is a bit confusing. Aihkiniemi’s antennas are coax feeded and starting points are far away from the cottage. The rest of time was spent with the older files, beers and cooking.

Menu and beer of the day: Finnish potatoes with the broiler-onion sauce, Maku Brewing Golden Ale.

Listening room

Listening room

Patrik going to antenna work

Patrik going to antenna work