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FM season 2014 almost done

August 23, 2014 By: admin Category: BC-stations, DX-listening, FMDX, QSL

FM ES season 2014 is almost over, but still yesterday I heard few Balkan stations. Unfortunately all identified stations were sending just music and I IDed them with RDS only. Almost all 2014 FM reception reports are also on the way and I already started follow ups for 2013 FM reports!

Several QSLs have arrived since last post but there has been days when 15 emails have produced 1 or 2 or nothing back. I have now 48 FM QSLs received this year but I have sent some 150 reception reports. Anyhow it seems to be easier to get a QSL on FM than on MW.

699. Radio ERA 87.90 MHz

Ukraine and Russia were not heard much in my QTH this season as my antenna is more or less fixed to south, southwest. To get QSLs from these countries seem to need that you fool around, which I have not tried this year. Radio ERA anyway replied quickly via email in Ukrainian. V/s was Anna Matviyishyna, Head of Public Relations.

700. Radio Canal 3 92.80 MHz

The 4th Swiss station which QSLed! QSL-% has been good as only RSI Rete Uno and Radio BeO have not replied. Salina Zigerli of Radio Canal 3 replied me in a week. This may be FFF as I have not found it from statistics. My 700th station to SDXL Rank!

701. Radio Studio Delta 92.80 MHz

This station I heard one month later. According to my memory, I have also heard this station in 1985 or so. Alberto Emiliani replied quickly.

702. Radio Kerry 97.60 MHz

Irish station. Trevor Galvin, Engineering & IT Manager, replied in 12 days.

703. Radio Globale 102.20 MHz

This was the first time when Radio Globale was heard in Finland with this name. This Pavia station is ex RMC – Radio Monte Carlo, Radio Pavia, Lifegate. Quick email-response.

704. Kurzemes Radio 102.20 MHz

Summer tropo (4th August) gave some nice new stations for me. This is also my first QSL from Latvia on FM, and as such country #27. They replied via Facebook.

705. MDR Jump 105.60 MHz

Meteor scatter QSL! My first one since 1983 when I heard and got QSL from BBC! MDR JUMP hotline replied via emai.

– Manx Radio 97.20 MHz

I have QSL from 1368 kHz, heard already in the 1980s, so not new station for SDXL Rank. Ed Rixon, Broadcast Engineer sent me very nice informative email. He is also radio amateur (GD6XHG).

706. Radio Studio 24 90.80 MHz

This is also very old Italian station and as such, I suppose that I heard it in the mid-80s for the first time. Now they replied in one day via email.

707. Radio Impuls 89.00 MHz

Czech and Slovak stations have been a bit nitty QSLers this season. At least Impuls replied. V/s Pavel Janda, mediální konzultant.


And even more FM QSLs …

August 14, 2014 By: admin Category: BC-stations, DX-listening, QSL

Old wisdom: “if you send reception reports, you will get QSLs”. Dublin Q102 sent me a nice T-shirt. Dublin’s 98 FM sent me a big package: pen, clips, sticker, drink bottle, mouse mat, keyring, earplug phones and shower gap! Thanks.

690. GRRIF 101.20 MHz

This is Swiss local station. They replied via Facebook.

691. RMF – Radio Missione Francescana 91.45 MHz

Enrico Bonisolo, RMF Broadcast Engineer sent me an email, even though he is on vacation.

692. Radio Fiore 92.85 MHz

Email in 4 days.

693. Radio Pilatus 95.60 MHz

My third Swiss FM QSL. Roman Unternährer, Leiter Moderation / Journalist BR emailed first, then their CTO.

694. Antenne Bayern 103.30 MHz

Stefanie Schlammerl, Hörerservice emailed.

695. Radio Margherita 91.80 MHz

Enrico Mosca wrote me in English.

696. Radio Melodiya 89.00 MHz

This is my first QSL from Ukraine on FM. Two emails, the first one from Tatiana Voloshin, Director.

697. Polskie Radio 1, Krosno/Szczawnica 88.00 MHz

Replied suprisingly quickly via email as they didn’t react to my two emails in 2013. This is my first Polish station on FM. I heard few more this season, but this was the first report I sent.

698. Sundsvalls Musikradio 89.70 MHz

Suprise tropo catch. No response to email but they confirmed quickly via Facebook.

antenne bayern

More FM QSLs

August 10, 2014 By: admin Category: BC-stations, DX-listening, QSL

679. KFM Radio, Kildare 97.30 MHz

Clem Ryan, C.E.O./Executive Director wrote: Yes, I can confirm you were listening to Kfm’s Lunchtime programme, presented that day by Mathieu Norry (standing in for regular presenter John Dunne). Quality of your reception was quiet good. Hello to all in Finland: the home of great distance runners!! Let us know if you pick us up again!

680. Radio Fantastica (Piemonte) 89.10 MHz

V/s Simona Giorgi, Ufficio Editiorale told that I had heard them con una eccellente qualità audio.

681. WLR FM 95.10 MHz

Wayne Brown replied.

682. Radio Babboleo 89.00 MHz

This Italian local station replied via email.

683. LM FM 95.50 MHz

Another nice Irish catch. Engineer Eddie Caffrey worked for Radio Rainbow (pirate) between 1985-1988.

684. Radio LatteMiele Lombardia 96.00 MHz

I heard this one with their regional ads. They replied via email quickly.

685. iRadio 106.20 MHz

Irish chain. V/s Leigh Doyle, CEO/Programme Director.

686. RTL 102.5 (Italia) 102.50 MHz

V/s Valentina Iannicelli, Segreteria Direzione News. This RTL is from Italy.

687. Radio Basilica di Verolanuova 91.20 MHz

Nice small Italian local station. V/s Tiziano Cervati.

688. Dublin’s Q102 102.20 MHz

Dave Harrington Afternoon Presenter replied and promised to send me a T-shirt to commemorate my catch!

689. Radio Birikina 91.70 MHz

Also nice local Italian station. Confirmation arrived via email.

I still have some 50 FM reception reports to send. After that I will switch my remote to MW, perhaps in a two weeks.


And more FM QSLs …

August 06, 2014 By: admin Category: BC-stations, DX-listening, QSL

Nice 14 QSLs in 2 days!

667. OBX4J Radio Latina, Lima 990 kHz

Rare catch which suprisingly replied via Facebook.

668. Radio Freiburg 90.20 MHz

Oliver Kempa, Stv. Redaktionsleiter replied and later he interviewed me by phone! My first Swiss QSL on FM.

669. Newstalk 107.00 MHz

The 3rd of July was the super day to Ireland. Plenty of Irish stations from Cork and Dublin were heard. Newstalk was the first to QSL. And new FM-country too! V/s v/s Gerard Whelan / CEO.

670. Radio Veronica One 93.60 MHz

Nice email from this Italian station.

-. RTÉ Radio 1 88.40 MHz

National chain was strong and also QSLed quickly.

-. RTÉ 2 FM 90.60 MHz

-. BBC Radio Solent 96.10 MHz

Previously QSLed on MW and now on FM too.

671. Raidió na Life 106.40 MHz

Station broadcasting in Irish. Muiris Ó Fiannachta, Station Manager replied quickly.

672. Red FM, Cork 105.70 MHz

“Cork’s new RedFM 104-106” and v/s Keith “KC” Cunningham, Programme Director.

673. KCLR 96 FM 96.60 MHz

This was heard on few frequencies. Brian Guilfoyle, Commercial Manager replied.

674. Dublin’s 98 FM 98.10 MHz

Another Dublin catch. V/s Michael Brett, Station Manager/Programme Director.

675. Capital FM North West & North Wales 103.30 MHz

Few stations from Wales were also heard in the 3rd of July. I was lucky get catch Capital FM with local ads to Wales. From this area, Ben Sheppard, Drive Presenter, replied to me.

676. Cork’s 96 FM 96.40 MHz

John Cahill, Head of Engineering 96FM and C103 CORK replied with the long email. John is an old DXer and pirate enthusiast and also written a book called “Two Walls and a Roof”. You can read more from John’s webpage:

677. C103 103.30 MHz

John Cahill verified also this one.

678. WHJJ Providence RI 920 kHz

Short email. I have heard previously WRNI 1290 from this same town.

raidio na life

The first FM QSLs have arrived

August 05, 2014 By: admin Category: Uncategorized

Finally I have done with the reception reports for last season’s MW stations. Unfortunately those South Americans (and some US stations) have been very lazy to answer to me. But now I started with FM reports and I’ve got few nice replays.

659. RNE1 Canarias, Las Palmas 576 kHz

I heard this at my original home QTH in the Christmas Eve of 2012. Now I got v/s info from PW and José Carlos García Montesdeoca, Medios Técnicos de RNE Las Palmas replied quickly.

660. WWNN Pompano Beach FL 1470 kHz

Short email confirmed this station.

661. HCCC5 Ondas Cañaris – R. Universitaria Catolica, Azogues 1530 kHz

One of the best QSLs of the season. Dr. José Antonio Robles Ocampo, Locutor, replied in one day. 14 MW stations from Ecuador heard during the last season but only 3 QSLs got!

662. Radio Fokus 91.60 MHz

Serbian station and my first Serbian QSL on FM! Replied via email.

663. Radio Postaja Kiseljak 92.70 MHz

Nice Bosnian station replied via email quickly.

664. Radio Classique 91.00 MHz

This is a chain station from France. As far as I know they don’t have local pxs or ads. Chloé Salmona, Responsable Communication replied in 3 days.

665. Radio Omega 90.90 MHz

This was nice catch as it is only one tx local station from Montbéliard, near Swiss border. Jean-Philippe Gueutal replied and sent this link. Very handy, you don’t have to write long letters to explain how it is possible to hear the station. Of course, in this case, we are not radioamateurs (although I have call OH1NOA too).

666. France Bleu Gard Lozère 90.20 MHz

QSL was received quickly when I emailed directly to the boss: Fabienne Bureau. Never heard this France Bleu local from Nimes before.

Ondas Canarias