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And even more FM QSLs …

August 14, 2014 By: admin Category: BC-stations, DX-listening, QSL

Old wisdom: “if you send reception reports, you will get QSLs”. Dublin Q102 sent me a nice T-shirt. Dublin’s 98 FM sent me a big package: pen, clips, sticker, drink bottle, mouse mat, keyring, earplug phones and shower gap! Thanks.

690. GRRIF 101.20 MHz

This is Swiss local station. They replied via Facebook.

691. RMF – Radio Missione Francescana 91.45 MHz

Enrico Bonisolo, RMF Broadcast Engineer sent me an email, even though he is on vacation.

692. Radio Fiore 92.85 MHz

Email in 4 days.

693. Radio Pilatus 95.60 MHz

My third Swiss FM QSL. Roman Unternährer, Leiter Moderation / Journalist BR emailed first, then their CTO.

694. Antenne Bayern 103.30 MHz

Stefanie Schlammerl, Hörerservice emailed.

695. Radio Margherita 91.80 MHz

Enrico Mosca wrote me in English.

696. Radio Melodiya 89.00 MHz

This is my first QSL from Ukraine on FM. Two emails, the first one from Tatiana Voloshin, Director.

697. Polskie Radio 1, Krosno/Szczawnica 88.00 MHz

Replied suprisingly quickly via email as they didn’t react to my two emails in 2013. This is my first Polish station on FM. I heard few more this season, but this was the first report I sent.

698. Sundsvalls Musikradio 89.70 MHz

Suprise tropo catch. No response to email but they confirmed quickly via Facebook.

antenne bayern

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