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FM season 2014 almost done

August 23, 2014 By: admin Category: BC-stations, DX-listening, FMDX, QSL

FM ES season 2014 is almost over, but still yesterday I heard few Balkan stations. Unfortunately all identified stations were sending just music and I IDed them with RDS only. Almost all 2014 FM reception reports are also on the way and I already started follow ups for 2013 FM reports!

Several QSLs have arrived since last post but there has been days when 15 emails have produced 1 or 2 or nothing back. I have now 48 FM QSLs received this year but I have sent some 150 reception reports. Anyhow it seems to be easier to get a QSL on FM than on MW.

699. Radio ERA 87.90 MHz

Ukraine and Russia were not heard much in my QTH this season as my antenna is more or less fixed to south, southwest. To get QSLs from these countries seem to need that you fool around, which I have not tried this year. Radio ERA anyway replied quickly via email in Ukrainian. V/s was Anna Matviyishyna, Head of Public Relations.

700. Radio Canal 3 92.80 MHz

The 4th Swiss station which QSLed! QSL-% has been good as only RSI Rete Uno and Radio BeO have not replied. Salina Zigerli of Radio Canal 3 replied me in a week. This may be FFF as I have not found it from statistics. My 700th station to SDXL Rank!

701. Radio Studio Delta 92.80 MHz

This station I heard one month later. According to my memory, I have also heard this station in 1985 or so. Alberto Emiliani replied quickly.

702. Radio Kerry 97.60 MHz

Irish station. Trevor Galvin, Engineering & IT Manager, replied in 12 days.

703. Radio Globale 102.20 MHz

This was the first time when Radio Globale was heard in Finland with this name. This Pavia station is ex RMC – Radio Monte Carlo, Radio Pavia, Lifegate. Quick email-response.

704. Kurzemes Radio 102.20 MHz

Summer tropo (4th August) gave some nice new stations for me. This is also my first QSL from Latvia on FM, and as such country #27. They replied via Facebook.

705. MDR Jump 105.60 MHz

Meteor scatter QSL! My first one since 1983 when I heard and got QSL from BBC! MDR JUMP hotline replied via emai.

– Manx Radio 97.20 MHz

I have QSL from 1368 kHz, heard already in the 1980s, so not new station for SDXL Rank. Ed Rixon, Broadcast Engineer sent me very nice informative email. He is also radio amateur (GD6XHG).

706. Radio Studio 24 90.80 MHz

This is also very old Italian station and as such, I suppose that I heard it in the mid-80s for the first time. Now they replied in one day via email.

707. Radio Impuls 89.00 MHz

Czech and Slovak stations have been a bit nitty QSLers this season. At least Impuls replied. V/s Pavel Janda, mediální konzultant.


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