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Received QSLs

January 18, 2012 By: admin Category: DX-listening, Pirate radio

I have received some email-confirmations from BC radio stations:

Radio Grutte Pier (f.zuidema ät, Holland
Radio Zeewolf International (radiozeewolf ät, Holland, operator is ham too
Scandinavian Weekend Radio (info ät, Finland, v/s Tapani Häkkinen, DX-listener
Radio Black Bird (shortwaveblackbird ät, Holland
Irish Music Radio (imr6930 ät, Ireland
Trans Europe Radio (radiotranseurope ät, Holland
Sluwe Vos Radio (rxreport ät, Holland
Radio Shadow (sw.radioshadow ät, Holland

Scandinavian Weekend Radio is a licensed radio station, others are “free radios”.

I also got Perseus-SDR from Italy on Monday. Hopefully I am able to test it this weekend with real antennas!