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New QSLs since September

December 27, 2016 By: admin Category: DX-listening, QSL

It’s been a while since last QSL-update. So here are the new ones:

Radio Revolten, Halle FFF 1575
Atlantis Radio 1395
AIR Rohtak 873 (real QSL snail mail!)
AIR Jalandhar 1143 (real QSL snail mail!)
CRI Dongfang 603
4QD ABC Emerald, Qld 1548
KHRA Honolulu HI 1460 NEW COUNTRY!
5RN Adelaide SA 729
5AN Adelaide 891
A3Z Radio Tonga, Nuku’alofa 1017 NEW COUNTRY!
Radio Kiribati, Bairiki 1440 NEW COUNTRY!
KNUS Denver CO 710
CJNB North Battleford SK 1050
KUIK Hillsboro OR 1360
CHMJ Vancouver BC 730
KNWC Sioux Falls SD 1270
KSTP St. Paul MN 1510
WXRL Lancaster NY 1300
WMT Cedar Rapids IA 600
KNZZ Grand Junction CO 1100
WGR Buffalo NY 550
KCMO Kansas City MO 710
WHAM Rochester NY 1180
KGNU Denver CO 1390
KXTL Butte MT 1370
KIAM Nenana AK 630
KFEQ St. Joseph MO 680
WSBT South Bend IN 960
KLO Ogden UT 1430
WFDF Farmington Hills MI 910
KPTY Waterloo IA 1330
WBZ Boston MA 1030
CMKC Radio Revolución, Mayari Arriba 950 (via Facebook)
CMKC Radio Revolución, Palma Soriano 840
CMKC Radio Revolución, Chivirico, Santiago de Cuba 1190
La Voz del Yuna, Bonao 1670 (via Facebook)
ZYH243 Rádio Imaculada Conceição 1320
LT3 AM 680, Rosario 680 (via Facebook)
HJJZ Radio 3:16, Bogotá 1310 (via Twitter)
CP… Radio Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz 960 (via Facebook)
OAU6D Radio Lider, Arequipa 1260 (via Facebook)
OBZ4H Red Radio Integridad, San Miguel 700 (via email 5 months!)
Radioreggio 101.60


New season and some QSLs

September 18, 2016 By: admin Category: BC-stations, FMDX, QSL

New MW season has started. So far not much to talk about except on the 30th of August, when I had quite good lowband opening to Ecuador. We have also booked Aihkiniemi for December (2 weeks) with PW.

Carillon Radio 1431 from PETA6-dxpedition (with PW in August), much more rare than on 1386
LBC Radio 1152 also PETA6
DYRD Tagbilaran City 1161
CRI Yuanhucun (Hutubi) 1521
KGTL Homer AK 620
KZNS Salt Lake City UT 1280
KWKY Des Moines IA 1150
KJRB Spokane WA 790
KXEL Waterloo IA 1540
KGA Spokane WA 1510
CMLM Radio Libertad, Puerto Padre 1350
XET Monterrey NL 990
XENL Monterrey NL 860
Radio Fe y Alegría, Maracaibo 850
CB76 Radio Cooperativa, Santiago 760
Radio Morena, Guayaquil 640
Radio Cardinal, Asunción 730 ** NEW COUNTRY, PARAGUAY! **
Studio B SRB 100.80
Radio Luna SRB 103.60
Europa FM ROU 105.80
Radio AS FM SRB 107.90
Radio AS Šabac SRB 101.20
SRo 2 Rádio Regina Banská Bystrica SVK 101.50
Gradski Radio Osijek HRV 99.10
SRo 3 Rádio Patria SVK 106.20
Hrvatski Radio Vukovar HRV 107.20
Hrvatski Katolički Radio HRV 103.90
Radio Somes ROU 103.40
Rádio Rocková republika SVK 106.30
MTVA MR3 Bartók Rádió HNG 107.30
MTVA Dankó Rádió HNG 101.20
Popolare Network via Radio Città I 97.80



Arrived QSLs – FM it is

July 14, 2016 By: admin Category: DX-listening, QSL

FM season has brought some QSLs. I am still going through the 8th of June files so I have some “backlog” with my reception reports. MW-QSLing has been quiet even I’ve sent a couple of follow-ups.

AIR Dibrugarh 567 via Facebook
6ABN Busselton WA 1629 em 3d v/s Paul Kochanski, Radio Production Co-ordinator f/up
KIHH Eureka CA 1400 em 0d v/s James Tejada, Operations Technician
Radio Luz del Mundo 1560
San Marino Classics SRM 103.20
AFN Kaiserslautern “The Eagle” D 100.20
Oui FM F 88.40
hr1 D 94.40
Ouï FM La Radio de la Mer F 88.40 (same tx but with the sub-programme, for the future use…)
Fusion FM F 94.30
BBC Radio Suffolk G 103.90
Radio SCOOP F 91.30
LFM (Lausanne FM) SUI 89.10
COB’FM F 92.70
Radio Focus (Bulgaria) BUL 89.00
Radio Caroline F 90.80
Radio Vaticana 105 Live CVA 105.00
Radio Company Campania I 88.40
Nostalgie Belgique BEL 92.30
SWR4 Baden-Württemberg D 91.10
Radio Megaton HRV 104.90
Radio Voce della Speranza Roma I 104.80
Radio Velkaton BIH 107.00
Radio Alta I 94.60
Val202 SVN 94.10
Radio Record I 93.70
Radio Campus Troyes, Troyes F 88.70
SRo 1 Rádio Slovensko SVK 91.20
Bluradio Veneto I 88.70
Play Radio SRB 92.50



FM f/up QSLs

April 23, 2015 By: admin Category: DX-listening, QSL

Propagation has been lousy lately (again) and I have mainly listened to Aihkiniemi DX-pedition’s Asia-files.

801. OAU4B Radio Capital, Lima 1470 em 0d v/s Trujillano Guimaray, Luis f/up (after the last post I noticed that I have France Bleu Alsace already on MW QSLed)
802. COPE Jaen 1143 em 2d
803. Radio Istra 96.90 1d em v/s Adriana Jovičić f/up
– BBC Radio York 103.70 1d em v/s Matt Foster, Deputy Editor f/up
804. Free Radio, Prijedor 105.70 1d em f/up
805. NRG FM 88.1 88.10 0d em f/up
806. SRo 3 Radio Devín 88.70 0d em v/s Makýšová Andrea f/up (new country!)
807. Radio Tok FM 89.20 0d em v/s Kamila Ceran, Editor-in-chief f/up
808. Radio Europa FM 89.30 0d via Facebook f/up
809. Radio Skellefteå 89.70 0d em v/s Berth Gustafsson f/up
810. TSF Jazz 90.20 30714 0d em v/s Benoît SIMON f/up
811. Kiss Hády 89.00 270714 2d em v/s Jan Zběhlík, Technik f/up
812. Radio Padania Libera 91.10 0d em v/s Cesare Bossetti f/up
813. Rire et Chansons 91.10 1d via Facebook
814. RTL2 91.20 0d em v/s Tiphaine Delangle f/up

Free Radio


QSL update

January 23, 2015 By: admin Category: Uncategorized

Propagation has still been lousy (except last week some NA, no new ones except CHRF 980), but few QSLs have arrived, mainly for the reports of AIH40:

756. SER Radio Rioja 1179 em 2d v/s Javier Cermeño Davalillo, Director
757. SER Radio Jaen 1026 em, audioclip 4d v/s Antonio Gómez Sabariego, Administrador
758. Antena 1 720 em 2d v/s Paula Carvalho (Portugal!)
759. KTWG Agana 801 em 0d v/s Leilani Dahilig (Guam on MW!)
760. KSUM Fairmont MN 1370 em 0d v/s Mark Persons, W0MH
761. KBUF Holcomb KS 1030 em 13d v/s James Janda, Program Director
762. WAYY Eau Claire WI 790 em 11d v/s Rick Roberts, Operations Manager
763. WCUB Two Rivers WI 980 QSL-card
764. CHOK Sarnia ON 1070 em 13d v/s Lee Michaels
765. CKPC Brantford ON 1380 em 0d v/s Mike Rose, Program Director
766. CKYL Peace River AB 610 em v/s Kent Schumaker, Operations Manager
767. KXNO Des Moines IA 1460 QSL-card
768. CHRF Montréal QC 980 em 0d v/s Yvan Ruel, Coordonnateur de projet
769. KEZW Aurora-Denver CO 1430 em 0d v/s Rick Crandall, Program Director
-. NPO Radio 2 88.00 4,5m em v/s Emma Willems


New QSLs this week and more log of the week

September 08, 2013 By: admin Category: BC-stations, DX-listening, Utility radio

Since the last QSL-post few new ones have arrived.

563. Ceský rozhlas 2 954 kHz
This was reported as I found out that I don’t have CRo home service QSL. Nice QSL card was in the mail in one month. I think that Ceský rozhlas doesn’t have any local programmes on MW. With QSLs from Radio Dechovka and Country Radio currently no more stations to QSL from Czech.

564. TWR Parakou 1566 kHz
This one was the first QSL from Benin. Email confirmation from TWR.

565. WBCQ Monticello ME 9330 kHz
These guys don’t QSL via email. So I sent them SAE and IRC. QSL-card arrived via mail in one month. This station is audible probably every night.

566. CFRY Portage la Prairie MB 920 kHz
Heard during the great condx of January. Program director Ryan Simpson replied in 2 days. MJ heard this last night in Vaasa!

SDJ Stockholm Radio, Stavsnäs 1674 kHz
This utility station replied quickly even on Saturday. They also sent later a traditional QSL card via mail.

Propagation has been very good after the 2nd of September (which was the peak of condx I suppose). Some highlights found from the files:

North America

1140 7.9. 0200- USA: WQBA Miami FL.
1540 5.9. 0158- USA: KXEL Waterloo IA. Also ZNS and CHIN here.
1540 7.9. 0200- USA: WDCD Albany NY. “15-40 AM WDCD”. Reactivated. Other identified NAs: 1520 WWKB, 1510 WUFC, 1500 WFED, 1410 WPOP, 1360 WDRC, 1310 CIWW, 1190 WLIB, 1130 WBBR, 1050 WEPN, 1030 WBZ, 1010 WINS, 880 WCBS. 1310 WLOB, 1370 WDEA and 1390 WEGP were broadcasting WEEI Red Sox Radio Network. Of course also usual suspects from Eastern Canada were heard.

Central America

640 2.9. 0300- GDL: Guadeloupe 1ère, Point-à-Pitre. Also next night.
740 2.9. 0331- PTR: WIAC 740 La Original, San Juan PR. Also more common 580 WKAQ and 680 WAPA.

South America

590 2.9. 0300- CLM: HJCR W Radio, Medellín. Quite rare CLM. “Doble U Radio”.
610 2.9. 0230- CLM: HJKL La Carinosa, Bogotá.
700 2.9. 0300- EQA: HCRS2 R Sucre, Guayaquil. [699.993].
710 2.9. 0332- CLM: HJNX R Red, Medellin. Big split about [709.905], music px and ID: “Radio Red de RCN …”. Tnx to HK for solving this. I was hoping for more rare catch!
740 3.9. 0300- B: ZYH446 R Sociedade da Bahia, Salvador, BA. Suprsise during these condx (and antenna) [740.007].
770 2.9. 0131- VEN: YVKK R Nacional de Venezuela, Valencia. [770.004] With RCN.
920 6.9. 0202- PRG: ZP1 R Nacional del Paraguay, Asunción. New country for me! Audible quite long with talk programme.
1040 2.9. 0301- CLM: HJCJ/HJUB Colmundo R, Bogotá/Pasto. “Radio Colombia”.
1110 3.9. 0028- VEN: YVQT R Carupano, Carupano. New one for me, no reports on OLL during the last years. Used to be common.
1200 6.9. 2300- B: ZYH585 R Clube Fortaleza CE. [1200.010] Early, later WXKS and CFGO.
1390 3.9. 0229- VEN: YVZA R Fé y Alegría, Caracas. [1389.996] Half hour earlier another station on [1389.998]. Common stations at this night: 730 Melodia, 770 RCN, 930 Bogotá, 940 Maxima, 1070 Santa Fe, 1190 Cordillera, 1340 Amor Estereo.


France Bleu Elsass

August 15, 2013 By: admin Category: DX-listening

536. France Bleu Elsass 1278 kHz
This local programme is easy to hear and I think that they send local announcements all day. It was a bit difficult to find a good email address to them but I was lucky with f/up and Pierre Nuss replied to my email in one day. I am still looking for QSL of France Bleu 107.1 Paris 864 kHz. Last winter I heard also France Info Lyon 603 kHz with local programme but no reply either.

830 WCRN Worcester MA

August 13, 2013 By: admin Category: DX-listening

My follow up round continues:

530. WCRN Worcester MA 830 kHz
I heard WCRN in December and probably in January too. Tony Chavez confirmed my report in 5 minutes by short email message. An hour later Chris Thompson, General Sales Manager also sent a confirmation email.

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QSLs from Canada and Ukraine

August 13, 2013 By: admin Category: DX-listening

Few new QSLs have arrived. Now the consecutive number tells the number of stations confirmed by SDXL Rank rules.

528. CIWW Ottawa ON 1310 kHz
On last season I could hear CIWW 1310 quite often with “13-10 News” slogan. Suprisingly they replied to my f/up for my reception of December very quickly. V/s was Jonathan McGill (News Anchor, Editor and Reporter) who wrote: It is amazing how you were able to pick up the radio transmission. Perhaps the atmosphere was clear that evening and the signal was able to travel far!

529. Ukrainske Radio UR3 “Kultura” 1431 kHz
I sent a f/up report for this station as I didn’t have Ukrainian national radio Home Service confirmed. I have a QSL from Radio Kiev on Shortwaves – that time Kiev was still a part of Soviet Union. Now they mailed me a printed QSL-card in 12 days.

1431 Ukrainske Radio 300912

QSL: All 2013

May 21, 2013 By: admin Category: BC-stations, DX-listening, QSL

I have had time to add every QSL I’ve got to my blog – have received too many 🙂 67 QSLs in 142 days. So here is a basic list what I’ve got in 2013:

LKB / LLE Bergen Kringkaster 1314
Country Radio 1062
NRK Finnmark 153

Free Radio 80s 1017
BBC R Nottingham 1584

RNE1 Extremadura 648
RNE5 Comunitat Valenciana 558

IRIB R Tabriz, Āzarbāijān-e Sharqi 1026
IRIB R Semnan, Semnan 1008
R Ashna, Kabul 1296
VoRussia, Orzu 927
IRIB R Mahabad, Mahabad 882
IRIB R Khorāsān-e Razavi, Mashhad 684

RA Brandon 5995

WARV Warvick RI 1590
CJCB Sydney NS 1270
CJRS Montreal QC 1650
WWVA Wheeling WV 1170
CHIN Toronto ON 1540
CJBK London ON 1290
WTIC Hartford CT 1080
WHIO Dayton OH 1290
CKAC Montréal QC 730
WBBR New York NY 1130
CKOC Hamilton ON 1150
CFMJ Richmond Hill ON 640
CKDO Oshawa ON 1580
WTAQ Green Bay WI 1360
WBT Charlotte NC 1110
CFRB Toronto ON 1010
WZAN Portland ME 970
WJNO West Palm Beach FL 1290
WGVU Kentwood MI 1480
CKSL London ON 1410
CFCO Chatham ON 630
WEAV Plattsburgh NY 960
WLOB Portland ME 1310
WOAI San Antonio TX 1200
WHBY Kimberly WI 1150
CHRB High River AB 1140
WMVP Chicago IL 1000
KKXA Snohomish WA 1520
KRKO Everett WA 1380
CFTR Toronto ON 680
KFNW West Fargo ND 1200
CJME Regina SK 980
CKMX Calgary AB 1060
CJYE Oakville ON 1250
WLQV Detroit MI 1500
WQAM Miami FL 560
CINA Missisauga ON 1650
WAKR Akron OH 1590
WGN Chicago IL 720
WSAU Wausau WI 560
CKSW Swift Current SK 570
WXEX Exeter NH 1540
WAMG Dedham MA 890
WFNN Erie PA 1330
CKLW Windsor ON 800
WRED Westbrook ME 1440

HOQ62 Ritmo Stereo, Chitré 890
R Rebelde 710
R Rebelde, Victoría de las Tunas 770
WAPA San Juan 680
XEQ Bésame AM 940, Ciudad de México DF 940

YVMN R Coro, Coro 780
R Bendita Trinidad, El Alto 1540
R Bendita Trinidad, Tarija 1480