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The 2nd of September, the amazing night to Central and South America

September 05, 2013 By: admin Category: Uncategorized

Mon/Tue night had an amazing opening to west. At first I found some new catches from Columbia and Venezuela but later found out from the files that I also got a super opening to Ecuador and some parts of Caribbean Islands. Finally I had very good IDs from 560 kHz Voice of Guyana, which I have now heard 3 or 4 times. I assume that they have improved their transmitter or antenna. Another new countries were Antigua&Barbuda and Haiti. I am still listening to these files of the night so new stations will be logged. A brief sneak to 3rd of September files show that next night propagation was also very good, but now it seems that the 2nd of September opening was in Top3 in 2013.

I have bolded the most interesting stations.

Central America

800 2.9. 0228- BON: PJB TWR Bonaire. “Esta es Radio Transmundial”. TIK
840 2.9. -0236 HTI: 4VEH La voix évangélique d’Haïti, Cape Haitien. Station sign-of with the national anthem. TIK
1160 2.9. 0229- ATG: Caribbean R Lighthouse, St. John’s. In Online Log no loggings from South Finland. Used to be common station on 1165 kHz. [1159.994]. TIK
1300 2.9. 0300- SXM: PJD-2 The Voice of St.Maarten, Philipsburg. TIK
1480 2.9. 0328- PTR: WMDD Fajardo PR. Used to be one of the most common PTR stations, now quite rare. Thanks for Henrik/HK for solving this slogan: “Esto es: SUBIENDO A LAS ALTURAS por el 14.80”. Call letters WMDD are not used and the station calls itself as “El 14-80” like their website (not “La 14-80”). TIK
1540 2.9. 0200- BAH: ZNS1 R Bahamas, Nassau. I have now heard them three times in 2 weeks. TIK

South America

560 2.9. 0304- GUY: Voice of Guyana, Georgetown. I have heard same male announcer with night music three times but now finally got a very fine station announcement with AM and FM frequencies and the slogan: “VOG – The Caribbean Sound”. TIK
820 2.9. 0301- CLM: HJED Caracol, Cali. TIK
870 2.9. 0304- EQA: HCNY2 R Cristal, Guayaquil. [869.988] Probably rare Ecuador on 850 too. TIK
890 2.9. 0203- CLM: HJPM R Galeón, Santa Marta. This is now a part of CARACOL. TIK
920 2.9. 0302- EQA: HCAB1 R Democrácia, Quito. Thanks for approving this to HK, MTM and PW. TIK
930 2.9. 0100- CLM: HJCS La Voz de Bogotá, Bogotá. Now quite frequently heard. TIK
940 2.9. 0259- CLM: HJGB R Calima, Cali. Tnx PW for approving. ID: “Radio Calima 9-40” [940.012]. 30 seconds later on 940.000 “Maxima 9-40”. TIK
1000 2.9. 0100- CLM: HJAQ RCN, Cartagena. //980. 1320 also “RCN Radio” IDs later. TIK
1020 2.9. 0255- CLM: HJFQ RCN, Pereira. Very busy frequency, software shows 7 carriers. TIK
1030 2.9. 0302- CLM: HJER RCN Antena 2, Cali. This is a rare SA QRG. RCN was close to nominal frequency, below it was another SA. On 1060 was three different SAs on different splits. TIK
1140 2.9. 0201- CLM: HJCL R Panamericana, Girardot. [1139.994] With unidentified SA. TIK
1170 2.9. 0300- CLM: HJNW Caracol, Cartagena. “Caracol Radio”. TIK
1190 2.9. 0128- EQA: HCDE2 UCSG Radio, Guayaquil. Very strong, later Cordillera dominates. TIK
1200 2.9. 0201- CLM: HJNF R Red, Cali. Ex-Super. Also RCN-slogans. Usual suspects heard: 900 Mara Ritmo (super loud), 1070 Santa Fe, 1190 Cordillera, 1230 Calidad, 1370 Mundial, 1400 Mariana, 1520 Libertad. TIK
1300 2.9. 0330- VEN: YVKH R Recuerdos, Caracas. TIK
1360 2.9. 0201- CLM: HJTU R Oxigeno, Cartagena. [1359.951]. TIK
1400 2.9. 0302- CLM: HJLL RCN Antena 2, Santa Bárbara. With Emissora Mariana. TIK
1470 2.9. 0159- CLM: HJNT R Huellas, Cali. [1470.071]. TIK
1470 2.9. 0331- VEN: YVJW Union Radio Cultural, Valencia. [1470.036]. TIK


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