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The 10th of September, another good night

September 13, 2013 By: admin Category: BC-stations, DX-listening

Last two weeks there has been a good or at least fair propagation almost every night. Unfortunately it has been almost every night to Venezuela and Colombia with few decent nights to Ecuador, Cuba and Puerto Rico. So far USA prop has provided mostly old familiar stations from the East Coast but I have now logged 3 new US stations for this season: 610 WIOD Miami FL, 1130 KTCN Minneapolis MN and 1540 WDCD Albany NY. In the 10th of September 1200 KFNW West Fargo ND was a real suprise with very good signal – same time propagation to East Coast was minimal.

The 11th and 12th nights should be quite ok too. My recordings for these nights are still at the listening station.

North America

1200 10.9. 0259- USA: KFNW West Fargo ND. Shocking big signal: “Faith 1200 KFNW AM West-Fargo, Fargo Moorhead”. TIK
1260 10.9. 0259- USA: WSUA Miami FL. English ID in the messy QRG: “WSUA HD …”. TIK

Central America

840 10.9. 0300- CUB: CMKC R Revolución, Palma Soriano. TIK
900 10.9. 0400- CUB: CMKP R Progreso, San Germán. Beating Mara Ritmo. TIK
930 10.9. 0328- CUB: CM.. R Reloj. For the first time here. “R R”. Same night Canadian noticed at 2155z. Reloj also eg. 950 and 960 kHz. TIK
1000 10.9. 0100- CUB: CMNM R Granma, Media Luna GR. TIK
1020 10.9. 0028- CUB: CMAP R Guamá, Bahía Honda PR. Probably already heard at 2300z. Later Reloj too. TIK Editoi
1260 10.9. 0258- PTR: WISO Ponce PR. WAPA-ids. TIK
1350 10.9. 0100- CUB: CMFL R Ciudad del Mar, Aguada de Pasajeros. Yidenys Roca González replied to my winter report. TIK

South America

600 10.9. 0356- CLM: HJHJ R Libertad, Barranquilla. TIK
680 10.9. 0331- VEN: YVQR R Continente, Cumana. “Transmite Radio Continente”. Earlier WAPA dominating, now Continente alone. Split [680.021]. Also hrd 9.9. 0400z. TIK
700 10.9. 0355- VEN: YVMH R Popular, Maracaibo. [700.007]. TIK
1010 10.9. 0128- CLM: HJJR Caracol, Neiva. Infernal splatters from 1008. TIK
1070 10.9. 0202- CLM: HJAH Emisora Atlantico, Barranquilla. “Emisora Atlantico”-jingle. Heard long with a good signal [1070.001]. TIK
1140 10.9. 0302- CLM: HJE67 Caracol Radio, Villavicencio. First time in Finland? TIK
1320 10.9. 0232- VEN: YVWP R Apolo, Turmero. TIK
1380 10.9. 0256- VEN: YVNG Ondas del Mar, Puerto Cabello. TIK
1470 10.9. 0331- B: ZYJ676 R Rondonia, Cacoal (RO). TIK

Other days:

650 8.9. 0302- CLM: HJKH RCN Antenna 2, SF de Bogota. Also 9.9.
700 9.9. 0330- EQA: HCRS2 R Sucre, Guayaquil.
940 8.9. 0331- CLM: HJTL RCN, Cucuta.
1100 9.9. 0400- CLM: HJCN R BBN, Bogotá. TIK
1350 9.9. 0255- CUB: CMLM R Libertad, Puerto Padre.

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