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AIH40 Day 2 – 16.11.2014

November 17, 2014 By: admin Category: DX Pedition

During the second day of the DX-pedition we had a strong M 5.7 flare plus several smaller C-flares. Fortunately it seems that no CMEs happened. The first night of AIH40 started under the minimal opening to Brasil. Later MW band suprisingly opened quickly to North America at 0100 and then again at 0430 UTC (the peak). Latter opening was very interesting with the MidWest/Rocky Mountain-stations. The most interesting ones were 570 KNRS Salt Lake City and 920 KVEL Vernal, both from Utah. Even bigger suprise was Mexico-opening at 0430 UTC. So far we have found 990 XET, 1220 XEB, 1470 XEHI and 1570 XERF from our hard disk.

Unfortunately the morning was poor. USA gone and we didn’t find any stations from CA/SA. Then in the late morning band opened earlier to East than at day one. Japan was very strong, then later China. We have not checked much of those files yet, but the station of the day was 801 KTWG Agana giving the new MW country on Mediumwaves to the both of us. KTWG peaked around 1140 UTC. Later propagation went down and Iran&India was dominating the band. The best catches so far are 1494 IRIB R Khorasan-e Razavi, 1458 IRIB R Khorasan-e Jonubi, Gayen, 981 AIR Raipur adn 1143 AIR Rohtak. But as said, mostly the files are still uninvestigated. Late part of Day 2 had quiet bad propagation. Hopefully they will improve during the day 3.

Menu and beer of the day: pasta with tomate sauce and beef&pork, Dugges Blåbärliner.


Patrik, OH6GDX


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