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AIH40 Day 3 – 17.11.2014

November 18, 2014 By: admin Category: DX Pedition

Temperature has dropped quite a lot recently. In the morning it was still something like -12 C but it has come down to almost zero degrees.

The sun was still active, but only one C-flare today and still no CMEs. Night was quite quiet. Some South America tried to come in, but nothing special found from there so far. We both slept most of the night, I was checking the band frequently between the naps. In the morning around 0430 UTC there was nice opening to Ohio: 1370 WSPD, 1470 WLQR and 1520 WNWT were heard. Another peak was around 0700 UTC with goodies like 1030 KBUF Holcomb KS and 1340 KCBL Fresno CA. Later during the day the band was open to West Coast but our files are uninvestigated. Morning produced also very nice RNE-break with the super catch 972 RNE1 Melilla, Melilla.

The Eastern propagation was again different than the previous days. The start was slow but later Chinese and Indian stations came up with some strong JAs. Evening IB-breaks gave some new ones for us. Some catches: 837 COPE Burgos, 1053 COPE Zaragoza, 1224 COPE Mallorca and 1224 COPE LĂ©rida.

This was also “the cleaning day”. Our cottage does not have running water, but there is a cottage village nearby which has very nice apartments with sauna and shower for our use. Sauna was super!

Sauna in Inari

Sauna in Inari


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