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AIH40 Day 1 – 15.11.2014

November 16, 2014 By: admin Category: DX Pedition

Me and Patrik travelled from Vasa to Aihkiniemi in Inari by car. We had to travel almost 950 km and it took some 12 hours with few stops on the way. We arrived just in time to check propagation on Saturday morning at 0800z, the first “TOH” after sunrise. We had some techinical problems at the start but finally got 4 stations up and running. Weather started very cold: -26 C but it warmed up and we finished day with temperature around -7C.

Two M flares during the day one is not promising start and pedition started with very few signals on Mediumwaves. Finally at 1300 UTC the band opened to Alaska. So far we have found 590 KHAR, 630 KIAM, 650 KENI, 680 KBRW, 700 KBYR, 750 KFQD, 780 KNOM, 920 KSRM and 970 KFBX IDs from the hard disks. We also heard eg. 550 giving ESPN announcements. Around this time band opened breafly also to Japan but then it changed to China and Korea. Almost every channel had one or more stations from CHN/TWN/KOR with good signal strengths. It takes lots of time to solve all of them. Later Iran started come in loud and band went to all Arabic.

Menu and beer of the day: macaroni casserole and CREW Republic Detox.

Aihkiniemi, Partakko, Inari 15.11.2014

Aihkiniemi, Partakko, Inari 15.11.2014


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