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Aihkiniemi Dx-pedition AIH40 approaching!

November 11, 2014 By: admin Category: DX Pedition, DX-listening

Me (TIK, OH1NOA) and Patrik (PW, OH6GDX) will be at Aihkiniemi DX Cabin between the 15th and 22nd of November. Our plan is to arrive early Saturday morning to Aihkiniemi and leave the site 7 nights later. We will be equipped with the regular 13 antennas of Aihkiniemi + one extra antenna pointing to Gibraltar. We will have several Perseus SDR receivers with us, our plan is to record 4 directions same time. Me and Patrik are both all around listeners so we are interested in both Americas and Asia/Oceania and everything between.

This is my first Lappland DX-pedition since 1987 MUD6-pedition to Kaamanen with Raimo Mäkelä. Patrik has once been in Lemmenjoki.

If time permits, I will report about condx on daily basis via this blog.

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