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Stations heard 28.12.13 – 8.1.14

January 13, 2014 By: admin Category: BC-stations, DX-listening

Propagation has been up and down recently. 29th Dec was very good morning to Columbia with 1140 HRVC La Voz Evangélica, Choluteca as a big suprise. 1st Jan was reasonably good but so far the best day in 2014 has been the 7th of January. Highlight that day was 940 HCBZ1 R Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana, Quito.

New improvement for the station has been that I am using now TeamViewer 9 for remote control. I can now listen to Perseus-files over the internet and also listen live.


1107 6.1. 1400- CHN: Xinjiang PBS, Hutubi. “Xinjang Golos Radiostanitsa”.
1116 6.1. 1400- CHN: CNR5 Zhonghua zhi Sheng, Shaowu.
1368 4.1. 1400- IRN: IRIB R Golestan, Gorgan. Own programme with local IDs. Quite different format than other IRIBs. Splitti [.965].
1377 4.1. 1400- CHN: CNR 1. Thanks for MTM’s article, I understang eg. that news are starting: “Zhongguo zhi sheng, yang guang ye xinwen”!

North America

540 1.1. 0704- CAN: CBT Grand Falls NL.
1480 28.12.2013 0628- USA: WLMV Madison WI. “La Movida”.
1500 28.12.2013 0628- USA: WLQV Detroit MI. [.003].
1520 8.1. 0700- USA: WWKB Buffalo NY.
1600 8.1. 0658- USA: WUNR Brookline MA.
1610 30.12.2013 0358- CAN: CHHA Toronto ON. “Radio Voces, Latinas”. New one.
1650 30.12.2013 0402- CAN: CINA Missisauga ON. “16-50 AM, CINA”.
1680 7.1. 0458- USA: WOKB Winter Garden FL. New one.

Central America

950 5.1. 0457- CUB: R Reloj. With CKNB. Reloj also 790, 860 & 930.
1000 5.1. 0459- CUB: CMNM R Granma, Media Luna GR. TIK
1070 5.1. 0500- CUB: CMKS R Trinchera Antimperialista, Guantánamo. After few poor mornings, some TA-condx. Unfortunately quite weak mixed propagation. Trinchera and Reloj same time also on 1020.
1120 7.1. 0000- PTR: WMSW R Once, Hatillo. Almost all night.
1140 7.1. 0300- CUB: CMBF R Musical Nacional, Villa Clara. New Cuban for me! “Radio Musical Nacional transmitiendo desde La Habana, Cuba”. Mielenkiintoiset kelit 7.1.
1140 29.12.2013 0528- HND: HRVC La Voz Evangélica, Choluteca. I noticed this split Spanish [.028] station, which was quite weak and signal had lots of fading. Although split indicated that this is something interesting, I couldn’t figure out anything from this. Then I heard that in Sweden this was identified as Hondurasian with CVC programme “Píldoras y reflexiones”. Again to the file and after careful listening, I found “HRVC”-ID. ID approved by HK & PW, tack!
1570 29.12.2013 0600- GTM: TGVE VEA Voz Evangelica de América, Guatemala. Appearently signing off.

South America

730 7.1. 0531- CLM: HJCU Melodía Stereo, SF de Bogotá. Rebelde was dominating low band.
850 1.1. 0730- VEN: YVZC R Fé y Alegría, Maracaibo. New day’s propagation was up and down, but this was new one.
940 7.1. 0357- EQA: HCBZ1 R Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana, Quito. I heard this few minutes with very nice signal with clear ID. HK approved this also, tnx. They had station promo with Glenn Miller tune (In the mood). Although OLL has no loggings for this, it has been heard back in the days. [.998] Afterwards I heard Glenn Miller tune also 1.1.2014 0302Z.
1020 10.1. 0330- VEN: YVMX R Continente, Maracaibo. 10th Jan some VEN on low band, but no new ones.
1100 7.1. 0300- CLM: HJCN R BBN, Bogotá. With Caracol.
1130 27.12.2013 0637- CLM: HJVA Vida AM, Bogotá.
1140 1.1. 0704- CLM: HJDL R Paisa, Medellin.
1260 29.12.2013 0700- CLM: HJDA R Auténtica, Medellín. Weak on split [.984]. PUL’s log entry helped with ID.
1280 27.12.2013 0633- CLM: HJKN R Única, Bogotá. Quite rare recent years. Below NotiUno [.972].
1300 1.1. 0258- PRU: OAX4S R Comas, Comas. Audio had typical Peru sound. Fine IDs and strong signal few minutes. No other Peru heard!
1310 29.12.2013 0500- B: ZYJ684 R Globo Rondônia, Pôrto Velho.
1310 29.12.2013 0601- CLM: HJAK La Voz de la Patria, Barranquilla. [1309.681].
1330 1.1. 0657- CLM: HJFE RCN Antena 2, Pereira. Good signal. New one. [.003].
1350 1.1. 0700- CLM: HJDS Ondas de La Montaña, Medellín.
1380 29.12.2013 0655-0705 CLM: HJJD NSE Radio, Medellín. This station I was wondering for a long time. WWW-address was given and I thought it is something like “” and this must be Nuevo Tiempo. It made me suspicious as I didn’t notice any other stations from Lima. Then I saw PK’s log entry for NSE Radio and it “opened” this case. It didn’t help that WRTH 2014 lists this with full name (R. Nuestra Señora del Encuentro con Dios).
1520 7.1. 0500- CLM: HJLQ Radio Minuto, Barranquilla. At this point the strongest SA on the band.
1540.5 29.12.2013 0701- PRU: R Turbo Mix AM, Cajamarca. “Turrrrrrbo Mix … aa emme!”.
1550 7.1. 0358- CLM: HJCB R El Sol, Barranquilla. New one from CLM. Radio El Sol- and RCN-IDs. [.000].
1580 7.1. 0358- CLM: HJQZ R Maria, Barranquilla. Lately Radio Maria has had problems with audio. Also Caracol heard.
1580 29.12.2013 0632- CLM: HJRM Caracol Radio, Sincelejo. [.997].


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