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Honduras and Guatemala confirmed

January 12, 2014 By: admin Category: BC-stations, DX-listening, QSL

Christmas and new year clearly were a bit quiet time for QSLing although I sent quite a lot of reception reports. Fortunately some interesting catches arrived:

604. Belorussian Radio 1170 kHz

Anton Vasyukevich, Chief Director sent me an English QSL-letter as an attachment of email. This was also a new country for me – one of those “new” post-1991 countries which I was missing.

605. R Rossii Volgograd 567 kHz

This was a nice suprise. Confirmation arrived in 6 days. I have tried to get a QSL few times before but now they finally replied – and asked me an interwiev via Skype. I replied that unfortunately I can’t speak Russian … So far this is the only one of Radio Rossii local stations which has replied to me. Few others (3-4) which I’ve emailed to recently, have been silent.

606. WRNI Providence RI 1290 kHz

Aaron Read, IT & Engineering Director replied with an email to my second reception report. Read has also an interesting blog.

607. CCI Radio, Tegucicalpa 1300 kHz

Patty de Mejía, Comunicaciones replied with nice email quickly. You can read more about this from my recent blog entry. This was a new country for me.

608. TGVE VEA Voz Evangelica de América, Guatemala 1570 kHz

TGVE “Radio Veea” I heard twice in December. They replied via email in 7 days. Also all time new country for me.


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