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Some additional log for September

October 06, 2013 By: admin Category: BC-stations, DX-listening

I have gone through more files of September. The 23th had one of the best CLM/VEN-openings I’ve had, lots of new and rare stations were heard. Condx started from Colombia after 0300Z and then turned to Venezuela peaking around 0430Z.

South America

620 23.9. 0428- VEN: Radio Libertad 620, Cabimas . I didn’t find any loggins from Finland since 1994. I was listening to nonstopmx station which I suppose was Colmundo Cali but then at 0428 this one peaked and gave very clear and nice IDs. As this was so rare station, I sent my clip to Henrik (HK), who sanctioned it. Station slogan was “Libertad 620, la de siempre”. Now I am working on to get a QSL. TIK
630 23.9. 0428- VEN: YVKA R Nacional de Venezuela, Caracas. Not very common this one either. After BBC and Notiuno faded out, this was audible with ID: “…en Canal Informativo de Radio Nacional de Venezuela”. At local midnight big IDs and national anthem. TIK
660 23.9. 0356- CLM: R Auténtica, Cali. Not a big suprise as I heard W Radio Cali at 690. I don’t know for sure what is a callsign of Auténtica (HJJM, HJJN or HJEZ). Also at 670 had interesting accordion mx station with Rumbos. Unfortunately no IDs between songs. TIK
660 23.9. 0427- VEN: YVNA Ondas de los Medanos, Coro. Alone in the frequency. [659.997]. TIK
700 23.9. 0357- CLM: HJCX W R, Cali. Online log has only one tentative logging. Shouted between records “Doble U Radio”. In the frequency also [.993] probably Sucre and [.007] which was Popular. This is at [700.002]. TIK
920 3.10. 0359- PRG: ZP1 R Nacional de Paraguay, Asúncion. After aurora borealis the band was quite silent. In the upper band few common stations from Peru and then this. This is the second time this season I heard RNP. TIK


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