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The logs between 18th and 26th of September 2013

October 03, 2013 By: admin Category: BC-stations, DX-listening

Propagation has been very good lately. I was away from home one week and I had a remote-QTH recording from the 24th till 1st of October. Unfortunately software had failed after the 26th so I missed the excellent US conditions on the 28th and 29th. After that CME hit the Earth and there was visible aurora in the Southern Finland yesterday evening but it seems that the band is recovering very quickly. All day today Tromso K-index has been 0.

Again I have bolded interesting (for me) stations.


1530 21.9. 0300- ROU: R Constanta. Usually always Pulse 2 ja Actualitci. Also now but also this one. The 26th VOA Pinheira was strong this time. TIK


900 26.9. 0400- E: Radio Popular de Bilbao, Herri Irratia, Bilbao. The strongest this morning. TIK

North America

680 18.9. 0305- CAN: CJOB Winnipeg MB. TIK
800 26.9. 0158- CAN: VOWR St.John’s NL. “Public service announcements” “800 Radio VOWR”. TIK
1160 20.9. 0400- BER: VSB3 Hamilton. The first “identified” Bermuda but unfortunately only BBC WS. The hunt continues on 1450 … TIK
1290 21.9. 0324-0403 USA: WJNO West Palm Beach FL. Also some TLK-stn. A bit earlier on 1320 also FL, because stn was using creole French. And Nothing Compare 2U USA stn on 1340 is most likely WROD. Good FL peak but no luck with IDs. TIK
1440 18.9. 0102- USA: WRED Westbrook ME. “The Jab” WEEI Red Sox Radio Network. TIK

Central America

710 20.9. 0358- CUB: R Progreso. Via Rebelde? TIK
820 18.9. 0400- CUB: R Progreso, Moa. TIK
970 25.9. 0430- VIR: WSTX St. Croix VI. Something I expected to hear: “AM 9-70, W-S-T-X”. Next night few hours earlier. [970.007]. TIK Editoi
1020 18.9. 0359- CUB: CMKS R Trinchera, Guantánamo. In the beginning of this month Cuba was not heard but now they came very well. This is new one. TIK
1050 21.9. 0204- CUB: CMLL R Victoria, Las Tunas, LT. Other Spanish here too. TIK
1060 20.9. 0359- CUB: CMDL R 26, Matanzas. National anthem at midnight. TIK
1060 25.9. 0359- DOM: HIAJ R Amanecer, San Pedro de Macorís. [1060.004]. TIK
1390 23.9. 0402- PTR: WISA Isabela PR. “La Original” on [1389.998] Heard on the 26th with “WISA”-IDs. TIK
1440 21.9. 0233- NCG: Tentative: YNA3MR R Maranatha, Managua. JE hrd this same time in Sweden. Too weak for details here but it is this as the split is [1439.863]. [1409.998] has someone with disturbed audio. HOH700 Radio Mensabé Las Tablas has heard with the bad audio but this one is sending talk programmes. Also hrd it on the 26th. TIK
1480 23.9. 0425- PTR: WMDD Fajardo PR. This season much more common than last winter. Faded out quickly 0430z. TIK

South America

540 22.9. 0448- CLM: HJKA Radio Auténtica, Bogotá. This was listened to “live” Nice signal ½ hr after SR. TIK
610 21.9. 0156- CLM: HJKL La Cariñosa, Bogotá. Also Rebelde and WIOD. TIK
640 26.9. 0425- VEN: YVQO Unión R, Puerto La Cruz. New YV for me. Also eg. 830 Sensación heard + many more common ones. TIK
700 20.9. 0426- VEN: YVMH R Popular, Maracaibo. TIK
740 19.9. 0357- VEN: YVNC CNB 740, Maracaibo. TIK
770 18.9. 0328- VEN: YVKK R Nacional de Venezuela, Valencia. TIK
790 23.9. 0435- VEN: YVKC Radio Venezuela 790, Caracas. TIK
930 23.9. 0358- CLM: HJCS La Voz de Bogotá, Bogotá. TIK
940 23.9. 0400- CLM: HJTL RCN, Cucuta. TIK
950 23.9. 0435- CLM: HJFN Caracol Colombia, Pereira. TIK
960 23.9. 0433- CLM: HJHN Caracol, Magangué. “Caracol Radio” mm. //1170. TIK
960 26.9. 0431- VEN: R Venezuela 960, Acarigua. TIK
1000 26.9. 0425- VEN: YVNM R Caribeña Mil AM, Morón. Last night only time announcements. 3rd new YV of the night. TIK
1020 26.9. 0328- VEN: YVMX R Continente, Maracaibo. 4th new YV! No “Calendario” heard. Busy QRG: Reloj, someone ann. “10-20 AM” and then Alegria at 0401 and 0431Z. TIK
1020 18.9. 0431- VEN: YVTW R Alegría, Chivacoa. TIK
1040 23.9. 0435- CLM: HJCJ/HJUB Colmundo R, Bogotá/Pasto. Also 10 kHz lower RCN Antena 2. TIK
1100 18.9. 0359- CLM: HJCN R BBN, Bogotá. Strong. TIK
1130 19.9. 0400- CLM: HJVA Vida AM, Bogotá.TIK
1130 20.9. 0404- VEN: YVRL R Ideal, Maiquetia. TIK
1140 23.9. 0400- CLM: HJCL R Panamericana, Girardot. TIK
1200 25.9. 0404- VEN: YVOZ R Tiempo, Caracas. TIK
1300 18.9. 0331- PRU: OAX4S R Comas, Comas. Suprise. Radio Peru on 1320. TIK
1370 26.9. 0102- CLM: HJBO Emisora Minuto de Dios, Barranquilla. TIK
1420 18.9. 0400- VEN: YV.. R Sintonia, Caracas. New SA QRG for me. TIK
1430 23.9. 0257- CLM: HJKU 1430 AM, Bogotá. TIK
1460 23.9. 0400- CLM: HJJW Emisora Nuevo Continente, Bogotá. TIK
1570 26.9. 0431- PRU: R Bethel, Lima. TIK


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