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New arrived QSLs

October 10, 2013 By: admin Category: Uncategorized

It’s been a bit quiet with QSLs lately. The patch of reports I sent one month ago produced low ratio of verifications. Lately I have been busy with the unlistened files. But some confirmations have arrived:

570. KTCN Minneapolis MN 1130 kHz

This was heard in September. Jess Meyer (N0QKH), Engineering & IT Director replied with email and MP3-studioclip of same time I sent to the station.

571. CMKP Radio Progreso, San Germán 900 kHz

This is a regular station when the propagation is more to Cuba than to South America. Station replied via Facebook.

572. CMDC Radio Reloj, Santa Clara 570 kHz

Aydenis Ortega Che, subdirectora replied quickly by email.

573. HJNT Radio Huellas, Cali 1470 kHz

Frequent visitor on 1470 kHz. Pedro Arturo Suarez R. sent me confirmation via email.

Some extra logs:


702 5.10. 0259- TUR: TRT1 Catalca. Anthem and ID with QRG and “Istanbul”-mentioned. Loud. TIK


891 5.10. 0259- TUR: TRT Antalya R, Antalya. “TRT Antalya Radyosu”. TIK
927 5.10. 0259- TUR: TRT 1 Radyo Bir, Izmir. TIK
954 5.10. 0259- TUR: TRT Trabzon Radio. TIK

South America

1130 5.10. 0429- PRU: OAX4N R Bacán, Lince Lima. Quite typical Peru modulation [1129.919]. TIK
1180 5.10. 0430- PRU: UNID. Religious px. Quite likely NSE Lima, which TK tentatively heard in March. Frequency is quickly drifting [.010] -> [.003]. Also 3.10. I heard mx-station on [1180.079]. TIK
1250 5.10. 0426- PRU: OAX4N R Miraflores, Lima. With another station. TIK
1310 8.10. 0431- B: ZYJ684 R Globo Rondônia, Pôrto Velho. Quick common stations from Peru and then this. [1309.997]. TIK Editoi
1340 5.10. 0429- PRU: OAQ4Q R Alegría, Lima. Strong signal and robust audio. TIK
1350 5.10. 0430- EQA: HCVP2 Teleradio AM 13-50, Guayaquil. “13-50 AM Digital”. TIK
1380 5.10. 0430- PRU: OCY4U R Nuevo Tiempo, Lima. New one for me. Loud with female announcer between music. [1380.001]. TIK
1400 5.10. 0428- PRU: OBX4W Callao Súper R, Lima. Mariana in the background and Z-1’s carrier on .942. TIK
1470 5.10. 0438- EQA: HCLD2 R Ecos de Naranjito, Naranjito. “Rockolero”-px with R Capital. Also briefly time signal station on 1510. TIK
1470 5.10. 0432- PRU: OAU4B R Capital, Lima. TIK
1510 5.10. 0433- PRU: OCX6Q R Alegría, Arequipa. Audio still awful. TIK
1580 5.10. 0436- CLM: HJQZ R Maria, Barranquilla. TIK

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