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Some good catches from Ven/Col – logs since 09.10.2013

October 21, 2013 By: admin Category: BC-stations, DX-listening

Good USA propagation still avoids me, but seems that condx are improving. Meanwhile I have got some excellent Venezuela/Colombia stations. Last week’s files are unlistened, partially I’ve got through the 20th of October files. That night was quite interesting although propagation was to same are than the most of Autumn (VEN/CLM/PTR).


1503 9.10. 0256- SRB: R Beograd 202. With good reception rock px with DJ talking trash. Here simple ID between the songs: “Dva nula dva”. I have never heard this before. TIK

British Isles

630 15.10. 0459- G: BBC R Cornwall, Lanner. Three Counties Radio dominates, but Cornwall is also very good reception. On 657 BBC Wales is very strong, but I can hear weak Cornwall also there. New BBC on MW. Has not replied to my summer FM report. TIK
666 15.10. 0459- G: BBC R York, Fulford. TIK
738 15.10. 0459- G: BBC Hereford & Worcester, Worcester. New UK freq for me. Power is only 37 watts. TIK
756 15.10. 0500- G: R Hafren, Newtown. “This is Radio Hafren”. Under this weak BBC Radio Cumbria -ID. TIK
765 15.10. 0500- G: BBC Essex. TIK
801 15.10. 0459- G: BBC R Devon, Barnstaple. TIK
837 15.10. 0500- G: BBC Asian Network, Freeman’s Common (Leicester). Louder than ever, also heard on 1449. TIK
855 15.10. 0500- G: BBC R Lancashire, Preston. The king of this QRG. RNE was the second strongest. TIK
963 9.10. 0100- G: Asian Sound Radio, Haslingden. Dominating this morning. Funny thing was that on the 15th Oct both Asian Sound and Buzz Asia were very weak. TIK
1026 15.10. 0459- G: BBC R Jersey, Trinity. Fine UK morning as I got two new BBC locals: Cornwall and this one. TIK
1116 15.10. 0500- G: BBC R Guernsey, Rohais. TIK
1296 15.10. 0500- G: R XL 1296 AM, Langley Mill (Birmingham). TIK


594 9.10. 0300- ARS: BSKSA 1, Doba. TIK
1260 13.10. 1559- PAK: R Pakistan, Peshawar. For me ID sounds like: “Pakistan Peshawar (female), Radio Pakistan (male)”. TIK
1305 9.10. 0000- ISR: Galei Zahal, Rosh-Pina. TIK
1413 19.10. 1558- JPN: JOIF Fukuoka. TIK

North America

1190 14.10. 0403- USA: WLIB New York NY. TIK
1450 14.10. 0400- USA: WPGG Atlantic City NJ. TIK
1470 14.10. 0400- USA: WLAM Lewiston ME. TIK

Central America

640 20.10. 0130- CUB: R Progreso, Guanabacoa/Las Tunas. Early evening here Guadeloupe, later Canadian. Waiting list has Ecuadorian. I wonder what was music station at [.996] in the morning. TIK
1070 14.10. 0400- CUB: CMKS R Trinchera Antimperialista, Guantánamo. Easy to recognize from Guantanamera-song. Heard also on 1020 but with the weaker signal. TIK
1320 20.10. 0000- PTR: WSKN R Isla, San Juan PR. “Media Power Group, Radio Isla”. TIK

South America

560 9.10. 0359- GUY: Voice of Guyana, Georgetown. Probably the most common South American on low part of MW. This night also the only one. IDs are not always easy. Usually braodcasts music px with low tone DJ. IDs before changes to BBC WS at 0400. Also heard good IDs at 0000z. Not QSLed yet. [560.003] TIK
570 20.10. 0500- CLM: HJND Señal Radio Colombia, Bogotá. Signal peaking at 0530z. TIK
660 13.10. 0402- CLM: HJQS R Colmundo, Cúcuta. First time here. TIK
830 11.10. 0452- VEN: YVLT R Sensación, Caracas. Like America 890, heard this many times now. This time big IDs before fading out. Also RNV 770 with a good signal. TIK
860 11.10. 0457- VEN: YVOL Mundial 8-60, San Cristóbal. Not very strong but clear QRG. TIK
950 20.10. 0200- CLM: HJUJ Armonías Boyacenses, Tunja. Nice big ID and Colombian national anthem. No loggins in OLL but PK heard and got QSL in 2009. TIK
960 11.10. 0331- VEN: YVSS Radio San Sebastián, San Cristóbal. TIK
1130 19.10. 2359- CLM: HJVA Vida AM, Bogotá. Many others in the QRG but only IDs from common Vida [1129.978]. TIK
1160 20.10. 0055- CLM: HJOC Fuego A.M, Bogotá. Ex-Ecos de Colombia with full ID [1159.999]. TIK
1320 20.10. 0201- CLM: HJNV La Cariñosa RCN Radio, Girardot. Callsign-ID. TIK
1350 15.10. 0458- ARG: LS6 R Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires. Probably also 1270 Argentina. Lots of interesting signals in the low part but no IDs (eg. 590, 650, 680, 740, 790, 840, 860, 930 religious, 940 sounded religious too). TIK
1370 12.10. 0258- CLM: HJBO Emisora Minuto de Dios, Barranquilla. Many players here: Dios is [.997], tonight Mundial [.037] (drifting all the time). Also [.987], [.999] ja [.002] (WDEA?). TIK
1380 12.10. 0430- VEN: YVNG Ondas del Mar, Puerto Cabello. [1379.993], but who is the religious station on [1379.997]? Nuevo Tiempo moved 4 hertz in a week? TIK
1390 12.10. 0231- VEN: YVZA R Fé y Alegría, Caracas. Many other here too, WEGP and some signals below it. Eg. [1389.986] then 2 Hz above Alegria probably another (not yet to ID for me) VEN. TIK

HJUJ Armonías Boyacenses


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