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The log 6th April onwards – the end of MW season

May 20, 2014 By: admin Category: BC-stations, DX-listening

On Sunday I took off the longwire antenna from my remote Perseus. It was just in time because on Monday we had the biggest thunderstorm so far. Perseus remote worked very well with the MESTOR timer. I usually visited the station once a week to change USB harddisk but I also checked the bands in the morning almost every day. Since last August this system failed only 2 or 3 times (once because electricity went off) so it was working very well! Now I mounted a small FM yagi to the same QTH and I will record ES-condx via remote. Hopefully it works. FM+ is a bit heavy software.

The spring season after the super condx to Ecuador in the beginning of April was dissapointing. Perharps with an antenna pointed to Brasil it could have been better. Eg. I had only two short openings to Bolivia, not much more from Peru either.

South America

1140 7.4. 0303- CLM: HJCL R Panamericana, Girardot. This morning Brasilia and this. TIK
1350 7.4. 0301- B: ZYH201 R Capital, Rio Branco, AC. “Radio Capital Acre”. Heard on many mornings. TIK
1360 8.4. 0305- PRU: OAX7R R Sicuani, Sicuani. Nice signal. TIK
1510 13.5. 0032- PRU: OCX4J R Tarma, Tarma. [.089]. TIK
1520 25.4. 0200- B: UNID. Edit/Cancel: R Povo Pocoes. Not Povo Pocoes like originally thought. Give call sign ZYH589, which is a call of Rádio Verdes Mares, 810 AM, Fortaleza CE. Also jingle “Rádio de seu coracao” and news. Verdes Mares is a main station of VMS chain. One of the stations is 1020, R Macambira Ipueiras CE, which PÄ probably heard same time with same programme. Tnx JEÖ and PÄ. TIK
1540 8.5. 0127- BOL: R Bendita Trinidad, El Alto. Same announcer on the air like one year ago. Music px and familiar strange audio interference. TIK
1540 13.5. 0058- BOL: R Bendita Trinidad, El Alto. Uncommon split [1540.269], also audio was now ok. Lively phone-in px with Abigail Mújica. Tnx HK! TIK
1580 8.5. 0129-0132 BOL: UNID. On split [.994]. Sounds like giving an ID. HK thinks it might send in Aymara. Probably signing off after 0132. TIK
1580 8.4. 0258- PRU: OAU7Z R Carráviz, Juliaca. Promoting La Voz de la Liberación -px and IDing. This morning interesting split 1469.983 below Capital and 1390 wobbler-sound religious station. TIK
1600 11.5. 0059- B: ZYK779 R Nove de Julho, Sâo Paulo SP. TIK
1600 10.4. 0301- PRU: Radio Andina. UNID QTH. Peru music and talk with “Radio Andina” -ids. Now [.020]. Same time [1589.971] UNID signing off at 0304. TIK
1670 19.4. 0229- ARG: Radio Rubí, Rafael Castillo, Matanza BA. [.006]. TIK

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