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The latest QSLs – some nice ones from South America

April 11, 2014 By: admin Category: BC-stations, DX-listening, QSL

South America has produced not just good propagation but some good QSLs. I stil a bit behind with my reception reports: currently sending emails to stations which I heard on late January. Some good catches I have reported right away after hearing them.

635. WHBC Canton OH 1480 kHz

Even band condx to USA are gone for this season, still some QSLs flow in. WHBC is not a rare station but I have heard them only once, last January with “News Talk 14-80 WHBC” slogan. CE Dale Lamm confirmed in 12 days via email.

636. OCU2D Chami Radio, Otuzco 1140 kHz

Recent catch (1.4.2014). Chami Radio was well heard in Finland and Sweden in the same morning. They have confimed via Facebook to many listeners.

637. YVRZ Radio Dos Mil, Cumaná 1500 kHz

One of the most common SA stations on MW. They replied now quickly to my follow up reception report. YV QSL is always nice – they are a bit rare at least to me even I have heard plenty of them.

638. OBX2D Radio Chota, Chota 1310 kHz

Last week’s big suprise. Also that they verified my report quickly via Facebook. This might be the first time that this station was heard in Finland on MW.

639. HJIJ La Voz de La Raza, Medellin 1200 kHz

This station was heard during the strong Medellin opening on the 16th of January. Gerente Jose Omar Fuentes replied via email.

640. YVRM BBN Radio, Caracas 1260 kHz

BBN stations are easy to confirm via “BBN Español”. Caracas 1260 is a difficult catch as it is on EU QRG, but “Medellin propagation” brought also this Venezuelan station.

641. OAU7Z Radio Carráviz, Juliaca 1570 kHz

When the band is open to Peru, this station could be heard with Bethel on 1570. I already sent them report in last May. Now Ivan Tito Vizcarra replied with “mass replay” to three listeners.

Radio Chota

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