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MW-QSL from Ecuador and new country heard

August 22, 2013 By: admin Category: BC-stations, DX-listening

555. HCDE2 UCSG Radio, Guayaquil 1190 kHz
Last November I noticed very good propagation to Ecuador and heard my first MW-Ecuador-stations UCSG Radio 1190 and Teleradio 1350. Now finally I got replay from UCSG via Facebook. If I understood correctly, they would like to talk with me via Skype. With my Spanish, it sounds mission impossible.

From Sunday to Wednesday I had my “unmanned station” on. The first identified station from the files was ZNS1 Radio Bahamas, Nassau on 1540 kHz! It was the first time I heard the Bahamas. Same night (19th) probably PJD2 was on 1300 kHz (a bit below) and UNID male in English on 560 kHz (Guyana? as it didn’t sound as WGAN). Next nights some usual suspects from CAN/USA: 590&620 VOCM, 640 CBN, 790 VOWR, 930 CJYQ (peaking S9+15dB on 21st), 1130 WBBR, 1140 CBI, 1190 WLIB (the biggest suprise) and 1400 CBG. Mostly propagation was to Colombia with lots of fading and weak signals. New one for me was HJED Caracol, Cali on 820 kHz. Others the worth of mentioning were 930 HJCS La Voz de Bogotá and 1400 HJKM Emisora Mariana, Bogotá.