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Amazing day: 12 QSLs and one new country

August 21, 2013 By: admin Category: BC-stations, DX-listening

A flow of QSL to my follow-up reports, mostly thanks for v/s information I got from Ykä, YK.

543. HJIP BBN, Envigado 1590 kHz
This religious Colombian is much less frequent here than Radio Maria 10 kcs below. They replied to my f/up with a short email.

544. HJAK La Voz de la Patria, Barranquilla 1310 kHz
This is easy to recognize as it is on split frequency 1309.7 kHz. Not very common anyway and 1310 has few other Colombians plus Venezuelan station too. They replied via Facebook.

545. YVMD Radio Venezuela “Mara Ritmo” 900 kHz
When condx are to Venezuela, this Mara Ritmo has been quite common on 900 kHz. Usually I hear them sending lottery numbers! They replied via Facebook.

546.-550. VOCM St. John’s NL 590 kHz, CKCM Grand Falls NL 620 kHz, CKGA Gander NL 650 kHz, CKVO Clarenville NL 710 kHz and CHCM Maryston NL 740 kHz
These are among the most common NA stations here in Finland. Last December I heard local ads from each of these, but failed to get any reply via email or Facebook. But now Programme Director Richard King confirmed my reception. He commented each clip I sent and wrote eg: 620 kHz mentioned Stroud’s Auto, which airs on that station. (It is actually my voice on that commercial) . Thanks Richard (and YK for v/s info)!

551. HIAJ Radio Amanecer, San Francisco de Macorís de Bogotá 1060 kHz
Amanecer used to be quite common on 1570 kHz but it is not heard there anymore. In the end of December 2012 I managed to hear them on 1060 kHz which more rare frequency. There was quite nice propagation peak that time – heard also etc. WJNO West Palm Beach FL same time. HIAJ replied to my f/up with a short email message. This is my first QSL from Dominican Republic!

552. CBNA St. Anthony NL 600 kHz
This is quite common station to hear but maybe not so common to hear with local ID. Terry Brett replied to f/up with PDF-QSL.

553. CJOB Winnipeg MB 680 kHz
This is easy catch in Lappland. Here in South it needs better than average condx as WRKO Boston MA and CFTR Toronto ON are in the frequency. V/s Scott Pettigrew made some kind of record: QSL in one minute!

554. WLOL Minneapolis MN 1330 kHz
WLOL broadcasts Relevant Radio -programme. I heard it only once last winter, WRCA is usually dominating. Rose M Schauer, Donor Listener Relations Manager replied quickly to my email. This is my 150th QSL from North America (Canada, USA).

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