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QSLs from Argentina, New York, Japan and Scotland

August 14, 2013 By: admin Category: DX-listening

Nice QSL-rate continues:

531. WFAN New York NY 660 kHz
Another email QSL from f/up round. V/s was Eric Spitz. This is my 150th QSL in 2013.

532. Radio Rubí, Rafael Castillo, Matanza BA 1670 kHz
Radio Rubí is new Argentinian MW station, which was heard in Finland on May for the first time. I managed to hear Rubi last weekend at my radio-QTH – even with my antenna pointed to Central America, so station has nice signal. Thanks for a tip from Jim Solatie, I received confirmation via Facebook from Pablo Ruben Herrera. My first MW-QSL from Argentina.

533. WOR New York NY 710 kHz
Another Newyorker and perhaps a bit more rare than WFAN. Suprisingly they quickly replied to my Facebook-mail.

534. NHK World Radio Japan, Yamata 9750 kHz
Few weeks ago I noticed that I don’t have QSL from Radio Japan. Alhtough I have the QSL of NSB Tokyo from year 1984! I sent a reception report to Radio Japan via their web site and today I received nice QSL-card and programme schedule by post.

535. BBC Radio nan Gaidheal 990 kHz
This is not very rare winter time here in Pori. But it was the first station I recorded after installing improved longwire last December. I think that I didn’t send a reception report to RnG back then. Now Marie NicAoidh / Marie MacKay, Neach-Taic / Team Assistant replied to my email in 8 minutes! This station sends also local news of Aberdeen but as it is only RnG station on MW, it doesn’t give you “new station”. Station to watch next winter is BBC Scotland 585 kHz – not very rare but I didn’t manage to catch “SW News” (sent at 0655, 0750, 1254 and 1654).

9750 NHK Yamata 300713