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QSL: IRIB Radio Arbadil 1197 kHz

November 05, 2012 By: admin Category: BC-stations, QSL

One new experience for me during my Petalax weekend was to record and listen to Iranian regional stations. These stations are plenty, many not in WRTH and some still unheard in Finland. These regional/province stations usually give their station ID at 1530 and 1630 UTC – these are prime time for Iran DXer. Anyhow some frequencies don’t send local IDs – they play similar an hour interval-signal but give only a generic “Radio Iran”-ID.

During the Petalax weekend I was able to ID over a dozen of different Iranian local programmes. I have now sent few reports in Farsi directly to the stations but so far I have not received any direct QSLs. Some of those known email addresses have replied with “mailbox full”-message. My solution was to send a copy of my report to English deparment of VOIRI, Radio Iran. They replied quickly and promised to send me a QSL card via post. One of these locals was Radio Arbadil, transmitting on 1197 kHz (and few other frequencies too). I attach an audio file which shows what kind of identifications these Iran stations use:

1197kHz IRIB Radio Arbadil 201012 1530

As you notice, identifying is not so easy when we are talking in Farsi …