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QSL additions + northern lights

August 28, 2013 By: admin Category: BC-stations, DX-listening

556. Radio Merkurs 1485 kHz
Merkurs can be heard every night here in Finland with its strange music format. Just last week I heard them playing Finnish Schlager from 1980s! Raimonds Kreicbergs replied in 4 days to my email. Suprisingly I found out that this is actually my first Latvian station. I have Radio Riga confirmed, but it was USSR back then!

557. KBS World Radio, Gimje 9515 kHz
KBS replied via snail mail with QSL-card (pictured), programme schedule and an old-fashioned reception report form/aerogram.

558. WJCC Miami Springs FL 1700 kHz
GM Alex Saint Surin replied to my f/up report and told that they will mention my reception in their programme!

559. WDAY Fargo ND
QSL from North Dakota is always nice. Stephen Tschida, Production Manager replied and told that their power has been increased from 5 to 10 kW. In his long replay Stephen also writes: WDAY receives letters like yours several times a year, and since we celebrated our 91st anniversary last May, you can imagine how voluminous our file is where we archive those cards and letters. Granted, we have not been getting QSL cards for 90 years, but we do have some dating back to the 1970’s. Most have arrived from Finland, andn also from your neighbors around that part of the Arctic Circle. I have personally become quite familiar with your hobby, from the detailed descriptions of how your fellow DXer’s spend their vacation time for weeks on end, and the equipment that they use. It’s always a pleasure to hear from you folks.

560. WIPR San Juan PR “Maxima 940” 940 kHz
WIPR is quite common Puerto Rican station here. I got answer via Facebook, where Joel E. Rivera, Vicepresidente de Radio wrote a nice replay message to confirm my reception. The 6th QSLed PR this year.

561. VOAR Mount Pearl NL 1210 kHz
This is one of the most common Canadians here although frequency is very bad because of Absolute Radio on 1215. CE R. Brian Matthews replied to my f/up report.

562. KDKA Pittsburgh PA 1020 kHz
Classic station! CE Vic Pasquarelli replied in a week with short email.

9515 KBS World Radio Gimje 300713