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CQ WPX CW Contest – poor propagation and Aurora

June 03, 2011 By: admin Category: Contesting

I worked last weekend CQ WPX Contest in the single operator all bands class at OH1F. During the SSB leg I lost to top Finnish stations almost 1000 qsos, now I was doing better against OG8X, OG0Z and OG2B. Unfortunately propagation was the worst for years – we had several big flares from the sun during the weekends – I didn’t even manage to break my own record of this contest. I worked only a bit over 200 North American stations in the contest!

CQWW WPX Contest, CW

Call: OH1F
Operator(s): OH1NOA
Station: OH1AF

Class: SOAB HP
QTH: Devil’s Rock, Pori
Operating Time (hrs): 36

Band QSOs
160: 16
80: 126
40: 644
20: 1196
15: 315
10: 247
Total: 2544 Prefixes = 830 Total Score = 3,794,760

Club: Contest Club Finland


“Der Angst under aurora oval 2011 edition”

No good DX runs, but some weird openings. Coronal holes and flares made life difficult in Northern Europe. 80% EU, 9 % NA, 9% AS.
73 Timo OH1NOA

It is time for CQ WPX SSB Contest!

March 25, 2011 By: admin Category: Contesting

This weekend I will participate to CQ WPX SSB Contest at our club, OH1F. I will operate in a single operator all bands high power class. Just relaxing, having fun without any pressure “to win”. WPX web site is super nowadays: you can search for all your past operations easily:

So I can set eg. a goal to make my personal best in this contest easily as I see that my best all time has been:
OH3MMM 2000 5,297,812 2,593 qsos 884 px
I was operating from the station of Seppo, OH1VR and band conditions favoured high bands.

CQ WPX Contest opens logs

December 27, 2010 By: admin Category: Contesting

CQ WPX Contest is now making submitted logs public and available for download. The first contest to be posted is WPX SSB 2010.

You browse SSB 2010 logs from this address:

You can read more about the reasons for public logs from WPX Blog:

In a recent WPX Survey significant majority (over 85%) said that they want to see public logs.

CQ WPX Contest Survey results are out

October 01, 2010 By: admin Category: Contesting

In the beginning of September WPX Contest Committee sent out a survey to 8144 WPX contest participants. Now survey results are out. Interesting question was “Should the Single Operator and Single Operator Assisted categories be combined into one Single Operator category?”. 41.1% said yes, 45.8% answered no.

The full results of this survey are here: