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Today: QSLs from Scotland and Spain

August 16, 2013 By: admin Category: DX-listening

537. RNE1 Asturias, Oviedo 729 kHz
Iberia (Portugal & Spain) has been the most difficult DX continent to QSL for me. Last winter I sent maybe 25 reports (few emails bounced back) to Spain and got 2 QSLs after I got a good v/s-info from the DX friend. Now I have been fupping Spanish stations which I heard last December eve and even got one answer! Asturias replied in one day via email:
Efectivamente: se trata del primer boletín informativo de la mañana (07,25 hora local de España) Las locutoras son Luz de la Fuente y Cristina Fernández.
Gracias por haber contactado con nosotros.

538. Clyde2 1152 kHz
Last winter I noticed that I don’t have QSL from Clyde 2 (ex- Radio Clyde) which is very easy to hear winter time. Back then I didn’t get any replay. Today I first sent two emails which both bounced back. Then I decided to try Facebook. For my suprise Alan Edwards confirmed my report in 11 minutes! My 10th UK/IRL-QSL on mediumwaves in 2013.

Solar indexes are not very promising. Currently I have my “cold station” recording mediumwaves and I will check files on Sunday. Visual aurora borealis few hundred kilometres North last night doesn’t sound like the best possible situation …

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