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QSLs from Venezuela, Canada and UK

August 18, 2013 By: admin Category: BC-stations, DX-listening

539. YVTW Radio Alegría, Chivacoa 1020 kHz
1020 is nowadays a bit rare SA channel, but I managed to hear Alegria last year in November. Juan Pablo Planas replied in 10 days.

540. Asian Sound Radio 963 kHz
The most common Asian UK station on 963 is Buzz Radio (ex-Buzz Asia), but sometimes Asian Sound Radio pops up. I got an answer on Facebook.

541. CJLV Laval QC 1570 kHz
CJLV replied to my f/up that clip is “inaudible”. I sent them another clip from January and “JPaul” wrote me quickly back: Oui c’est bien notre station que vous avez capté , C’est étonnant que les ondes traversent l’océan. merci de nous écouté.

Thursday and Friday nights had poor propagation on Mediumwaves. So far the most interesting station I found has been Egypt on 1476 kHz. Last night band opened to Venezuela and Colombia around 0200 UTC. Signals were quite weak and many stations were sending football. 1190 YVZD R Cultural del Táchira, San Cristóbal and 1380 YVNG Ondas del Mar, Puerto Cabello were identified.

Top news on FM is that MSO heard Big 92.7 FM from India in the 1st of August on 92.7 MHz! New all time FM country for Finland.