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AIH78 – Aihkiniemi DX-pedition Day 5

December 13, 2017 By: admin Category: DX Pedition, DX-listening

Day 5 Tuesday 12.12.2017

Today we had our traditional trip to Norway to Kirkenes. We had our annual beer batch from the local Vinmonopolet and then on the way back we bought food from the border village of Näätämö. They have two grocery shops there with main customer base coming from Norway and Murmansk. This year we also had change to visit in Sevetin Baari which is a legendary pub and little shop in Sevettijärvi sami village. It was closed last year but now new entrepreneurs re-opened it. From Sevetin Baari it is 90 km to next pub (in Kaamanen, Inari if Kaamasen Kievari is still open).

So we didn’t watch so much band conditions as our trip took over 6 hours. NA was open again and this time at 1300z we had finally “area propagation” to WA/OR/Northern CA-area. 1240 KEJO Corvallis OR, 1330 KKPZ Portland OR, 1390 KZGD Salem OR, 1450 KBKW Aberdeen WA and 1540 KXPA Bellevue WA were new ones for us. I suppose we will find some more later. Tromså K-index peaked to 6 so propagation was unstable.

Food: Spaghetti with pork sauce

The best beer: Svalbard Spitsbergen Stout (from Svalbard!)

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