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AIH78 – Aihkiniemi DX-pedition Day 2

December 10, 2017 By: admin Category: DX Pedition, DX-listening

Day 2 Saturday 9.12.2017

The band was open to North America all night but propagation seemed to be still very generic. The morning was more or less same but we still have to check those files. Suprisingly 780 WXME Monticello ME was heard with WBBM: “WXME AM 7-80 Monticello …”. This Maine station was logged for the second time in Finland. In the morning V7AB Radio Majuro was very strong until their sign off at 1130Z. One from the most wanted list was also heard: 990 Gold FM from Fidzi although KIKI Honolulu was making QRM. Havaiji was in a good shape: 1110 KAOI, 1240 KEWE, 1270 KNDI and 1370 KUPA are new ones for us!

In the evening we mostly watched ice hockey (Patrik’s Lukko and Timo’s Ässät both lost their games) and drank some beverages so Asia propagation is unknown. ABC fanfare at 891 was heard and there seems to be some Filipinos (594 DZBB) and Japanese stations in the files.

Weather: we got some new snow and temperature has been around -5 C.

Food: potatoes and beef in tomato sauce

The best beer: Avery Vanilla Bean Stout – Bourbon Barrel


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