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The last QSLs for 2015

January 01, 2016 By: admin Category: BC-stations, QSL

Happy New Year 2016!

My DXing year was very good QSL-wise. Condx were really really bad all year and I had too much local noise on Mediumwaves for a good DX reception. But. AIH40 (2014) and AIH53 (2015) DXpeditions brought quite a lot of QSLs. And I also had a succesful remote FM ES season. Just a small part of AIH53 files have been listened so far, so it will bring more QSLs in 2016 despite of condx. Also follow up -round for all of these must be done sooner or later.

I got a total of 279 QSLs in 2015. It is my personal record (167 in 2014, 227 in 2013, 50 in 2012).
EU 3 BS 0 IB 10 AF 3 AS 21 OC 1 NA 118 CA 4 SA 16 FM 103

In 2015 I also broke 1000 points for DX rank and after it also got my 1000th confirmed station for the DX rank (actually I have more as in Finland all FM stations are not counted for the DX rank).

The latest arrivals:

Radio Craiova Oltenia 1314 em 0d v/s Daria Andriescu (after few f/ups)
AFN Okinawa 648 via Facebook, v/s MSgt Colleen Jones, Station Manager
JOIR TBC Tohoku Hoso, Sendai 1260 em to ltr v/s Yoshinori Konno
CRI Guangzhou 1341 em 2d v/s Ying Lian
CRI Beijing AM 846 846 em 0d v/s Ying Lian
BED34 BCC Zhōngguó Guǎngbō Gōngsī Xīnwén Wǎng, Tucheng 648 em 1d v/s Sharon Yang
DYVS Bacalod 1233 via Facebook 7 months!
JOOR MBS Osaka 1179 card, ltr 3w v/s Yuzuna Obuchi
KKOH Reno NV 780
WWL New Orleans LA 870
KVI Seattle WA 570
KFI Los Angeles CA 640
KEPN Lakewood CO 1600
KBND Bend OR 1110
KLIZ Brainerd MN 1380
CJSL Estevan SK 1280
CFYM Kindersley SK 1210
KAGO Klamath Falls OR 1150
KUTR Taylorsville UT 820
KAST Astoria OR 1370
KGNW Burien-Seattle WA 820
KUMA Pendleton OR 1290
KORT Grangeville ID 1230
KSJB Jamestown ND 600
KSLR San Antonio TX 630
KACH Preston ID 1340
KMED Medford OR 1440
KHAT Laramie WY 1210
KBNO Denver CO 1280
KTTH Seattle WA 770
KRND Fox Farm WY 1630
KTFI Twin Falls ID 1270
WRIG Schofield WI 1390
KCOW Alliance NE 1400
KFBX Fairbanks AK 970
KKBJ Bemidji MN 1360
KRWB Roseau MN 1410
XEAW Monterrey NL 1280 em 2d v/s Pablo Guerrero Salazar, Gerente Comercial (f/up)

XEAW 1280

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