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FM season flop so far

June 13, 2015 By: admin Category: DX-listening, FMDX, QSL

FM Es-season has been lousy so far. Even I have been quite active (and able to monitor remote via my mobile phone), Es-openings have been few and short. So far:

14.5. the first and the best day so far. Several short openings along the day. At first some AUT/DL then Italy and Slovenia and finally some French + BBC.
15.5. very short opening giving big stations from Germany and Belgium
16.5. short Yugo-opening, 90.20 Radio K4 Shqip gave me new country heard (not QSLed so far)
27.5. short one to Italy, only 88.70 Radio Maria identified
29.5. 10 minute low band opening to Italy, in the evening short opening to Romania
2.6. in the morning Bolid FM from Russia, not much else. Then some short bursts from Italy. After 12z about 10 min opening to Italy.
3.6. Radio Beograd 1 90.9 almost alone on the band
5.6. very short opening, only Ö3 Hitradio identified.
9.6. short up and down opening to France. Long skip over 2000 km.
12.6. evening opening to BLR/UKR with short skip. Only 88.5 BR Kanal Kultura (1044 km) and 88.7 Radio 24 (1212 km) identified.


833. DZRM Radyo Magasin, Valenzuela City 1278 via Facebook
834. CKBI Prince Albert SK 900 em 2d v/s Garth Kalin, Operations Manager
835. KOTA Rapid City SD 1380 1d via Facebook
836. CKRM Regina SK 620 em 0d v/s Grant Biebrick, Program Director
837. RDL 89.60 via FB
838. Fréquence 10 89.20 via FB
-. RFI (Paris) 89.00 em 1d v/s Sébastien Bonijol, Relations Auditeurs RFI
839. Radio Cuore 95.90 em 1d v/s Simona Giorgi, Ufficio Editoriale
840. Play Capital 89.70 em 2d
841. Sunshine 106.80 em 0d f/up
-. SWR1 Baden-Württemberg 88.30 card via snail mail f/up

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