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The latest QSLs – Grenada and rare US QSLs

March 14, 2014 By: admin Category: DX-listening, QSL

I am behind with reception reports (2 months) and the listening of files (1 month) because I travelled two weeks in Argentina and Uruguay. I had my world radio with me, but unfortunately I had very little time to listen to bands. In Buenos Aires our hotel was few blocks from RNA 870 AM office and in Montevideo I spotted the office of Radio SODRE. But here are my latest QSLs:

-. WHBY Kimberly WI 1150 kHz
Steve Brown, Director of Broadcast Engineering confirmed with DOC-QSL and JPG-photo 9 months after my email to the station. Better later than never, thanks Steve! Edit: I found that Steve already sent me a short email in March, so this was an extra QSL.

616. WMMN Fairmont WV 920 kHz
This was a cool catch. As far as I know this has been heard in Finland only by HN in October 2013 (in Southern Finland). This was heard “accidently” when I was checking new Panama station logged by PK. Radio Mía identified few minutes after WMMN. I got v/s info from Hannu and then Mark Thompson, Founder/Owner VP of Operations Spectrum Radio Group LLC replied to me quickly.

617. WNNZ Westfield MA 640 kHz
Another very cool QSL. This is not even mentioned here in my blog before as I heard it on the 6th of February. This station has not been heard in Finland before afaik. Chuck Dube, CPBE, Chief Engineer of New England Public Radio, who is a radio amateur (W1CLD) like me (OH1NOA), replied quickly and later send me some material via snail mail too. Chuck even knows some Finnish DXers and has visited at YLE in Helsinki. Certainly this will be very high in my all time QSL top list!

618. Harbour Light, Carriacou 1400 kHz
Harbour Light is very common station but somehow I have not sent me a reception report before. Now I did it and Randy Cornelius replied quickly. Grenada was a new country confirmed.

619. YVNE R Uno, Caracas 1340 kHz
I have heard this YV station 3 times: twice in December and once in January. Carolina Martínez P., Directora General de Administración replied to my email. QSLs from Venezuela are difficult to get!

620. HJKM Emisora Mariana, Bogotá 1400 kHz
The most commong SA station on 1400. Helen Bautista replied in 2 days.

621. HJCS La Voz de Bogotá 930 kHz, 622. HJKN Radio Única, Bogotá 1280 kHz and 623. Radio Cordillera, Bogotá 1190 kHz
Yaned Caro, Coordinadora Administrativa, TODELAR Bogota confirmed all of these (thanks for v/s info to PEH). LV de Bogotá and Cordillera are very common stations, Única is a bit more difficult to hear and I have heard it only once.

624. HJJD NSE Radio, Medellin 1380 kHz
This was quite good catch in December but I heard it again in March. NSE headquarters in Spain confirmed my reception via Facebook.


WNNZ antennas (tnx W1CLD)

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