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MW-DX News: Smooth Radio

March 25, 2014 By: admin Category: BC-stations, DX-listening, News

Some interesting DX-news:

Smooth Radio
The following ex-Gold stations will now carry Smooth Radio programme:
603 kHz: Canterbury 774 kHz: Gloucester 792 kHz: Bedford 828 kHz: Bournemouth 828 kHz: Luton 936 kHz: West Wiltshire 945 kHz: Eastbourne 1152 kHz: Norwich 1152 kHz: Plymouth 1161 kHz: Swindon
1170 kHz: Ipswich 1170 kHz: Portsmouth 1242 kHz: Maidstone 1251 kHz: Bury St Edmunds 1260 kHz: Bristol 1260 kHz: Wrexham 1305 kHz: Newport 1323 kHz: Brighton
1332 kHz: Peterborough 1359 kHz: Cardiff 1359 kHz: Chelmsford 1431 kHz: Reading 1431 kHz: Southend 1485 kHz: Newbury 1521 kHz: Reigate/Crawley 1557 kHz: Northampton 1557 kHz: Southampton

These stations relay Smooth Radio London 102.2 but they have local ads. Local may mean “regional”. Also it is informed that while the AM service will carry London programming, they also have a four hour opt-out programme on AM in Wales to meet Ofcom requirements.

945 kHz: Derby 999 kHz: Nottingham 1458 kHz: Manchester and 1548 kHz: London will continue with Gold programme.

Source: etc.

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