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The latest QSLs

February 10, 2014 By: admin Category: BC-stations, DX-listening, QSL

Slow QSL start for this year.

609. R Rossii/Karelii, Petroskoi 765 kHz
Back in the days I remember that I’ve sent them a reception report from their Finnish programme but got no replay. Now “Юлия Громова” replied in 11 days via email.

610. WLQY Hollywood FL 1320 kHz
I have found this FL-stn few times, but it’s not the most common Florida-station. I got confirmation from Rick Hunt, who is the Vice President and Director of Radio Engineering Entravision Communications.

611. WGIT Faro de Santidad, Canovanas 1660 kHz
WGIT used to be the most common CA-station on Mediumwaves. Lately its signal has been weaker. They also changed their format from news station to religious station with name “Faro de Santidad”. I got my replay from Facebook.

612. HJZI G12 Radio, Bogotá 1550 kHz
G12 has had very good signal lately during the Bogota openings. Fabi Locutora confirmed my reception.

613. Radio Turbo Mix AM, Cajamarca 1540 kHz
This Peru station is fairly easy catch on its split, 1540,5 kHz. Quick replay via email.

614. OCX4R Radio La Inolvidable, Lima 660 kHz
After several attempts I found a v/s information which worked. Manuel Soto F. kindly confirmed my reception via email. Perhaps this is the second QSL from this station to Finland?

615. R Beograd 202 1503 kHz
Thanks to JUS, I got a quick replay from Svetomir Cuckovic, who is 80 years old and has a ham radio call YU7SC. It is also my first QSL from Serbia.

Turbo Mix 1540 AM

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