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Peru and other December loggins

December 23, 2013 By: admin Category: BC-stations, DX-listening

December has been a bit dissapointing condition-wise, but there has been a couple of interesting nights (4th and 16th). Particulary the 16th of December was interesting: it sounded first like another poor night with weak mix condx until around 0700z the band peaked to Peru. With identified stations I heard some interesting UNIDs, like a wobbler religious station on 920, which is probably Radio Vision Cristiana from Peru.

As per today looks like that condx to NA are peaking around Christmas Eve.


567 5.12. -0400 RUS: R Volgograd, Volgograd. Local ads and wx for Volgograd oblast.
585 5.12. -0400 RUS: R Rossii, Perm. Local ads to Perm then after local ID and then Moscow news.
684 5.12. 1600- RUS: R Radonezh, Sankt-Petersburg-Olgino.
765 5.12. -0400 RUS: R Karelii, Pedaselga. Also ID: “Radio Rossii, Karelii”.
918 20.12. 1410- RUS: R Pomorye, Arkhangelsk. “V efire Radio Rossii, Pomorye”.
1287 16.12. 1410- RUS: R Vaynah, Groznyj. “Radio Rossii, Radio Vaynah”.
1314 16.12. 0000- ROU: R Oltenia Craiova, Craiova. “Aici Craiova, Romania”.


639 5.12. -0630 E: RNE1 Galicia, La Coruña. “Provincia de Lugo”.
648 5.12. -0630 E: RNE Extremadura, Badajoz.


1143 20.12. 1530- IRN: IRIB R Iran, Yasuj. No local. New TX as it has not heard before?

North America

570 20.12. 0231- CAN: CFCB Corner Brook NL.
580 20.12. 0730- CAN: CFRA Ottawa ON.
610 20.12. 0259- USA: WIOD Miami FL.
1200 5.12. 0700- CAN: CFGO Ottawa ON.

Central America

970 16.12. 0704- VIR: WSTX St. Croix VI. Mixed language Jingle Bells. I have not got QSL for my earlier report. Also 640 Guadeloupe was heard.

South America

660 16.12. 0701- PRU: OCX4R R La Inolvidable, Lima. Heard about 5 minutes with good reception. ID followed by short guitar tune.
730 16.12. 0700- PRU: OAX4G RPP Noticias, San Isidro, Lima. Outstanding signal.
770 16.12. 0704- VEN: YVKK R Nacional de Venezuela, Valencia. Faded with RCN, which has 3Hz difference to this.
890 16.12. 0659- CLM: HJCE Radio Continental, Bogota. Frequency is now upper than it used to be [.060]. Todelar.
890 20.12. 0601- CLM: HJPM R Galeón, Santa Marta. Together with America the most common here.
890 16.12. 0059- VEN: YVLW R América, Valencia. [.002].
900 16.12. 0700- VEN: YVMD R Venezuela “Mara Ritmo”, Maracaibo.
1020 16.12. 0700- VEN: YVMX R Calendario, Maracaibo. Earlier this season I have heard this twice with “Continente” IDs, now ID was “Radio Calendario”.
1120 4.12. 0600- CLM: HJKQ Bésame, Tunja. “Esta es Bésame Tunja, 1120 AM, Radio Apasionada”.
1240 4.12. 0632- UNID: Radio Maria. Maybe from Colombia. Dominican is another option, probably not from Peru [.998].
1250 4.12. 0600- CLM: HJCA Capital R, Bogotá.
1320 4.12. 0559- CLM: HJNV La Cariñosa RCN Radio, Girardot.
1370 4.12. 0604- VEN: YVSV R Nacional de Venezuela, Acarigua.
1380 4.12. 0700- CLM: HJMM Vida AM, Valledupar. “Radio Lluvia” also here.
1420 4.12. 0557- CLM: HJBH R Magdalena, Santa Marta.
1520 4.12. 0600- CLM: R Lluvia, Bogotá. = Libertad. If I understood correclty, Lluvia was broadcasted between 3.-8.12. via several stations. In Bogota also via 1130 Vida.
1560 4.12. 0701- CLM: HJXZ Santa Maria de la Paz R, Medellín. Aviamento 1530 also heard.

Utily stations

570 20.12. 0930- NOR: LF4J Norsky Hydro / Brage. Voimakas läpi yön ja aamun.

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