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New QSLs Oct-Nov

November 15, 2013 By: admin Category: DX-listening, QSL

Not much going on QSL-wise. I have been listening to files more than sending reports. And lately I have sent reception reports mostly to “difficult” stations (no f/ups lately). But still some QSLs have arrived:

574. R Constanta 1530 kHz

The difficult station to hear, but now I have heard this a couple of times lately. Ionel Doxan replied to email quickly.

575. Flame CCR, South Wirral 1521 kHz

I heard this station in October for the first time. This is very DX friendly station. V/s is Keith Robertshaw.

576. Radio Popular de Bilbao 900 kHz

Quite common station lately on 900. Carlos Olazar replied quickly via email.

577. AIR Indore 648 kHz

Heard with local IDs. K.C. Sharma from GOS replied in 3 days.

578. CMKS Radio Trinchera Antiimperialista, Guantánamo 1020 kHz

This station has been heard quite frequently during this season. They replied in 5 days via email.

579. CMLL Radio Victoria, Las Tunas, LT 1050 kHz

Friendly quick email from David Iglesias. This Cuban I have heard only once.

580. HJCN Radio BBN, Bogotá 1100 kHz

The second BBN QSL in 2013. QSL via email in 2 days.

581. Emisora Nuevo Continente, Bogota 1460 kHz

Quick reply from Manuel Zabala, Gerente.

582. HJBO Emisora Minuto de Dios, Barranquilla 1370 kHz

1370 is very busy frequency but I have heard Minuto de Dios frequently. Quick reply via email.

583. YVNA Ondas de los Medanos, Coro 660 kHz

Not the most common YV station. Replied via Facebook.

Flame 1521

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  1. can you help me with v/s of CMKS 1020? Heard the station today.


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