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More October-November logs

November 28, 2013 By: admin Category: BC-stations, DX-listening

Last days there has been some condx to North America, but this is the log of previously heard stations found after last log post without this week.


909 11.11. 1600- ROU: R Cluj, Jucu. Uncommon dominant. TIK

British Isles

630 4.11. 0600- G: BBC R Cornwall, Lanner. 2nd time. TIK

North America

1290 5.11. 0301- USA: WRNI Providence RI. TIK

Central America

830 4.11. 0359- DOM: R HIJB, Santo Domingo. Signal was not so strong. Music with announcement and different programme style than Venezuelan station has. Anyway thanks to recent log entry of PK I expected this and found call sign in the announcement. HK approved my finding, tack. TIK
840 22.10. 0501- PNR: HOL80 R Nacional de Panama. “Nacional FM”. The 2nd heard station from Central America (mainland) this season. Another one (XEEP) was heard same time.
1000 3.11. 0358- CUB: CMNM R Granma, Media Luna GR. A half hour later RCN. TIK
1060 2.11. 0600- DOM: HIAJ R Amanecer, San Pedro de Macorís. “Radio Amanecer, 98.1 …”. TIK
1120 21.10. 2359- PTR: WMSW Hatillo PR. “Radio Once”. No luck with WOSO 1030 so far. TIK
1140 30.10. 0402- CUB: CMIP R Surco, Ciego de Avila. TIK
1140 21.10. 2358- PTR: WQII Once Q, San Juan. Nice condx to PTR this time. Also R Isla 1320, WISA 1390. Tentative 1280 BBN Bermuda and 1350 WEGA. TIK
1230 5.11. 0500- CUB: CM.. R Progreso. TIK
1340 19.11. 0302- CUB: CMFL R Ciudad del Mar, Palmira. //1350. On 1320 with Apolo French px which should be WLQY. TIK
1550 19.11. 0300- CUB: R Rebelde, Nuevitas CA. TIK
1570 21.11. 0603- GTM: TGVE VEA Voz Evangelica de América, Guatemala. “Radio Veea”. New MW-country. Carraviz QRM. TIK

South America

560 4.11. 0532- VEN: YVRH R Nacional de Venezuela, Ciudad Guayana. TIK
660 2.11. 0558- CLM: HJJM Radio Auténtica, Cali. “HJJM Radio Auténtica … 24 horas”. TIK
700 2.11. 0558- VEN: YVMH R Popular, Maracaibo. TIK
790 2.11. 0558- CLM: UNID. “”-URL in ad. Also Minuto & Reloj. TIK
930 2.11. 0532- CLM: HJCS La Voz de Bogotá, Bogotá. Unfortunately only this one. There was some more interesting split stations: [.985] peaked same time than Teleradio 13-50. TIK
1010 3.11. 0459- CLM: HJCC Acuario Estéreo, Santa Fé de Bogotá. Ex-Reloj frequency. William Vinasco’s station. Heard already a day earlier without ID (tnx HK). TIK
1130 2.11. 0501- CLM: HJQQ Oxigeno, Pasto. “Oxigeno!”. Later Vida and Ideal. 77th Colombian heard in 12 months. Congrats to PK for 100 HJ-QSLs! TIK
1200 30.10. 0356- CLM: HJNF R Red RCN, Cali. TIK
1280 2.11. 0503- CLM: HJLR Caracol R, Pasto. Suprised as it looked to be in the same split than WKAQ. Then at 0558 Notiuno here. TIK
1310 2.11. 0458- B: ZYJ684 R Globo Rondônia, Pôrto Velho. Long and loud. TIK
1310 13.11. 0600- B: ZYJ684 R Globo Rondônia, Pôrto Velho. [.997]. One of the most common Brasilians with my antenna. Time to time also Andi music, perharps Libertad as there is a carrier at [.975]. Tentative Caiari of Porto Velho on 1430. TIK
1320 2.11. 0528- VEN: YVWP R Apolo, Turmero. Dominant. TIK
1350 5.11. 0203- ARG: LS6 R Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires. TIK
1350 2.11. 0533- EQA: HCVP2 Teleradio AM 13-50, Guayaquil. This time fine signal, before it religious male from Brasil. Now Orient is QRT here but I still get QRM from Danko Radio. TIK
1360 2.11. 0532- CLM: HJUO Oxígeno, Cartagena. Closer to nominal QRG than last time. TIK
1360 20.11. 0400- CLM: HJUO Oxígeno, Cartagena. Another SA heard would have been more interesting. TIK
1370 22.11. 0430- VEN: YVSV R Nacional de Venezuela, Acarigua. TIK
1400 2.11. 0500- CLM: HJKM Emisora Mariana, Bogotá. Big signal. On 1410 SA with jazz music. TIK
1420 22.11. 0631- CLM: HJBH R Magdalena, Santa Marta. New one. TIK
1450 2.11. 0501- CLM: HJNL La Cariñosa, Manizales. TIK
1470 22.11. 0455- CLM: HJNT R Huellas, Cali. Split. TIK


And finally here is one UNID which I heard:

I believe it is from Central America/Caribbean Islands. Any ideas?

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