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2 QSLs to follow-up reports

August 06, 2013 By: admin Category: DX-listening, QSL

Today I sent some more f/up-reports for stations I heard last year. Luckily I got two quick responses:

HJKR Radio María, Bogotá 1220 kHz
When I noticed this clip, I remembered that I just received verification from Radio María on 1580 kHz. And for my enjoyment Marina Meza replied to my email and verified this other Maria. This HJKR I have heard only once – last November.

WOOD Grand Rapids MI 1300 kHz
Since last Autumn I have heard WOOD often during the stateside openings. I didn’t got replay to my first report but then today Phil Tower, Director of Programming & Operations replied to my email quickly.

So QSL total 2013 is now 140.


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